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The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message January 12, 2019

Channeled Message

There is a magnificent transition taking place upon the earth. It is something that was started thousands of years ago and is coming full cycle. We’ve spoken in the past about the ways in which time is nonlinear but flows in a spiral and if you think of that spiral you can think of it as something that’s small at the bottom getting larger and larger, larger like you would see a tornado. That spiral may be upright, on its side, it can move in any different direction, therefore, when you allow your presence and your consciousness to be in the now moment you may be anyplace within that cycle depending on what is happening within your life.

If you are feeling stagnant, take in a deep breath and clear out the old, receiving the new~~~

You Are the Emerging Light

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message January 11, 2019

Channeled Message

As you are living your life upon the Earth be yourself whatever that may be in any given moment.  Be true to who you are.  Allow yourself to in your everyday physical reality to completely clear out judgment just as we did in this journey.  Allow discernment and choice to be the foundation of how you are expressing in this life.

With the root of everything, that cellular transformation into loving energies be it that the foundation is always love.  So be yourself and be loved.

Be Yourself

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message January 10, 2019

Channeled Message

As the Earth continues to transform there continues to be releases of old stuck energy.  I remind you to be in this moment of balance.  I remind you that from a cellular structure out to every physical, emotional, mental structure of who you are that you are changing.  That you have already changed and that you are already integrating the crystalline vibration that has so affected everyone’s life, physical body and reality.  You’ve done this.  It’s here.  It’s part of you.  

Be Yourself

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message January 09, 2019

Channeled Message

At all times:  Be yourself.  Listen to your dreams.  Listen to your Divinity as it flows within and through you in all ways. 

Sometimes the challenge comes with trying to remember who you are or trying to keep this intention at the forefront.  When you feel love, compassion, acceptance or balance within yourself; you are in the flow! 

Be Yourself!

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message January 08, 2019

Channeled Message

Do you feel responsible for others lives or experiences? 

And as that crystalline vibration manifests within you, you will less likely have to make that conscious choice to clear out other people’s energies and other people’s lower vibration.  You will have to less consciously clear out your own vibration, because they will naturally transition on their own, plus you will not receive them back into you.  Once you have shifted and allowed your vibration to transform into a higher, lighter vibration, even though you get pulled down periodically, you do not stay.  You notice it more and more readily and therefore immediately bring your focus back up and into the balance of this now moment. 

Be Yourself!

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message January 07, 2019

Channeled Message

So, let us follow judgment until you go all the way down into the cells within your body.  As you consider that cellular structure of who you are, go into that moment.  Go into any cells within you that are holding on to  judgment of yourself or anybody else and just transform those cells.  You breathe in your Divinity.  You breathe in your light and it just moves into those cells within you. 

As I am observing you I found some people had pain in their side that was released as you cleared the cellular energy of judgment.  I noticed someone else was having pressure and headaches that was released as they let go of judgment. 

So while judgment is coming through your mental body and your ego, it can be felt in your emotions and your physical body and in your perception of everything.  There you go infuse love into every cell that has contained judgment.  Infuse the vibration for who you are into every cell within your body. 

YES, you can create change in your life!  You can create from a cellular level outward a life without judgment. 

Be Yourself!

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message January 06, 2019

Channeled Message

Okay, Okay.  As I speak of this let me be very clear for people that discernment is not judgment.  Judgment is critical, harsh and painful whether you are judging others or judging yourself.  Discernment is understanding a situation and making choices from that understanding that you have.  Discernment is understanding that when it’s pouring down with rain; you go out with a raincoat.  Discernment means you are using all of the tools that you have in this life and you make choices based on that on your discernment. (This is) completely different from judgment.  There we go. 

This is a truly powerful lesson to learn.  It’s essential to understand when you ARE using discernment all give yourself permission.  Allow the flexibility and flow of love to be all around you

Be Yourself

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message January 05, 2019

Channeled Message

Take a deep breath and focus within your heart:

Be yourself.  Be who you are as your authentic self in this lifetime.  Let us take a moment and as we have cleared that judgment, and as I was bringing in that energy for being authentic, I can still feel resistance to being yourself, so I would therefore say let us go into your consciousness.  Let us follow that thread or that alignment of judgment until we can find wherever that may be in your body.  Be it conscious or unconscious; be it physical, mental, emotional, let us find whatever that root source of judgment is within your life. 

Be Yourself

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message January 04, 2019

Channeled Message

Let us speak of judgment.  Why do you suppose that society has so much judgment?  Judgment comes from the ego and the ego comes from duality. And if one is living in duality then you must be better than someone else, you must be stronger, you must be smarter, or you’re not good enough.  Over and over and over and over there are these unconscious voices or beliefs, or realities that are put forward by society that so many people tap into: be it consciously or unconsciously.  Are you one of them? 

I invite you to then pull up judgment from wherever it may be in any part of your body ~whew~  Let go of judgment.  I felt a lot of that old programming just flow away from people as you cleared out judgment

I invite you to let go of  your old programming, let go of any old process!  

Be Yourself

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message January 03, 2019

Channeled Message

Just as you might be loving and nurturing to your child telling them how amazing they are, how beautiful they are and how they can do anything in their life say those words to yourself because you are beautiful.  You are amazing.  You are doing phenomenal things in your life.  Indeed, release that judgment ~whew~  When I said that you are doing phenomenal things in your life I could hear people say, “yeah maybe so but not as good as them; yes, maybe so, but it’s not making any difference in the world”.  It doesn’t matter.  You living your life, following your dreams, aligning with your Divinity are doing amazing things and it’s a vibration that fully supports you in all that you do.

Be Yourself

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message January 02, 2019

Channeled Message

In this now moment I wish for you to clear out any preconceived notions and any past way of doing things so that you can feel the complete and unconditional love that is for you that is from your Divinity.  Let yourself feel that now.  As this is moving through you; oh, I can really feel a lot of emotion coming up.

As this is moving through you let go of the old belief systems that say put everybody else first and you last.  Let go of those old belief systems that say don’t think too much about yourself.  Let go of those old belief systems that have trained you to think that you’re not good enough and that you’re not this amazing person who has lived the life that you have lived.  Let go all of it and as you do so; once again I feel all that emotion going through people.  Let those waves and emotion clear you out.  Let it clear out your thoughts, your beliefs, let it clear out your emotions.  Be in the moment.  Be in the energy of love.  Be yourself. ~whew~ as I said for you to be yourself suddenly it was as if the energy expanded even further.  

Be Yourself


The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message January 01, 2019" width="756" height="397" />

Woo Hoo~~~  Here we are starting another year!  This is a time to organize, a time clear out the clutter of the past year.  This is a time to set your clear intention for the upcoming year. 

In numerology 2019 is a 3 year.  2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 this reduces to 1 + 2 which is 3.  Three typically is a year of movement.  You planted your intention in year 1, then it was fine-tuned and percolated during year 2; now in year 3 things are ready to manifest.  I have also heard from many that 2018 was filled with problems and struggles which are more apparent during a year of integration or intention.  

Any year will have it’s ups and downs however as we are starting this brand new year I invite you to step into the excitement and potential of something new.  I invite you to explore potentials that may come your way.  I invite you to open allowing the energies to manifest for you in ways that bring joy and happiness.

Much love,

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message December 04, 2018]

Channeled Message

You are amazing. You are the reflection of God source in this specific person. Know that you always have the support of I the Goddess, the angels, the light beings. We are all here to help you see yourself as we see you and that is a fully connected and balanced individual that reflects the love and the light of their divinity in all that they do.

Open to feel the love, open to feel the truth.

Clearing Past Lives Through Your Divinity

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