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The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message May 22, 2019

Channeled Message

Yeshua speaks of his process and how we are in the same space: 

This is significant.  This is also something that you can do in your own life.  When you carry around guilt, sorrow, frustration, anger, bitterness it’s as if that is pulling you down or dragging you down.  You can let that go, clear it out, feel the love and compassion for yourself, let that come into you and you will ascend.  You will move beyond the pain; you will move into a place that vibrates at a higher level and feels better for you.

The Vibration of Ascension

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message May 21, 2019

Channeled Message

Jesus/ Yeshua Speaks:

Express love in your day.  Express compassion for yourself and for others.  As you do so, it will release judgment, it will release the old paradigm that has been hanging on for so very long.

Be your authentic self, the person you are here within this space.  Be as magnificent as you wish to be!  Allow your ego to expand, know that you can create that expansion.

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message May 20, 2019

Channeled Message

Jesus/ Yeshua Speaks:

When you are in your meditations, when you allow your consciousness to expand to come here, perhaps the All That Is or go into your divinity, what you are doing is strengthening that alignment for what supports you in your everyday life.  You may come here to explore, to try new things, to be different if you are unhappy with your life.  This is somewhat what I did.

But know that those of us who have been so pivotal in this ascension process are closer than we have ever been before because we do step down our vibration.  However, the more that the earth vibration is lifted up we come into that blend.

The Vibration of Ascension

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message May 19, 2019

Channeled Message

Jesus/ Yeshua Speaks:

The ascension process that took place in my life as Jesus was that I showed myself to multiple people as the proof that I was no longer there; I took my body I took everything.  People are now asking me did I live the rest of my life after my death upon the earth.  And indeed, I did have life after death, it was upon the earth; however, I was not there in physical form 100% of the time because the density was too much for me to be able to maintain and I did not want to bring my vibration back down to what it was before my death.

I had a wide platform of Angels and light beings that created that potential however I would come back for periods of time and then leave.

This is what we are creating again at this time!! We are part of the process.

The Vibration of Ascension

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