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As I explained previously I have been receiving more and more downloads of our ancient truth. So I get guided to a topic and then I am shown the hidden truth by the divine, of that topic. Today, I am being guided to give information about the forbidden truth of our Spiritual Journey, as we grow up through the Tree of Life to achieve the Eternal Self, or Christ Consciousness.


In cultures around the world, there is a reference to The Tree of Life within their core beliefs. However, most modern religions have distorted or even have absolute falsification of its truth.


The main belief of the Tree of Life is, that it is one of the Trees in the Garden of Eden, and to eat of it would give you eternal life.


Well, today you are about to eat of the Forbidden Tree of your truth. The ancient Hermetic Teachings refers to this tree.


We can find some of the truth of the Tree, through the Book the Kaballah. Which is the esoteric wisdom, discipline, and school of thought Teachings of Jewish mysticism. These were also the secret Teachings of Jesus and are the still hidden truth of the elites. As The Orthodox religions began to take over, they abolished this knowledge, and they were considered heresy. They did this to be able to keep control of the Masses. Only those of high birth or the Elite Families had this forbidden knowledge...


In the eastern culture, they have part of the information with the knowing of the chakra centers, which is the center column of our beingness and growth. The truth of the Chakras is that you must Balance within the Light, and to balance, you must follow The Journey of The Tree of Life. The Tree of Life represents, the journey to Higher consciousness or Eternal Life. By raising our consciousness we are growing out of the need for the 3D school. The 3D school is a continuous cycle of reincarnation.


It is thought in the ancient teachings that the physical body was a trap, and to be trapped in the body meant that you were in the reincarnation loop. This is where learning our Spiritual lessons become very important. Our Daily spiritual lessons are those instances that test our true nature.


When you are trapped it means that there is an imbalance of your chakras or your Tree. This is being stuck by the lower vibrations such as Fear, Guilt, Greed, or Control, causing us to not be able to rise to the Heights of our Spiritual aspect. For example. An imbalanced, root chakra, is the same as being imbalanced within the Tree of Life's Malchut Sovereignty Sefirah. It is being in the state of Survival mode or being displaced, and not at ease or not in control of yourself. To be in balance would be the opposite of these darker vibrations so you would balance within the Light, By Becoming at Peace, relaxing, and at total ease, and in total control of the self. This would allow for the balancing of the root chakra or Sovereignty Sefirah, you would not try and balance between the Negative survival mode, and a peaceful state like is commonly misunderstood. You become balanced by achieving the Positive state of the Energy Center. To be balanced within all the Chakra or Sefirot centers is to balance within the positive of each energy wheel.


Nevertheless, the Journey of the Tree of Life goes even deeper into our psyche. The tree of Life is the Judaic version of the Chakra system, With the same basic spiritual balance, but instead of just 7 base centers within the body, it refers to 10.


When we view the Gnostic Tree of Life we view it from the top to bottom, because the energy flows from our creator to us, or what is referred to as from the infinite to the finite.


Introduction to the Tree of Life


This poem, a 2,000 year-old description of Ten Sefirot, is the basis for the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a map of the flow of energy from infinite to finite or viewed another way they are different stages through which creative energy flows.


Ten Sefirot of Nothingness, Their measure is ten, which has no end. a depth of beginning, a depth of end. The One, finds expression in them all.


~ Sefer Yetzirah, The Book of Formation 1:5


In the advanced study, each of the Sefirot (Sefirah in the singular) represents a practice of awareness. The perspective of the flow of the Tree is seen in the influence of higher awareness, the Sefirot above, and on lower awareness, the Sefirot below. This is Information from


From The Infinite being Source or God, To you, The Human or the Finite.


The Keter is the Crown, as the highest Sefirah, is situated on top of the intellectual triad and is designated as “superconscious.” Keter is the infinite source, a state of being, the field of possibility. It is the ultimate unseen reality. Color gold represents purification, conductivity, and malleability.


The Intellect Triad.


1. Chochmah, is Wisdom. The product Experience, Mastery. the seed of an idea, insight, inspiration, intuition, inchoate awareness. Innate Knowing. Color Dark Blue represents the emergence of something from nothing.


2. Binah, is Understanding. Seeing things from a higher perspective, fleshing out an idea, formulating the story, fashioning the structure. Color dark red represents the “something” congealing.


3. Da’at, is Knowing. Knowing your truth, integrating the idea, identifying with it, an intimate connection. Color gray for integration.


The Emotion Triad.


4. Chesed, is Unbounded Love. Service to Others, expanding ideas, enlarging the circle, empathic concern. Color blue for flow (water).


5. Gevurah, is the Strength of Boundaries. setting limits, saying no or having self-control, seeking focus. Color red for the definition of (stop).


6. Tiferet, is Beauty, also harmony. harmonizing and holding opposing energies, having compassion. Color yellow radiates light.


The Instinct Triad.


7. Netzach, is Victory. overcoming obstacles, orchestrating intention. Color purple for power.


8. Hod is Surrender: Learning to Let go. acknowledging what is, accepting, and giving way. Color orange for restoration and hope.


9. Yesod, is Foundation. Honesty, telling or twisting your truth, testing authenticity. Color green for growth and renewal.


10. Malchut, is Sovereignty, To Govern oneself. the final, lowest Sefirah of the culmination of the flow from Keter through the Sefirot, from possible to actual. Malchut is what manifests or is expressed. Color brown for source-ground.


The Crown or The Keter is our infinite state of being, it is our eternal self or Higher-self.


Then begins the Triads, The triads are what is needed to obtain the full connection to the Keter or Crown, which is your connection to the Source, or the Supreme consciousness. The three Triads is the alchemical process of enlightenment to our highest state of beingness. They indicate the Mind, Body, and Spirit. The First Triad is your Intellect or the Spirit, The second Triad is your Mind with being the emotion, while the Third is your Instinct or your base, which is the body. As we master each level of awareness we move closer to the Infinite Consciousness which is God. This isn't something outside of ourselves. This all takes place within you.


Another secret that has been kept from the average person is, that once your centers are fully opened, Not only are we fully connected to Our higher self, but we become a direct beacon of the Light Force Energy, allowing us to actively manifest and Create our personal Reality.


As we open all the centers, and become connected to our Higher God-self, we then can use the Infinite Light as a Manifestation tool in this Physical. This gives us a constant flow of Love Light energies. From The Cosmic consciousness of Source, down into the physical state of being. This is our Creation in the Manifestation process, But best of all it is the Map to Total Awareness or the State of Keter which is our full connection to God.


The Gnostic Tree of Life is your personal Map of the Path to Higher Consciousness.


Even though all this seems so complicated, it really isn't. It is actually quite simple if you look at the base of the Tree to The Top. By positively balancing in Sovereignty, Foundation, Surrender, Victory, Harmony, Strength, Love, Knowing, Understanding, and Wisdom you will obtain Eternal Life. Each is an expression of who you are. It is Your map that shows your personal oneness with the Infinite Consciousness of all things.


and so it is, and it is so,


In so much Love and Light,


Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of the Aeon Sophia, and Christos, through Divine Light. The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @






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