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Lee and Kryon ~ The Ocean Under Australia

This is from Lee Carroll’s February Bulletin…

When I channel Kryon, there are many things that are presented to me esoterically that are not verbalized, and sometimes it makes the message incomplete. This happens especially when there are details which are sensed rather than spoken. I have had this happen many times when Kryon speaks of the details of things “in the field” as well as details about upcoming inventions.

The Kryon channel given recently in Phoenix entitled “The Shift 2020 Part 2”, spoke specifically of achieving protection within the areas of Australia where the huge fires are going to return and return year after year. It’s mostly for those who have income-producing land like the cattle and sheep stations (Kryon calls them “ranches” for the American understanding). It’s also for those with agricultural farming and raising poultry.

Kryon’s words were for those who will return and rebuild, even though the fires may be an annual event. It’s very Australian to go up against difficult situations and work a puzzle that is tough.

The mention about a “water basin” was an indication that there is more in NSW than currently discovered. The water is obvious in Queensland, but Kryon says there is more than you know. I also clearly saw giant pipelines in my visions while I was channelling.

The future projection for the areas that burned in NSW is “more of the same.” This comes from Kryon, who says it’s all part of a climate change that is not going away. So perhaps it’s time for some paradigm shifts, including getting that “ocean under the land” to places where it can be used? Kryon says: “There is more water there than anyone can imagine.”

We love and appreciate the Australians, and see them working this puzzle in a way where there is less and less anxiety each year, and solutions from great ideas which are coming.

Let us never underestimate the resilience of humanity, and the resilience of Gaia.



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