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THE GODDESS OF CREATION - Are you ready to clear some stuck energy? YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE - through SHELLY DRESSEL

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message

December 01, 2019

Channeled Message

Are you ready to clear some stuck energy?

As you breathe deeply within yourself, tapping into what is bothering you, I invite your Angels, more of your Divinity and whatever else is needed for you to come into the space with you.  As you are considering that which bothers you, as you bring it up within you, know that you are fully supported in every way.  I wish for you to bring up whatever that is, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, phew, let it go.  As you bring up within your consciousness something that is bothering you, and you bring it not only up but out from you, your Angels and Helpers are helping you to cleanse your energy.  Take stock if anything feels different to you. 

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message

November 30, 2019

There are many different ways in which you find healing in your life.  Consider something you seek to heal: 

As I am speaking and asking these questions, I see many other things just kind of going away by the wayside and there is a great more clarity that is coming into each one of you.   So lastly, I ask you as you consider what this is are there certain thoughts or beliefs that kind of go around and around and around when you consider what is bothering you?  So, thoughts and believes its own little category. 

Within your physical body is there a particular place in which you feel it, or is it throughout.  Okay, again that goes on this side.  So, take a moment almost as if you’re going to put a little bit of distance and take a step back.  When you consider that problem be it illness or something that you have been struggling with within your life, we ask the yes/no questions to try and help you understand.  Is this long-term?  Is this new?  Is there a trigger?  We ask these emotional, mental, physical reactions that are also a part of whatever this is going on within you.

You Can Heal Your Life

The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message

November 26, 2019

Channeled Message

I wish to speak tonight of health.  Health is something that we speak of a multitude of different times in different ways.  This evening as you are here within this vibration take stock of your life.   I invite you to bring up one illness, or discord, or disconnect that is happening within you at this time.  Okay.  As I look around, I see some of you have a list in front of you and whether you are conscious or unconscious of it allow that which is most impactful to come up to your Consciousness.  As you do so sit for a moment to consider what this is for you. 

 You Can Heal Your Life

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