Magenta Pixie ~ The Great Samhain Gateway 2020

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The Nine come forward, through their conduit Magenta Pixie, with a transmission for the Samhain/Halloween Gateway. In response to the many questions and callings from humanity at this time, most especially from those in the United States of America.


Magenta Pixie ~ Action Plus Intention Equals Cohesion


by Petra Pixie McGuire on Facebook , October 25, 2020

Action taken does not necessarily create an energetic match to that action. Action combined with intention in heart and mind is what creates the energetic match.

Two people tearing plastic and pulling barriers off goods they need to purchase that have been deemed ‘non essential’ and banned from sale.

One pulls the barrier off as an act of sovereignty, empowerment and to make a stand for freedom but is composed and balanced in thought whilst doing so. This person creates a match in their reality to sovereignty, empowerment and freedom.

Another pulls the barrier off in resistance to control holding anger, deep sadness, confusion and with feelings of revenge and retribution in mind. This person holds validity as much as the other yet creates a match in their reality to anger, sadness, confusion and revenge.

A crude example maybe but the point is intention and action must be combined. Heart, head and deed aligned. This is what it means to be cohesive.

Some watch these individuals and sees them as heroes whilst others see them as criminals. One cannot find true empathy, understanding or solidarity with another without understanding perspective and intention.

The one who sees neither hero nor criminal but understands both the examples of mindsets given above, is the one who holds cohesion of mind/body and is free from judgement yet holds the knowing and the ability to act with true justice.

These are universal and cosmic opportunities being given to us all, as a planetary nation now, in order to further our own growth, awareness and enlightenment. Gratitude shall ground these opportunities into your fields as epiphanies and downloads for gratitude creates receptivity to higher awareness and deeper thinking.

Blessings, Magenta Pixie 

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  • Yes, it is in God's plan...All shall fall into place accordingly...Blessings

  • Fantastic message, thank you very much! We will have a little ceremony here in Malmö, Sweden, and celebrate the new world. That new world which our lightworker (who will win the election) will help to create. He is definitely sent from above. Thank you and may the energies be with you all!

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