I like to see our global awakening as a benevolent octopus which is enfolding the world with higher dimensional positive tentacles.  Why not?

8108788084?profile=originalThe Awakening Octopus has far more tentacles than eight, because it is changing everything about human affairs across the globe.  Here are some of the stories that I have been following which seem to be related to the Octopus improving everything everywhere:

1. Millions of People Awakening: Every day, masses of people are feeling completely different as their energies are raised.  Old paradigms of negative thinking are coming to the surface and being dealt with and turned to the positive.

2. Global Protests: As we are awakening, we realize that we are all one.  Whether you believe this in a scientific, natural, or spiritual context, it really doesn't matter.  The protests are a result of knowing that it has never been religion against religion or country against country.  It has always been the ruling class oppressing the masses and keeping us at each others' throats.

3. UFO Disclosure: Governments across the globe are slowly releasing the information they have about extraterrestrial life and technologies.  Ancient artifacts showing ETs are being shared, more and more people are sharing their top secret knowledge about UFOs, and the masses are rapidly taking up the cry of "Dislcosure!"

The Golden Era on the planet rapidly approaches.  We need to simply keep the momentum constantly accelerating in the direction of peace and partnership with our fellow creatures everywhere.  We are each a tentacle of the Awakening Octopus.

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