In the past few weeks, a wave of fear and uncertainty has plagued the nation. Along 

But all it takes is one voice to break the silence. And as long as the desire for truth remains in the heart of at least one American, it cannot die.with it came the further stifling of free thought in journalism—and any information that deviates from the mainstream narrative.


We remain dedicated to our principles, especially at a time when Truth and Tradition are rapidly disappearing from our nation, especially when men and women like you still call this nation home.


To us, each one of you is a spark in the darkness—a spark of hope for the values of our nation, and a spark that’s worth every effort to protect.


Because when the time is right, a spark alone is enough to light the torch of truth that can be handed down to generations to come.


Until that moment arrives, we hope that you’ll continue to stand with us. We plan to continue fighting for honest journalism and our American values, we hope you’ll join us for the long, challenging journey ahead.


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In Truth and Tradition,

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This newspaper is all about truth and I am surprised to see this title...I resonated so much with it that I decided to share it with you all...I am subcribed to this newspaper...Blessings Amparo

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"There was a time I was the only one here railing against the idea that people should lessen or stop thinking altogether. We were told that to truely understand the universe, one should use the heart, not the mind. One should 'feel', not 'think'.…"
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"(A summary of the article "Subversive and Pacifying Spirituality" with some additional info, link below)

Meditation is a very useful tool to raise your consciousness, to get more self-awareness, control over emotions, and to undo your programming /…"
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