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The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message June 08, 2019

Channeled Message

When in your meditation I invite you to tap into these energies. Once the alignment is more conscious you can move into your everyday life. 

We speak frequently about the crystalline grid.  While here in the All That Is, I invite you to open up all of your consciousness and feel the flow of the crystalline energies as they move within this space; moving into and around you.  Most likely there is a great deal of familiarity with this.  Because it’s been coming for over 10 years and you have been working with it all of that time. 

Even within the crystalline vibration, there is that which is the lower vibration and that which is the higher vibration.  As you take a deep breath feel; as if you are weaving this conscious alignment with the crystalline energy into you letting it go into your consciousness, your emotions, your thoughts, and beliefs, your physicality. 

Becoming You

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message June 07, 2019

Channeled Message

How many times during your day do you make that conscious choice to disconnect from the people around you, breathe within yourself the vibration of your essence, and then feel the vibration ascend?  Put forth an intention for yourself that you will consider this when you wake up in the morning, consider this perhaps mid-morning, perhaps at lunch, mid-afternoon, in the evening.  It may be only one time during the day or maybe four or five times during the day.  

The key is to pay attention and listen from within. 

Becoming You

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message June 06, 2019

Channeled Message

The main part of my message for you this evening has been about how quickly your vibration can transform.  That knowledge works in both ways.  You may be feeling excellent having a wonderful day and then you get hooked into something and it brings you down, down, down, then causing you to feel angry, frustrated, or whatever.  Again, recognizing you need not stay there.  You can transform this vibration.  You then find yourself rebounding and coming back up and do something that feels better to you. 

Becoming You

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message June 05, 2019

Channeled Message

Feel that flow of your Divinity.  Allow it as if it is filtering through all those different particles that make up who you are.  You feel the Divine flow through you.  As it does so what happens to your vibration?  For most, I feel it beginning to rise.  For some, I had the sense of a teetertotter, where it was as if part of them was going up and part was going down and then they would reverse it.  As if they were trying to find that centered balance and in doing so it was up down, up down.  There we go.  I just felt another wave of the Divine flowing through each one of you.  This time with the intention of balance, this time with the intention of raising every part of your vibration. 

These waves are continuously flowing in and around you.  Step into the flow as often as you can. 

Becoming You

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