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Greetings Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the ONE. I come in person tonight to talk with you about the most important thing in your life. Something very special to you alone. Each of you, at some time in your current life, have had a dream, a very special dream.

Some are still holding to that dream, some have put it away believing it could never come true. I want you to get that dream out and look at it in a new way. It’s your dream. And you alone can bring it to pass. You can do it. It is not too late. It is never too late. It is never too late unless you believe it is, unless you give up your dream. Never ever give up on a dream.

Perhaps you think you are too old, or it was an impossible dream, or perhaps a dream you once believed in but time went by and now you have hidden it, some have forgotten, but all have had a dream. I want you to get your dream out and look at it with me a few moments. Take a few moments, pause, and think about your dream, that which you once wanted with all your heart but have given up receiving it.

You might say, yes, I once had a dream I wanted to see fulfilled and I tried, perhaps you prayed, meditated on it, visualized it and yet it just didn’t seem to come to pass. So you put it away, filed it back down in your memory bank as the impossible dream, one that was not for you
I don’t care what it was or how impossible it might seem to be. Just get it out for a moment with me and place it in the center of your consciousness. Look at it. Think about it a moment. Turn it over in your mind and just for now, look at it.

Perhaps you have a child that’s grown and didn’t seem to find their place in life and you’re grieved in your heart about that grown child, and you so wanted things to be different for them. Perhaps it’s a way of life you wanted for yourself but financial circumstances didn’t work out the way you thought they should and now you think its impossible to ever come to pass.

Perhaps your dream is a happy home and someone to love you, someone you can love in return, someone to share your dream, and you never seemed to find the right one.

I don’t care what the dream is, get it out and look at it, turn it over in your mind and just think about it for a moment with me.

Mentally see it on the screen of your mind as though you are watching a movie on a screen. See yourself fulfilling your dream. Image yourself as having or doing whatever that dream is about. Watch yourself fulfilling your dream, see it taking place as though it were a movie you wrote and you were directing it.

Now place yourself in the dream picture. Look around you, use your five physical senses, see it now around you as though you suddenly were standing in the midst of your dream for real. Listen to the sounds of your dream, there’s always sounds.

Perhaps its the sound of waves touching the shore, the sound of birds singing in the garden in the back yard of your dream home. Perhaps it’s your grown child come home to tell you of their success and happiness.

Listen to the words, make them up and let them be the words you’ve wanted to hear so badly. Listen to the words of a lover that tells you how much they care for you and the long awaited proposal for a marriage that never happened, but see it happening, hear it, sense it.

Smell the fragrance of the flowers in the garden of your beautiful new home. Hear the rustling of the leaves in the trees. See your dream car sitting in your drive way. Get in it, feel the texture of the seats, touch the steering wheel, turn on the key, listen to the sound of the engine.

Whatever the dream is, put yourself in it for just a few moments and live it as though it were manifest. But it’s only imagination you might say. Is it? What is imagination? Imagination is fifth world reality. If you’ve followed me in this you have visited the fifth dimension. Your dream exists there.

Only you can bring it into reality in your material existence. You can do it, no one else, no other higher power can do it for you. You alone have kept it from manifesting because you didn’t believe it would.

The only stipulation is never put a particular person in your dream unless it’s your own child you want to see succeed and be happy. You can hear them tell you they are happy and successful but don’t try to have them do something you want them to do, always let it be their dream fulfilled. Never specify a particular person for your own dream.

Never use your power to control or change the free will of another. Never want something that belongs to someone else, desire your own, there’s plenty for all. Create your own, never desire that which belongs to another. Don’t see yourself in another’s home or another’s car, create your own. The universe is filled with abundance. There’s enough for all, it’s there for the creating and you are the creator.

The power is within you. You are as much the beloved child of God as was our Beloved Yeshua. He tried very hard to teach that the same God that was within him is within you and the same works that God did through him, he would do through you. That was the message he lived and died for.

You live in your dream today but it may not be the dream you so wanted to come to pass. You alone can change it, you alone created it, you alone can change it. You live in a holographic world. You have created that hologram. Only you can change it.

Have fun with this, play with it, it might surprise you what happens when you live your dream. Now let it go for a moment. Release it with these words,

“This or something better be manifest for me now.”

Now live in it. Don’t say nor think it may manifest tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. We live in the eternal NOW. There is no tomorrow there is only NOW and HERE, right where you are, God IS. God is all there is and you are the manifestation of that ONE. “The Kingdom of God is within you,” spoke the greatest Teacher that ever walked the earth.

I leave you in peace,
Val Thor
Channeled by Valana

©Copyright 2012 Patti Spencer (Valana Thor)

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