Liberal Secular Atheist Orthodoxy is Petrified of Disease




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Dear friends,


This current obsession with disease, is actually a DIS-EASE...."Dis" is negation, or lack and "ease" is freedom from discomfort, worry or anxiety..
Basically a lack of freedom from worry, etc...

Disease is an imbalance. 😬

So someone who focusses on the negative, because they cannot find peace in themselves, manifesting illness, in themselves...A well known fact is that anxiety, for a prolonged period, can cause the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, which can have a knock on effect, with excess production, leading to many illnesses and complications...
So it's not just what you eat, or don't eat, that causes disease, but also your psychology and mental state/emotional state...

Some people engage in professions, that understandably cause stress, yet learn how to switch off, as it were. This maintains health...Some unfortunates cannot switch off easily and suffer adrenal burn out...High cortisol, leading to belly fat and diabetes...
I used to wonder why so many policemen have wide flabby middles. Now we know why. Stress. Maybe poor diets also...? Fast food, convenient in a rushed lifestyle, but no good, long term.

However, the people I have issue with are not professionals, who suffer stress and cannot cope, as other professionals may. My issue is with those who actually possess a constant need for attention and a victimhood mentality. Always seeing the world "ill" and "weak" and "dependent."
This mindset is unhealthy for them....It is also unhelpful for many who are happy, well, free, strong, balanced, prosperous, awake, intelligent, independent.

The governments are always reminding everyone about illness....It is an obsession. Covid19 for example, is actually a very small portion of the annual human deaths pie chart, yet is made centre stage, for all to reflect upon. Rather than top killers like heart disease and cancer...
Politicians, media, medics...they just can't pipe down about bloody Covid19.
Of course, we know their evil agenda and will not take their poison, even if it meant never attending another club, concert, tennis match, or football game...Bah..!!! Better off not attending anyway...

Disease, even when it's not really an issue...An agenda to control.

Another reason is the liberal secular atheist mindset...Many are running governments, ministries, media, corporations, institutions and academia...
For them, you have no spirit, no soul..Your life is over, after a short time and you are never to return again...You (and they) are a one-off event....Your value is based upon the minerals left over from incinerating your dead corpse...A test tube's worth...They have no concepts of higher dimensions of consciousness, outside of the physical brain...

They also see themselves, just as finite as they view everyone else...A very sad and frightened person, worried about catching a death and passing away to nothingness.....They believe we are NOTHING but overdeveloped apes. So their fear is great....They have no hope for themselves, nor the planet, which they also see as "dead within 10-years," due to the absurd nonsense of "carbon" posing a threat to the climate. Climate change and covid19 are both promulgated as pseudo-religion, by the secular liberal orthodoxy.....They believe in nothing else, so have substituted a faith in God, for a faith in Government. They are statist tyrants and puritans, to boot....They want happy people to be sad. They want beautiful people to be ugly. They want clever people to be stupid. They want prosperity for their cliques only.

Truly, these sad people are insane....They have no happiness and want us all to join them in mourning a perceived loss...A "loss" which is based upon their own delusions. Their own illusions. Their lack of Light quotient is the reason for their maya, glamour and illusion. It is fear, rather than love, that they choose to be guided by...They put their faith in the current orthodoxy, which is secular liberal atheism...Some call it "wokery." Even supposed conservatives seem to practice if it were a fashion to emulate, rather than an abomination to challenge...

WAKE UP WORLD.......Life is for LIVING...😄 WWG1WGA


Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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  • THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK......!!! AOC is a completely corrupt and evil woman...Part of the Liberal Secular Atheist Orthodoxy....

    AOC at the woke "Met Gala," parading her expensive dress, while simultaneously virtue signaling, to "tax the rich." The sheer lack of tastefulness and decency is mind blowing..
  • Kids should not be jabbed...IT'S DANGEROUS...

    Myocarditis and pericarditis are both incurable, the heart does not regenerate, once it’s damaged, it’s function is ruined forever......
  • View this vid of "president" Biden talking utter gibberish, to surrounding reporters. Truly, it's time to put the old codger out to pasture. Preferably in Gitmo....
  • Dr. Ros Jones, a real medical expert, suggests (correctly) that children do not need to be vaccinated against covid 19. The side effects are more a risk than the virus itself...Side effects include infertility and permanent scarring on heart muscle....See this vid:
  • GB News Commentary: Vaccine Passport U-Turn is a triumph for freedom...
  • Check this out...Michel Barnier, the EU Chief Negotiator, now rejects the EU and admits that Brexit was a good idea. Moreover, backs a Frexit for France...😄

    EU has a "Gorbachev" in Barnier, it would seem....Well, Gorbachev ended the USSR.
  • Yes, we still have buffoons in high office, but at least, with Brexit, we can kick them out, if they play foul..😄 The EU is out of that picture, at least....

    The EU seems to be really annoying our friends in Poland currently I see....
  • It seems that Brexit has its advantages 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    The channel keeps you safe from the EU craze 😄
  • Thanks Ivy...we have been working on Johnson's mind, to help him make up his

    And Katie Hopkins has made her commentary on this very topic, here today....
  • Congrats! 🥳

    Here in EU-land things are different. The Vax Pass is being pushed and I’ve read about Pfizer’s plans to vaccinate children between 5 and 11...

    On the other hand people start to think and question, including those who have followed government regulations until now.
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