The Kundalini and You - BRILLIANT

Kundalini in a sense is the winding up of the coil of the cosmos.

The mysterious awe-inspiring thing is how the universe wakes itself up by giving birth to the new out of the bones of the old. Ones entire being and life prior to an awakening goes into the making and riding of the wave. The whole universe is a kundalini machine winding us up to ever increasing sentience. October full moon, kundalini is in the lungs and digestive system. This feels "really" blissful but makes a mess of ones digestion, then in November full moon it moves down into the pelvis. After winter solstice it will flip back up to a heart-brain connection, which is pure liquid honey fire.

Kundalini is so interrelated (not-two) with the rest of the cosmos that trying to convey it in words and "facts" is very difficult. One can never express the complexity and interrelatedness of the exquisite sensible inevitable sequence of alchemical events. With active kundalini it is apparent that the body is a tuning fork for the entire planet. While residing in Colorado I can feel high pressures that cause earthquakes over California in my prefrontal lobes and in my belly I can feel kundalini responding to low pressures causing hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. Unbeknownst to my conscious mind I can find a particular person in my local urban environment by following the sensation in my pelvis and heart.

The geomagnetic stress of earthquake build up and the weather’s influence on kundalini can be explained by changes in the Schumann resonance and ionosphere affecting the cells. Between the earth’s surface and ionosphere, a resonating cavity is formed. Broadband electromagnetic impulses, like those from lightning flashes, fill this cavity, and create globally the so-called Schumann resonances at frequencies 5 - 50 Hz. The base Schumann Resonance is 7.8Hz quasi standing electromagnetic waves mainly traveling from West to East. There is a +/- 0.5 Hertz daily variation which is a function of the height of the ionosphere, which changes with solar activity. Obviously huge high or low pressure systems would also alter the height of the ionosphere, pushing or pulling on it as if it were the membrane of a balloon.

Through their own DC field all living organisms are plugged into the electromagnetic field of the earth, which varies in response to the sun and moon. Because someone with active kundalini has a heightened field and superfluid condition, magnetic storms on the sun and the sunspot cycle will affect them more so than the average organism. The earth’s normal field resonating at Alpha 10 Hz normalizes our own field and biorhythms, and we remain in sync with the planet through her field changes effecting a change in our own.

Changes in the earth’s field affect the pineal glands production of melatonin and serotonin, as well as changing acetylcholine levels in the brainstem. In this respect not only do our normal biorhythms respond this way, but so too do our psychic and spiritual capacities respond to changes in earth’s field. Thus we are keyed into a cosmic timing devise for the emergence of consciousness that is governed largely by the movements of the earth, sun and moon. Researchers will find that kundalini (and indeed normal physiology) follows the rhythm of the sun’s magnetic field/solar wind field sector boundary. One effect of this is the alteration of intestinal bacteria and pathogen count, and immune cell spectrum and number. The two day turbulence during the move from one sector boundary to another will also affect biology, consciousness and behavior.

Kundalini, like cell growth, health, intellect and consciousness itself, follows cosmic cycles whose influences include: oxygen consumption, pH, cell division rate, senescence rates, membrane fluidity rates and uptake/elimination rates of cells, precipitation rates of chemical reactions, the propensity to greater or lesser colloidal suspension, flocculation, growth-rates of pathogens, hormone output and fertility rates. The solar-lunar impacts on changes of atmospheric ions affect the polarization of cells and organisms, ionization and ion differential charge, polarization and firing capacity of nerves, hormonal/neurotransmitter and receptor changes. Cosmic influences probably also affect the speed and spectrum of protein and enzyme construction. Free radical and antioxidant changes would factor in all of this. All these cosmic influences boil down to our subjective experience.

Humans (and perhaps all animals) have magnetic sensing material in the ethmoid bone which is located in the sinus close to the pineal and pituitary glands. The slight rotation of the magnetic crystals in response to external changes in field is picked up by nerve endings in the area. Robert Becker and Gary Selden suggest this organ also transmits the biocycle timing cues from the earths field micropulsations to the pineal gland. You might detect a rapid change in field through the sensation in the area of the sinuses.

