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The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message November 12, 2018

Channeled Message

Metatron Speaks:

I wish to therefore take this moment with each one of you asking you as you are here in the space of your soul and your divinity to breathe deeply into who you are.  Allow to come up from within you an image or a sense or a feeling of who you are as your soul.  For some you may see yourself as if lifetimes in the Crusades, for some as a simple farmer; for others the scientist, the doctors or the Healers. 

There are literally millions of potentials for who you have been and who you can be.  I wish for you in this now moment to know that you have so much more potential than what you recognize.  As I tap into each one of you three times over the third eye, I do so with a clear intention of activating your third eye that you may see yourself with the truth that comes from within your soul and within you.

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