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  • Yes Alan....C_A are known as "Clowns In Action," by intel insiders, for a very good reason and every circus needs performing clowns, for humour and slapstick [silly-billy ops.] lol ;-)

  • Drekx,  did you know Antifa is CIA, they get what they need to cause more pain, plus Scrotum Face himself, Soro's organization of 40 thieves. 

  • They are lost in the greed and arrogance dear Alan...They might be intelligent but only for themselves...They do not care about the rest...and like you said not too smart to think that their charade is going to last forever...I am so happy that their time is up and they will be accountable for all their crimes and actions of service to self only....

  • Yes it is indeed...All that is happening have various purposes...Thank you for your comment...Blessings Carolin...

  • Lol, it's all part of the Grand Show, to wake humanity up!

  • This is 'Traps R us' and I like it, just shows what kind of idiots we have running our Country, Geeze. 

  • That report had me in tears, at the end. I have no doubt, that on a higher level this is being allowed to wake everyone up. Multi-dimensional chess. "Grist for the mill", as the Host of Heaven once called it. Once love is discovered by the people, there is no stopping us from ascending. The American People will make a stand for peace. God has already won this  chess game!

  • I love the X-22 Report! Great stuff." In Pursuit of Truth" is an awesome site, as well as "And We Know". 

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"Had this helped seriously ill people? Those who were sick with coronavirus?

"Passive antibody therapy in COVID-19 | Nature Reviews Immunology""
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Albertha posted a status
"If the doors of perception were cleansed
every thing would appear to man as it is,
- William Blake
49 minutes ago
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"Perhaps the Space Brothers will provide us with their version of robots ... another thing ... remember Isaac Asimov and the three laws of robotics ... Skyhawk"
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Jackpotlady13 replied to Agarther's discussion Here We Go || Wayne Miller | Operation Disclosure
"That is what Trump is doing- you can tell some people truth forever and it will fester their souls but when it festers so much they will realize in their hearts, minds and souls that they have lived lies on top of lies and their whole being will…"
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"I already had many visions of these robots. It was in the movie "Terminator". Handson robots are very dangerous and would ultimately only be created out of boredom. Everyone is still laughing about it, but it is becoming a reality. You shouldn't buy…"
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"In a few years they will be walking in the streets Ara🙄"
2 hours ago
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"Indigenous Alien...What I advice you is to go within your heart and "feel" the truth...The mind is a constant chatter but the heart is a sanctuary of Peace, Love and Truth...Do not pay attention to the messages as much as you pay attention to the…"
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