The top of the dark forces still exists and not only that … read today’s uncovering story! We haven’t yet got rid of them, but the good news is that we plough on and on. I won’t tell you more about the top of the dark forces in this article, so that you can share it everywhere. It is important for people to know.

a very romantised picture of the moon!

When one of my friends recently came to me with a story about a giant starship behind the sun and something about the moon, I was shocked. I had totally forgotten about that. I didn’t immediately know what to do about it, but could suddenly look into that enormous starship, close to the sun. I saw a tall, bold man stand in it, but that image stayed and stayed; the man can’t be standing there for days in the same position in that ship, can he? So that was meant to confuse clearvoyant people. Still it is a physical ship, for people can see it from here. They think it’s a second sun, but it isn’t!

And then the moon. We chased away the Reptilians who used to live ON the moon. Those were the etherical bodies (spirits if you wish) of physical people who used to live in the planet system of Orion and who don’t exist anymore since 2 years. But then I couldn’t yet look INSIDE the moon. I knew there was a hollow place in there, just like there is in all planets, but couldn’t see anything there; now I can. The earth isn’t totally hollow inside: there are hollow places in it, but with so many minerals and heavy rocks and with all those earthquakes the planet would implode if it was totally empty inside. So it isn’t. The moon however is hollow from the inside, until about 1/3 of its diameter.

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