The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light:
"We are here now. 
We love you. 

We are you from  your future to assist you on your path.

As you are awakening to your inner Star Self, you will begin to see the world around you differently. 
Your compassion and love is currently increasing at a very high rate, which is assisted by the planetary collaboration, the Galactic collaboration, the inner Earth collaboration, the Angelic collaboration and the Ascended Master collaboration, as well as your Higher Self. 
This increased love vibration will assist you in changing the course of your trajectory, within your reality and the trajectory of humanity.  
On your journey of this new trajectory, you will feel Love more strongly and at the same time you will become more sensitive to what is not Love.
This is a transitionary phase will allow you to make new choices from moment to moment. (choosing love or fear)
Once you have moved through this transitionary phase, the momentum of your love vibration will create only experiences of love and you will be able anchor your existence in the higher dimensions, while you are in your 3rd Dimensional physical body.
You are currently faced with many choices and you can chose the best one by asking yourself:
"Is this loving?"
In other words:

Are the thoughts and actions of others towards you loving?

Are your thoughts, actions and reactions towards others loving?

Are your thoughts and actions towards animals loving?

Are your thoughts and actions towards nature loving?

Are your thoughts and actions towards yourself loving?

Your ascension journey hinges on these five questions. 
Imagine for this current phase to be like a game.

On this game level, this is your objective:

Choose love, with every thought, action and re-action. 
As you are playing this game, within a learning curve, you'll get better and better with choosing love, every time. 
Your thoughts have an infinite affect on everything and the All That Is. The transformation of your reality into the Higher Dimensions depends on each of your individual thoughts. 
A loving thought speeds up your journey and you'll reach the next "game" level sooner. 
A less than loving thought slows down your journey and you'll reach the next "game" level later. 
In the coming days, weeks and months you will become more and more sensitive to these different energies in order to assist you with determining which thought, action and re-action to choose, at any given moment and circumstance. 
Enjoy the game! :-)

We are with you... always. 
We love you. 
We are you."
Thank you, Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light! :-)
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