This is one of my recent short essays about the absurdity of war and violence in these times from my blog:  Hope you enjoy:

I’d like to put in perspective the absurdity of violence and war in these rapidly changing times. The more I learn about the literal connectedness of all things, the more ludicrous hatred and violence between people becomes to me. It is obviously long overdue for this madness to end.

First of all, scientists of many disciplines have proven time and again that we are all part of One thing. Whether this is energetically, chemically, biologically, spiritually, part of one God, or part of one greater consciousness, they all seem true. It only actually takes one of these subjects to be true to make it so, doesn’t it?

It is difficult to fully accept the Oneness with All that is since we are taught individuality and competition throughout our lives. Advertisers want you to believe that you are separate so that you will buy things to be like “others”. Controllers in government and churches want you to be fearful of the “other people” so that they can hand down rules and commands to fight.

It is all illusion perpetrated by media and power centers. Separation and duality has been pushed down our throats so that we falsely believe we need “them” to lead us. I think we will be just fine without any of “them” in the near future.

The idea of separation and distinction between a “you” and a “me” is merely an orchestrated illusion. Let me try to convince you that there really is no such thing as separation.

For one, all matter when you get down to it is vibrational energy. Zooming out from that perspective, everything on the planet is a chemical swarm. Higher up in scale, all things we interact with are a biochemical mix of fungal spores, bacteria, viruses, an incredible array of cells and tissues.

What we think of as our bodies are bathed in this invisible mix of microscopic life. We are breathing them in. They are landing on our skin. Vast colonies of these creatures exist in our skin, eyes, ears, blood, hair, bowels, everywhere!

Therefore, each of us is a planetary body unto ourselves with about 50-100 trillion cells. We could expand our imaginations further and say that each cell could contain a star’s worth of interactions. In this case, then we are all galaxies unto ourselves.

Are you starting to see my perspective of the stupidity and violence of merely believing that we are separate? When you talk of superiority, war or violence against another people, group, nation, or whatever, you are advocating self hatred. I would like to give an analogy of what this is like (keeping in mind that our bodies are such a host of diverse and abundant life).

The Great Finger Conflict

Let’s say that your right forefinger represents a Western country and your left pinky represents a Middle Eastern nation. Our fingers are host to skin cells, muscles, ligaments, bones, hair, microscopic life, nail cells, and all types of different “individuals”. But, my fingers are all part of my body. They are part of me, of course.

When we speak of, or call for violence and sanctions, it is like your right forefinger saying that it wants to destroy your left pinky. Maybe the fingernail cells have taken over by convincing all the other cells that the right forefinger is completely separate from the left pinky.

The fingernail cells are telling the rest of the finger that the other one looks different, is a different size, has different strengths and different functions, and has different fingernail cells, though this is a lie.

The whole “other” finger must obviously be destroyed because of these reasons, even though fingernail cells are similar in that they are deceiving the rest of the finger cells! Has the left pinky really done anything to the right forefinger?

Now, let’s say that finger war breaks out. Please picture this absurdity. In fact, start a “finger war games” right now. Take your right forefinger and attack your left pinky. Try to bend them, scratch, cut off the blood at the hand, or whatever to destroy the other.

Maybe you can wrap a finger around something sharp to gouge the other one. Or, on the other hand (pun intended) are you refusing to do so? Won’t this hurt you and be fucking stupid since they are both your fingers which are a part of the whole you?

This is the aburdity of war and violence in the context of false separations from accepting the fact of Oneness: Your right forefinger and left pinky trying to kill each other or cut off the other’s blood supply.

Since you certainly realize that your fingers are yours, it makes more sense to have them work together with all the other fingers and rest of your body to build something that is beneficial to you and others, right?

Whenever I see calls for sanctions, attacks, or blame, I see very small groups of people trying to control the 99.9% of people.  There are a select few “cells” which benefit and they are being resisted and revealed very rapidly now.  Peaceful fingers are here.  The fingernails have lost!

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