Perhaps one of the best texts on electromagnetic effects on life is still The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker M.D., and Gary Selden. Chapter 14: Breathing With The Earth covers the earth's field effect on life. This quote from P.249 is particularly interesting: "Recently a group under Indian biophysicist Sarada Subrahmanyam reported that the human EEG not only responded to the micropulsations, but responded differently depending on which way the subject's head was facing in relation to the earth's field. Oddly enough, however, the head direction had no effect if the subject was a yogi."

Presumably the yogi's stabilized strengthened field is less influenced by the interference patterns of external fields. This might hint at the difference between a Yogi and an ordinary person undergoing a kundalini awakening. The Yogis mind and structure is cohesive, aligned and his autonomic system is consciously directed. While the kundi-active person may exhibit some of the states and siddhas of a yogi, it is his autonomic system that is running the show. The Yogi is carefully guiding his horses, while the neophyte is being hopelessly dragged along by them.

The fact that a yogi is autonomous from the earths EMF probably shows that they have changed their nerve response to the magnetic crystals in their forehead through their own amplified brain EMF. It would take a much larger field change in order to register in their magnetometer. By Yogi I don't just mean someone who does yoga, but that has been doing yoga, meditation and ascetic practices for maybe at least 20 years The practices of a yogi...the breathing, fasting, meditation and yoga would build a very different bodymind than the average gym goer or householder. A yogi would have already cleared inferior cellular structure, blockage, chemistry imbalances, have a strong neurotransmitter and hormone profile, superior immune system and antioxidant system, because their bodies are trained to convey higher energies and consciousness. Brain mapping would show quite a different brain structure, and nervous system than the person who is not trained in this way.

Changes in the solar cycle affect our biology and behavior. For example, around solar max you will find more wars occurring around the world because the increased solar wind creates more positive ions in the air, which in turn make the blood and cell environment more acidic. Acidic pH leads to more aggression; that is a defensive cellular response rather than a growing one.

It is apparent from tracking my metamorphic cycles that they power up during the gravitational highs of full or new moon. Sometimes it's the new moon when I am peaking other times it is the full moon, depending on when the highest tides fall...on either new or full throughout the year. Now the highest gravitational tides do have an ionic effect on the atmosphere as well, so we cannot automatically say that it is a gravitational trigger to metamorphosis or an ionic. It is probably a combination of both. Metamorphosis is also socially initiated as well, but the cycle of spiritual alchemy of the social/guru/romance effect is also directed by the pull of the tidal forces. The sun, moon, Jupiter and to a lesser effect the other planets as well, all play into the progressive unfoldment of the metamorphic butterfly.

There is a distinct seasonal flavor to the progression of metamorphosis/love, which repeats itself with precision year to year. July (summer) is the most energy-expansive month of the year when the physical potency of Spirit is most noticeable. If you are female you might even mistake the July-vitalism for pregnancy, for there is a sense of fullness and wholeness. The belly feels full and there is a pressure of fullness in the head and throat, while the heart seems more connected to everything. Also there is a heaviness like being grounded, which makes walking slower. In high-energy people you can actually see this July fullness in their face...they look like they pregnant bursting with energy.

August 2006 was particularly drawing into the head, with amazing head pressure, that translates into more breakdown during the back to soil phase of year in Oct-Nov...don't worry though the more you facilitate the dieoff period, the more profound will be the rejuvenating effects next spring. Deeper die-off means bigger spring regeneration, so expect a spiritual renaissance in April-May.

Head pressure and the sound of pulsing or ringing in the ears can get intense during the annual head popping months August and September. There are things you can do for blood pressure and tinnitus, but the best thing is long walks near moving water, and lying on the grass and staying away from carbs and dairy. Supplements for tinnitus, pressure and vertigo are listed in the last section of BOK. As the hurricanes start forming in the Atlantic, the energy will move down into the lungs and belly, and then in November down into the pelvis.

