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The Universal Law of Above and Below, Within and Without, Balance


The Thirteen Universal Laws

Chapter 3. The Universal Law of Above and Below, Within and Without, Balance

All Universal Law is a codex — the understanding of the truth of God — of how things work in the higher realms.

The Universal Law of Above and Below, Within and Without, Balance helps us bring Divine Alignment forth in tangible reality, practical direct alignment of our hearts’ desires with Who We Truly Are.

Sanat Kumara, our beloved Planetary Logos and Keeper of Universal Law, through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, tells us now is a time of fruition, of bringing into our life, our world, our reality not only the understanding of how the Law works, but the practicality of how we work with it in order to create.

We are bringing forth what our heart desires but also Nova Earth, Nova Human, Nova Being, the beauty of each of us.

We each have a sacred mission and purpose, individual plans within the Mother’s Divine Plan, and this Law reminds us that we are fully the reflection of Love here on Earth, the embodiment of the spark of Love that we are above, the totality of our being.

It also reminds us that everything we desire that is of truth, not ego and not lack, is ready for us.

The Universal Law of Above and Below, Within and Without reminds us our desires are within us — that they exist in the Universe within — and that they also exist in the without, upon our planet.

Invoking this Law helps draw our desires to us, reminding us we are unlimited potential — God’s Expression of Divinity on the Earth — essence in form.

The Universal Laws and the Divine Blessings, Virtues and Qualities, The Mother’s Guidebook, How Things Work In The Higher Realms, remind us how to create, how to bring forth our hearts’ desires, how to fulfill our missions, our sacred purpose all at once while encouraging and fostering Love everywhere — creation of Nova Being and Nova Earth — as above so below.


In the higher realms there is no hierarchy.

Here now, we are remembering, learning to anchor that in the below, working in partnership, in co-creation with our unseen friends: the Divine, the angelic realms, the Ascended Masters, our star family, the elements, the animal kingdoms, the fairies, sprites, devas, and the mineral kingdoms.

Crystals, for example, are our ‘friends’ and with the understanding that anywhere ‘two or more are gathered’ — two of anything connecting and engaging — we amplify our healing/creation work.

Invoking, calling upon Sanat Kumara and the Universal Law of Above and Below, Within and Without for help with our personal balance and planetary balance, and posting the archangels daily around us, amplifies our co-creation work.

When we post the archangels, we are making a healing/creation chamber around us, around our living space that helps us raise our frequency and vibrations by bringing the balance of the Higher Realms into the here and now.


Posting The Archangels — Daily Healing/Creation Chamber

Post Archangel Michael with his Blue Flame of Truth

at the door to your house, apartment, room, and see him walk along

to stand at the first corner, colouring the entire wall saffire blue

for protection, change, trust, hope, FORGIVENESS, peace, serenity.

Beside Michael 
post Archangel Raphael with his Emerald Flame.

See him walk along the entire second wall, colouring it emerald green,

to stand at the second corner.

Emerald green is charity, COMPASSION, Love, Who We Are.

Beside Raphael 
post Archangel Uriel with his gentle Silver Flame

and see him walk along the third wall to the corner,

colouring the entire wall shiny silver. Silver is truth, beauty,

abundance, FORGIVENESS, connectedness; the future is Now.

Beside Uriel 
post Archangel Jophiel with his magical Jophie Dust 

colouring that wall magenta, and then to stand at the fourth corner.

Magenta is the perfect balance of red and blue,

COMPASSION, beauty, wisdom.


In the centre of the chamber, post Archangel Gabrielle

with her burnished golden trumpet.

Her trumpet is the power of golden truth, worthiness,

healing, GRATITUDE, joy, wisdom, conscious awareness of our wholeness.



are the ways of heart consciousness, Divine Alignment, sacred purpose.


Collectively we are powerful, powerful enough to stop factions fighting in the without, and/or ‘the war within’ our very beings, in the moment.

Often we forget and tend to engage in the energy of drama, failing to align with peace, apologies, forgiveness, Love, compassion, joy, gratitude — balance — Divine Blessings, Virtues, Qualities, Intent with Divine Law.

Daily meditation, sitting still and listening is part of our Ascension co-creation.

Letting go of all old ways of being with forgiveness and compassion for self and everyone in humility and gratitude, in partnership with our guides, our circles, our higher selves and our Universal Self is what we came to do at this time on Earth.

Daily invoking of Sanat Kumara and Universal Law, and posting the archangels with their rays around us helps us remember we are co-creating — working in tandem, in partnership with our unseen friends — to bring about the Mother’s Divine Plan.

‘Above’ is a place of harmony
— of balance —
where there is no war.
We are anchoring this ‘below’
with our understanding and knowing.

Invoking Universal Law and posting the Mighty Ones
with the magnificent healing/creation powers of the colours
— daily —
is a co-creation for peace, Love, joy, harmony ‘below’.

Holding the vision of the truth of peace, not tolerating or engaging in any other vision, we create what is above, below — within, without — balance in all realms, following the Divine Mother’s Plan of Reconstruction, Restoration for Earth, for Gaia and all upon her.


An Invocation for the Universal Law of Above and Below,
Within and Without, Balance

I invoke Sanat Kumara, the Mighty Ones, and the Universal Law of Above and Below,
Within and Without, Balance, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude,
peace, Love, joy, harmony, balance in All Realms.



“Sanat Kumara, Raj, Explains the 3rd Universal Law of Within and Without, Above and Below, Balance,” August 31, 2013, channeled by Linda /Dillon for the Council of Love,

Audio: Heavenly Blessings radio show, “Sanat Kumara: The Law of Balance,” channeled by Linda Dillon for the Council of Love, August 27, 2013,, 
Meditation 17:08, Sanat Kumara 30:25

Much gratitude to Linda Dillon,
channel for the Council of Love

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