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by Adama of Telos
Saturday, October 10, 2015   Edition #36                        Subscription FREE or by Donation
by Adama of Telos
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by Adama
Dear Fellow Earth Travelers, it is my enormous pleasure to talk with you today about a VERY IMPORTANT ACTION we are planning for 9 pm Eastern Daylight Time (6 Pacific time) THIS VERY DAY. 
I have just spoken with Mother and Father God, the Company of Heaven and my own people about doing a coordinated action together with the entire Galactic crew, the Company of Heaven and all Lightworkers on Earth to create a great wave of Peace and Love to break through the membrane of dark energies that have surrounded the Earth for thousands of years.
We are able to do actions like this now because of your constancy in your individual spiritual growth and life work.  This is a demonstration of how we can now join with the entire Galactic society to accomplish our shared goals.  It is another use of the Peace focus currently flowing between billions of ascended Galactic beings now encircling Earth and devotedly Lightworkers on the ground.  (See edition #34 of the New Earth Times).
There are groups who live in 8th and 12th dimensional cities within Terra, as well as Agarthans in the 5th dimensional plane who will be acting as ambassadors and mentors for their beloved and long separated Earth Brethren during the healing and Ascension process.  We are all eager to assist you now to complete the courageous action that was begun this week on Surface Earth.
Our beloved friends Kathryn and Christine have gathered an eager family of Lightworkers to assist in transmuting the dark energies as they rise through the energy belt around Earth, assisting with creating the permanent Pillar that is establishing a new Cosmic bridge between dimensions.  At the same time, other Lightworkers across the planet are intuitively or consciously accomplishing related actions in their own areas of the Great Mission.  
We Agarthans have offered our services to help, and we know you will all want to join in co-creating this important and glorious step toward the fulfillment of our Great Dream - an open portal between us, all of us - the Rainbow Bridge that will realize our fondest wish to be separated no longer from the people of Surface Earth.
This very day, October 10, 2015, at 3 pm EDT we observed a marvelous action (we are naming it an action rather than a meditation to emphasize the complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effort combined in all those who participated).  Christine and Kathryn led their Transmuting Team, along with the Higher Selves of all the Transmuters across the globe who have trained for centuries for this day, combined with the Higher Selves of all other Lightworkers who wished to participate. 
In a rising wave of joy, the team "pushed" Christine and Kathryn through the dense layers, probing and finding the streams that would carry them through.  The teams cleansed, cleared, shored up and held the growing Pillar as they all advanced together. Like a flock of geese cutting through the skies, or a school of fish moving in unison, they gracefully moved forward together. 
As had happened before, after a few minutes the group felt, as if on cue, that it was enough.  They took a long breath, holding their structure in place as Father appeared above them.  Christine reached up to take Father's hand, and Kathryn took his other hand.  Kathryn asked if they should try one more push, but Father smiled and said, "No, not until 9 o'clock tonight.  We will continue then.  But don't let go of my hand."  He twinkled and smiled adoringly at his children, and Mother stood on beaming.
With Mother and Father's permission, I then came forward to speak with Kathryn and Christine to offer the assistance of the Agarthans and other ancient and Inner Earth families, and I suggested that Kathryn send a message to all the Lightworkers she could reach, and I offered to help her with this message.
This is why I am here, Beloved Friends, to ask you to join us at from 9:00 to 9:02 as we gather for greetings and hugs, then at 9:02 we will send our energies from below to support our representative "Point Person" to transition through the dissolving membrane that once served as a barrier but will now provide another permanent Portal for the tsunami of Light and Love.
During this action, the following will be taking place:  First, we ask that with all your love, all your heart, all your faith and all your might, you reach up with both hands to your Higher Self, your Twin Flame, Mother/Father God or anyone in the Company of Heaven, whoever is most meaningful to you.   While you do this, your loving family will be reaching through from the Higher Dimension to take hands with you.  Simultaneously, the multi-billion strong Galactic Peace Coalition will be focusing Peace on Earth through your Pillar of Light.  At the same time, the Higher Dimensional Societies from Inner Earth will be uplifting you with all our tender Love.
Join us at the designated time or any time afterwards to contribute your vital focus and brilliant Light to another all-important step on our path to Freedom!
From my heart to your heart, I am your Brother and Friend, Adama
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May & Christine Burk, October 10, 2015
From the Editor's Desk...
                 ~ ~ ~ ANNOUNCEMENT! ~ ~ ~
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                             Has Resumed! 
  Friends and Family across Earth, We in The Council of Light have asked Kathryn, Meg and Christine to begin anew their weekly live radio shows.  The shows will sport a new and improved format which will continue to feature Mother and Father God and the Company of Heaven.  We love you and greatly await moving ever closer in communication and celebration.  Together we begin the next phase of our shared Project to raise Earth and all upon her into the New Golden Age! 
Every Wednesday
8:00 PM EST
Our Latest Show...
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New Galactic Newsletter Launches on Surface Earth
By Archangel Michael, July 19, 2015 
 warm welcome to THE NEW EARTH TIMES, a brand new venture in co-creation.  We have asked our beloved channels to bring you the news, as we see it, so this will be a different kind of publication. We are the Company of Heaven:  Mother Father God, Ascended Masters and Archangels, who love you and only ever offer what is for the greatest Good of ALL.  We will be bringing you updates, news and Galactic-interest stories related to the Ascension of Earth, along with 5th dimensional lifestyle features. 
The purpose of this publication is not only to keep you informed of what's happening in various facets of the Ascension Earth Project, but also to galvanize our Unity.  We share an important Mission:  restoring the Light on Earth, so that she and all upon her may ascend in freedom and glory.  We share with you an unbreakable bond of family, service and love.
Besides our regularly Featured Columnists (Mother and Father God, Sananda, Ashtar, Archangel Gabriel and Arcturian Team Leader), our publication will feature many fascinating and compelling guests including:  Ascended Masters, the Council of Light, Angels and Archangels, members of the Galactic Federation of Light, Agarthans from Inner Earth, Terra (Earth), Galactic Emissaries from this and other systems, representatives of many other Kingdoms and more.  Often, we will include features from other channels and Lightworkers in order to enhance the harmony and union of our shared service and goals.  I have many surprises up my sleeve to inform, astonish and delight you.
Our cherished channels, Kathryn and Christine, live in such a way that they carry out whatever we ask without hesitation.  We have a close relationship full of trust and understanding.   We speak and laugh together all throughout every day.  Our channels have prepared and trained for their role now for many lifetimes - just the same as you have done.   Sooner than you think, you will all be able to communicate with us directly.  It is a day we have awaited with longing, and that day will arrive with such triumph!
I have often said that all communication is for Union.  This is our wish and the inevitability we share. 
Glory to our Mother Father God as we charge into this next phase of Project Earth:  the full realization of New Earth and the dawning of the New Golden Age. 
I am your brother,
Archangel Michael
Namaste All.
Channeled by Christine, New York, 19 July 2015
Photo Credit:  Griffith Observatory 
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Who Needs Light is a Mission.  It is an all-inclusive project of Lightworkers and Light beings working together in harmony, prosperity and joy for the upliftment of Earth and all upon her. It is the movement of liberation that leads to The New Golden Age.
Who Needs Light?  We all do!  We are all born of Light, and - whether we are conscious of it yet or not - we are all currently engaged in a mighty effort to restore Light, Love and Peace to Surface Earth and throughout the Galaxy.  In this valiant and assuredly successful venture, we are receiving much support and guidance from our loving Galactic and Ascended Family. 
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