The same solar/lunar, climatic, ionic and atmospheric conditions that create hurricane season also generates the blissful kundalini in the lungs and belly. This hurricane bliss is no doubt due to seismic waves caused by the hurricane. These seismic waves created by a hurricane in the Atlantic pass through the entire United States. Kundalini actives are supersensory and their enteric (stomach) brain is particularly sensitive and active, thus it is easy to understand how seismic waves coming from the ground would be registered physically, electrically and atomically (quantum), and ionically. And also changes in the Schumann resonance generated in the resonant cavity between the earth’s surface and ionosphere. Earthquakes have a similar effect of being easily detected in a body that is highly lit with kundalini. A normal person would still be receiving and perhaps behaviorally responding to these changes, but they just do not register it consciously because their sensitivity, response and affect is lower.

“Seismic surface waves, which travel through the Earth's crust, were detected 30 hours before the hurricane made landfall, while body waves, which bounce down into the mantle, arrived some 18 hours later. "The body waves had travelled down to 1100 kilometres inside the Earth," Gerstoft says.”

It is interesting that toward November-December, after kundalini has passed through its annual cycle: heart--spleen--pelvis--digestive system, then there is some obvious kundi activity in the right-brain hemisphere. Thus the geomagnetic-gravity and light spectrum influence of winter solstice must alter the configuration of the NMDA receptors to promote right-brain firing at this time. Thus in winter organisms are generally more right-brain dominant than in summer.

The initial cycles are apt to be of acute intensity in the peaks and valleys, with a more lateral focus on the left side of the body as the Solar Heart establishes itself. After several years the cycles occur without abatement but they are of lesser (ie:chronic) intensity, with smaller peaks and valleys and more balance between the hemispheres of the brain and sides of the body. That is the male and female poles within find deeper reconciliation in the lovemaking of the Soul with matter, as the gross structures and blockages are cleared away, and the bodymind incarnates more of its Superconducting-Soul template.

While in the up-cycle we are essentially pumped up as high as our organism could tolerate at the time. We are lit and at our panultimate Self. All the chemicals that produce this state however create metabolites and while in this recovery period we experience a "down cycle." The depression and disenchantment does have a subjective element (both interior-individual, and interior-collective), but it is also very much caused by the cascade of neurochemistry that has occurred. There is an emotional component to this flip of having been in a high state of gratitude and wonderment, then returned back to a state of normality or depression.

I have noticed on numerous occasions that kundalini just increases, amplifies, deepens and often makes lucid whatever state or condition we are predisposed to at the time, and this exaggeration may increase the propensity for am "obvious" bipolar flip into its opposite. All chemistry is bipolar, we just are not usually conscious of the cycles because we are "embedded" in the present-point of the hyperbolic curve. Whether it's an up trip or a down trip depends on ones age, the time of year, time of the month and countless other factors. But most of all it depends on the prior chemistry and state that one goes into the peak event with. It depends on what is UP in the psyche-bodysoul. There is always something that is trying to emerge given enough energy, oxygen and attention to do so. We are endless vessels of transconscious and preconscious material that needs to filter into the conscious arena. The perturbation of consciousness and infiltration of unconscious material can only "work" with the biochemistry and consciousness that we bring to it. Thus a kundalini event or drug trip is a kind of Judgement Day and exploration of a vaster consequence of our being than we normally have access to. Keep a spiritual diary to document your kundalini phenomena, along with dreams. You will be able to map out your whole spiritual journey. If many people did this we would have lots of data to work out the alchemy, as it occurs in a range of types.

Electromagnetic influences on the earths magnetosphere from the 22 year sunspot cycle has a direct effect on life as well as on weather. We may find that solar max, and especially radically intense maxes like that of 1959, promotes kundalini awakenings in mass. Check out the prediction graph at the bottom of the NASA page, it’s another solar max around 2010 or so, so we can expect a lot of people popping at this time. At the moment we are heading for sunspot minimum.

Kundalini and the full spectrum of human existence and experience follows the same cyclic pattern as plant growth through the seasons. A general monthy outline is as follows: The energy follows the annual growing cycle of Seed—JFM, Leaves—MAM, Flower—JJA, Fruit—ASO, Soil—ND. (Southern Hemisphere people are obviously switched with their flower period occurring in Jan-Feb.)

