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Blessings Dear Family of Light,


It's been a rough road for many these last several weeks. This is Because we are learning the higher lessons of Love, and this is the End of The 3D Earth School. But according to Ancient Teachings there is much more happening behind the scenes. As we advance farther into the studies, you will noticed that I take the Nag Hammadi Codices very literal as the Creation Story of Humanity. This is a totally different concept then The Orthodox Church or any other Religion teaches, but is considered to be the actual Teaching of Jesus.


The Mother Earth or who I will be personally referring to as Mother Sophia, Is also the Mother of Humanity, according to The Nag Hammadi Texts. She Loves Humanity so much that she Turned herself into The Earth. However, She has been asleep for the Last 11,000 years, due to being in a lower vibrational area of space. Since the Earth entered the Photon Belt, back in 1992, which is an area that is higher in Light Vibration due to the direct Light from Alcyone Star System, She has Slowly been Rising in Frequency. Mother Sophia or the Earth was sited by the Judaic Mystics to have become awakened, only about 3 Months ago. Meaning that she is Now very aware of our personal intentions towards her and her Other Inhabitants, including all Nature, and Those who Honor and respect her as a Living Being. It's not about some fake Climate Change or Global warming scenario, It's about a Living Planet who is now clearing the Darkness, so she can ascend to Higher Light.


It is said in the Ancient Writings of The Judaic Torah, as well as within the Nag Hammadi Codices, and also within EVERY Native culture around the world, that this Planet we reside upon is a Living Being. Yes, this means she is very very Ancient, and is literally raising Her Self and Us in vibration to rise to the 5th Dimension.


I explained that I was unsure how this would Look, but now it's becoming much more Clear. Not only does the Earth herself move and clear her surface, using all the Elements, But, she can also effect our personal Lives, Along with the Infinite Creator which is known as God. A Sacred Union is Made to manifest our personal Intentions. This is where you can either experience your Heaven on Earth, or your Hell, depending on how you see Nature and this Earth, Which is the Consort of God. She is our Mother God. This is the Hidden Teachings. This is The Love of Nature Taking on a whole new Meaning, Because she Literally is not only sustaining your Life, but She is a living being, That in very ancient Times, created The Human DNA Which connects us to The Infinite Consciousness, from the Light Within. She Gave Birth to the Human Concept by conceiving it with her Consort the Christos, While Both being Aeons, or Gods in The Serpentine Form. Within the Texts, Jesus Claimed to be the "Christos", incarnated in human form.


Yes Mother Sophia also created the First Dark Being, because of an "error", by not using the Essence of Light from Source within her creation. That being had the Power of creation himself, and created the Dark Minions as we know today. He could not create with the light of Source or the Infinite Consciousness, so he used artificial intelligence or AI. This is the Darkness that continually tries to destroy Earth, and all of Humanity. This Darkness attempted to dehumanize Humanity by altering our DNA or "Cutting it" to disconnect us from Source Energy. In these Moments Through Divine Light, and the Help of Many other beings of Light, we are reconnecting our DNA to Source. However, in their last attempts to Stop our ascension and the reconnecting of our DNA, they are creating Viruses and forcing vaxes. But all of their Attempts have failed. And the ascension of Humanity is Happening.


It really is important for us to remember to have total respect and the Highest reverence for Mother Sophia or who most know as the Earth, because she is also the Mother of all Humanity throughout this Galaxy as well. This is why all attention is on her, And why the many extraterrestrials are here to protect her. In these Moments She is trying to correct the error, and is removing any Darkness upon her surface, and within her body. She knows that Creation without the Light of the Infinite Creator, Harms her Children of Light. So, She protects us when we Respect her and Love her.


Mother Earth/Gaia/Sophia is the forgotten Goddess of Our Creation, And the Mother of Humanity. This is the Nag Hammadi Teachings that Jesus Referred to within The Sophia of Jesus Christ.


While asleep Sophia was considered the Dreamer of Our Reality. With her now awake, The Dreamer becomes in control. When you awaken out of the dream you realize that the dream itself wasn't real, and you can then shake it off and Wake Up. This is what is happening in these moments. She is clearing herself of all the Bad Dreams. The only Vibrations that will survive within the Higher Dimensions is that of Love and service to Others.


This isn't really anything religious at all, it's actually a scientific Fact, and the understanding of something as simple as Vibration. Scientist have verified that we have entered A Higher Vibration in Space, causing the Earth's vibration to rise in frequency, hence the Schumann Resonance. Love or Service to Others is the Highest Vibration the Human can Emit through their Emotions, Their Words and their Actions. It just makes since to Raise your own Vibrations to Meet That of your Environment. By Fighting the Vibration, you just create chaos in your Life. So we learn to surrender to the Light by being Love.


By Becoming of love and Service to Others, you manifest your Heaven on Earth, and YOU ARE ASCENDING out of the Lower vibrations. When we become Loving vibrations, we are working with The Infinite Creators Energies and Mother Sophia herself.


As Mother Sophia Ascends, so can we, if we raise to the occasion of becoming a Loving, Giving, and compassionate being. This is were you must make the Choice. To ascend to the Higher dimensions you must Raise to the Higher frequencies. This was the Divines Plan all along, Sophia became the Earth, to help Her Children, Rise out of the Darkness, that her error had Created. This is her intention, She Lowered herself to Raise us to Higher Light.


We were Created through Sources Infinite Light by Mother Sophia and The Christos. We are now returning to the Love from which we were created. In This Moment, We are Ascending Back to that perfect Light, with the help of The Earth Mother Sophia , and the Infinite Creator, The Father of Creation. They are The Mother and Father God, who is surrounding us with their unconditional perfect Love, Raising us in this Ascension. We are remembering The Light from which we were Created, and are ascending back to it.


And so it is, and it is so.


In so much Love and light,


Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeon Sophia through Divine Light. The New Earth of Light, Channeling & Gnostic Guidance. @


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