8108793699?profile=originalIt should come as no surprise that if we truly "are all one", then our personal spiritual awakening is mirroring the planetary awakening and ascension in 2012.

I think of it in terms of the collective mind of the planet cleansing itself of the negativity.  As each one of us allows our negative past experiences to come to the surface, teach us something, and be released into the light, we are participating in a vital way.

As we accept the light, share the light, and hold the light, we each light up the Earth a bit more.  I sometimes visualize that there are trillions and trillions of LEDs blinking on and staying on as more and more people awaken.  It carries unstoppable momentum.

I feel the negativity rapidly releasing since it has to in the face of our collective higher vibrations.  Our own shadows are being bathed with light as the shadow of the collective unconscious is.  Peace, partnership, and oneness are truly winning the day.

I can feel the planet taking a deep breath before its sigh of relief that her shadow has finally been fully held to the light.

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  • GREAT vision....cheers

  • It may not seem like things are getting better, but the financial crisis is a stripping away of material "needs".  I know since 2008, I have realized that I don't need the things I once thought essential.  The sufferings in war are awakening more and more in the west to resist these actions, too.  Peace and freedom!

  • Like the picture!  It drew me in.  I agree with the post except things are not getting any better for a lot of people in this world.  Its very stressful and I believe so many of us just want peace on earth.  Things just aren't right, something needs to change real, real soon for so many.  Love and Light to All

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