The 9D Arcturian Council: The Reason for the Current Mass Awakenings

Crowd-11.jpg?profile=RESIZE_584xby Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been expecting more and more people to awaken at this time, and we have expected it because we knew that many people have been right on the brink of awakening but have been putting their faith in someone or something outside of themselves, and we knew that eventually these individuals would have a crisis of faith and have to question their loyalty.

Now, as we have said many times before, our definition of being awake has nothing to do with knowledge and information. It has everything to do being the love you know you are because you feel it.

The feeling comes first.

What you believe in needs to follow what you feel, and feeling yourselves as Source, as unconditional love, and then seeing all others as unconditional love, is what it really means to be awake.

So much emphasis has been placed on believing in an event, a conspiracy theory, a solar flash, or a person in a position of power, and what you are now having to recognize is that you were putting your faith in something outside of the truth of who you are, if you were one of these people.

And we are not saying that any of you who are receiving this transmission right now are one of those people, but certainly you know who we are talking about.

There comes a point where someone who believes in something outside of themselves, or someone outside of themselves, becomes disillusioned and disappointed.

There comes a time when someone who is looking outside of themselves stops, because they realize that they need to have a more solid foundation within them, that they need to have something they can count on, and that they can only find within their own hearts.

And that is why now is one of those times where you are going to see more and more people going within and discovering who they really are, awakening to the feeling that is expansion, infinite, and eternal, and that can only be found within them.

True awakenings, not mental awakenings, but true awakenings, are happening all across your planet at this time, and more are happening than usual because people’s belief systems are crumbling and will continue to crumble.

Believing in your own Divinity, knowing it as a truth because you feel it, that is the way to ascend.

And then you’re not waiting on your sun to give you a solar flash, and you’re not waiting on a blackout to give you an ascension experience. When you awaken to the truth that you don’t need any of that to happen in order to become your higher self, that’s when you know you are truly awake.

And as you be the examples to others of what an awakened soul looks like and feels like, you inspire the awakenings of so many others, and if you are thinking to yourself right now that you have been doing that and that people still are not awakening, we ask you to be patient.

Just wait, because the time is coming, and you are the ones who have been awake for quite some time and who are ushering in this new age, this time of massive awakenings, this time of the emergence of the Divinity within so many across your planet.

What a beautiful time it is to be alive and to be awake there on Mother Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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  • Thank you for these words of enlightenment, yes, I am truly awakened @ this time, blessings & namaste.
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