Seed—JFM—head-heart, ethereal, abstract
Leaves—MAM—heart-solar plexus, powering up, urgency, portent
Flower—JJA—belly-pelvis, highest heat and Heart, body physical illumination
Fruit—ASO—head pressure-heart-lungs, revelatory chemistry
Soil—ND—energy to pelvis, die-offs, descent to subconscious, opening up of right hemisphere consciousness (perhaps due to increased melatonin in winter)

This is a broad overview of the cosmic growth cycle which cannot reflect the infinite variables and complexity of human existence. The 22 year sunspot cycle probably follows a similar growth cycle from seed-leaves-flower-fruit-soil. This is the flow of the Tao of life, it is a hyperbolic curve that spirals through time. The astronomical influences on cell development are instigated by the solar/lunar influences on the EMF of the earth. The sunspot cycle and the moon have a greater influence on health, fertility, consciousness and behavior than any other cosmic influence I think. The goal being to unify the gestalt of objective and subjective, yin and yang, introversion and extraversion, cosmos and Self.

Yin goes inward to interior life or introversion. Yang goes outward to exterior life or extraversion. Revelation periods are usually down in the Yin valley of the smaller tides of the equinoxes, while more physical and sexual heating occurs at the Yang solstices with the larger tidal effects. Full moons are usually more palpable than new moons, but occasionally a new moon will exert just as powerful a force as the full, but in a Yin kind of way to break open the heart. The solstices, occurring at the “ends” of the elliptic, produce larger tidal effects, which represent greater accumulation and release of fluids and other matter—as is evidence by the larger menses of women in the middle and ending months of the year. How this increased accumulation and release happens in men would also be an interesting study. But one can be assured that it is tied into the annual cycles of anabolism-growth and catabolism-breakdown.

Masculine, yang, active, external, materialistic, rational, energetic, nervous system, assimilation, ascending, superficial-exterior-dispersion, sex/relationships/mind issues, partism.

Feminine, yin, passive-receptive, internal, emotional, intuitive, rest-recovery, digestive system, cleansing, grounding, deep-interior-inclusive, core/shadow/survival/body issues, wholism.

“The Moon Phase concept is based on a four-fold division: instinct, emotion, intellect and perception as in Carl Jung’s four functions: sensing, feeling, thinking and intuiting; or Max-Luscher’s four-color person: red, green, yellow and blue. An interesting parallel appears when comparing the Moon Phases with Jungian psychology. Jung first defines two attitudinal types: the extrovert and the introvert. The Moon Phase concept also first defines a two-fold division: primary and antithetical: primary-objective and antithetical-subjective.”
Marilyn Busteed and Dorothy Wergin, Phases of the Moon, A Guide to Evolving Human Nature.

Resources for Cosmo-Bio Cycles Studies: —Interdisciplinary Cycles Research Institute (CRI)
Cycles Magazine and Journal is published four times a year. —Cycles in the Universe  —Dennis Klocek, Astrological Weather Prediction  —Richard Nolle explains effects like Supermoons —Eric Learner, Plasma Physics Model of the Universe  —Geoff Haselhurst, cosmology-physics —Arcos Cielos Research Center (Eco, Science, Art etc…) —Public Orgonomic Research Exchange —article that mentions stopping seizures with the use of a 10 Hz generator.

Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior, Michael Gauquelin (1985)
How Cosmic and Atmospheric Energies Influence Your Health, Michael Gauquelin (1991)

Cosmic Influences on Humans, Animals, and Plants, John T. Burns (He served as the Executive Director of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles for five years).

The Fields of Life: Our Links with the Universe by Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, 1973

Cosmosophy: Cosmic Influences on the Human Being, Rudolf Steiner and A. R. Meuss

Cosmic Influences on Mind & IQ, S. S Chatterjee

Sun and Earth, Herbert Friedman; Scientific American Library, 1987

Tutankhamun Prophecies, Maurice Cotterell; Appendix 1: The Sun

Moon Rhythms in Naure: How Lunar Cycles Affect Living Organisms, Klaus-Peter Endres et al

The Lunar Effect: The Moon’s Effect On Our Weather, Harry Al*censored*; Moana Press (NZ) 1989.

Earthmind: Communicating With the Living World of Gaia, Paul Devereux, John Steele, and David Kubrin (1992)

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