The Fountain of Eternal Youth and Immortality

Adama through Aurelia Louise Jones

Adama, please talk to us about the Fountain of eternal youth and immortality. Are you saying that it is created by our thoughts and intentions?

Of course, but this is only one aspect of it. If you truly desire to attain this level of perfection and state of consciousness, you must first desire it with all your heart, mind and soul. This is your first key. Around the clock, every day of your life, you must also set out and renew your intentions to reach that level of perfection, engaging all your spiritual faculties until you reach your goals.

Constancy is your second key. The "on and off" attempts have never brought much results. Maintaining absolute constancy in your intentions and the willingness to do what is required to attain that state cannot be emphasized enough.

The fountain of youth and rejuvenation you are seeking lies within you always. It is there, waiting for your awakening and your awareness of it. The keys to find it have never been secrets. In fact, they have been known all along, but you have ignored them. For eons, you have been more interested in finding it through an external source, a quick fix that would substitute a true spiritual transformation. This is your third key. I ask you now: Have these external sources work for all of you, my friends? Have you succeeded in your society to eliminate aging, illnesses and death? Or are you building more nursing homes, hospitals and medical clinics?

Very rarely on the surface up to now, a person has been willing to apply the keys of transformation to the extent that it brought them complete DNA transformation and immortality. Nevertheless, over the ages and millennia, there have been a few exceptions. Your DNA is another key to your fountain of youth and infinite vitality, the fourth key. It evolves at the speed that you evolve your consciousness and increase your love quotient. Your body is a mirror of consciousness. As it evolves, the body will begin to mirror the new consciousness you have attained. The fountain of youth has always been there inside of you, but you have to evolve your consciousness to activate it.

Your thoughts, your words and feelings bring the subject of the fifth key. What is the quality of the internal dialogue do you entertain within yourself moment by moment? Does it reflect what you desire to attain? After you have done a few minutes of affirmations each day, what thoughts do you occupy your mind with the rest of the day? How well do you monitor your thoughts, your feelings and the words you speak to yourself and to others with each now moment? How do you feel about yourself and your body?

Once you evolve your consciousness to the state of immortality, you will find that it simply happens effortlessly. You will find that aging only makes you wiser, more mature and stronger. Yes, we become older in age, and we do it with grace, nobility and dignity, as masters. This is also your destiny to reach this level of mastery. Maintain your physical prowess, agility, and strength by all the means you know. You will find that the more you do, the more you will always be able to do. Don’t let age or what people say limit you. You are unlimited beings who have forgotten.

The Fountain of Youth you are seeking is a state of Being, not so much a state of doing. To activate this wondrous fountain, you must first unite with it and then become it. This is your sixth key; and a most important one as well. The true fountain of youth is a fountain of Pure Light, a fifth dimensional tool. In order to activate it within self, you must increase the light in all the cells of our physical body and also in all your other bodies and more subtle bodies. You must cleanse your emotional body of negative human emotions; you must monitor your thoughts and begin to think like a master does. If you are not sure how a master would think in any given circumstance, go in meditation and ask that question. What would a master do, how would a master view this and what is the action a master would take? How does it feel to be a master of divine expression like our brothers and sisters in Telos? Your heart knows all the answers and it always has. You only need to consult it and learn to tune in again to that wisdom.

Begin to consider your bodies as “magical forms”, see them as the most versatile machines that were ever created that can do all you want them to do without pain or limitation. They can even teleport anywhere in this universe almost with the speed of light whenever you have attained that level of consciousness. It is up to you to change the perception you have held regarding your bodies so far, and to learn how to utilize the full physical potential that these vehicles are endowed with.

Begin to live your new truth and the results you are seeking will follow. It cannot be otherwise. This is the seventh key. In this regard, the fountain of youth is real. It is located in your very own mind and heart. You will be surprised and joyous when you discover how easy it is to maintain your youthful appearance.

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  • I need to turn off the red light about ten min in -

  • a good 20 minute practice - get comfortable and imagine a clock in your mind and the hands going backward to say 30 years old-like above ask for Pure Light to cleanse and rejuvenate your physical molecules-mimic your body at 30 and even go back down the timeline and copy and paste that body to your current body-I don't know if this is for everyone but get a red light bulb and focus it on your solar plexis for the 20 min also

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