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THE TECHNIQUE - Translated
from Spanish

Visualize a small sun growing
in the third eye, align with the
of the light ball until it
covers our body and feel the
ether as the omnipresence
of an impenetrable
material. Focus on the ball of light of the
sixth chakra.
To receive an answer, you have to keep a
listening time, and
if after that time nothing happens, no message is received, no
image, they should
not be demotivated.
This means that one of their bodies from their hidden
constitution received
the message, but was unable to get it
through to their particular mental through a thought.

It is something that happens very often. Put yourself in a
listening state, located in your sun,
invoke the divine Light.
Say: DIVINE LIGHT SPILL IN ME - call your Master or inner
Christ by
telepathy or projection of your thoughts.
They release their mental or psychic body, with all their
consciousness, from the limitations of time and space,
in order to make contact with that being with
whom they
wish to communicate, to receive or give help, to
receive cosmic illumination.
are endowed with the personality
of any entity, so that being can be recognized at any time,
the soul, the spirit and the psychic body
are immortal. Telepathy carries
the projection of the soul's moral
The powers of the soul are so
strong and energetic that it is recognized by
its projection, as
one physical body is recognized
by another.

In order to receive from the divine world, the receptacle
that you are needs to be clean and empty.
A deeper management of energy
through the chakras is also needed. Either through
the chakra of the "solar plexus", which is related
to your intuition and that will tune you to the astral
plane. Either through the "third eye" chakra,
which is related to your mental and will tune you to
other minds, and finally you can practice telepathy
from your sacred heart.
The higher they rise in the vibration; plus telepathy will
be exercised with quality. And then, the higher
you go in the initiations, the telepathy will be determined
as something different. The person will begin to
perceive and be aware of the things of the subtle world.
Correspondent law; As above, so below. Having
knowledge of what happens above, the person
will also have knowledge of what happens below.
Find an awakened person from your past and
practice telepathy.
You should try to listen to the first thing that comes to you.
It is important to feel the first instinct. It is even better
if you can feel some strong emotion, since the transmitted
energy waves are bigger and therefore easier to
perceive. When it comes to telepathy, distraction and
concentration is the worst option
, as it is about
keeping an open mind about anything that comes along.
Just follow the first thought that comes to you and
that the energy flows naturally.
The pineal gland can be softened by divine light.
The pineal gland is activated in the dark. With
sessions of darkness, until you can see a
plant despite the lack of light. First, a grayish
luminosity is distinguished and there came a moment
when the object is clearly visible. Its colors and
details could be seen,thanks to a pulsating light.

Stay very focused for 10 minutes and despite the
darkness your pineal gland will be activated.
See the colors of the auras; it will be synonymous with
your third eye being activated. Get a quartz
crystal and repeat on your third eye. In this way, it
will enhance the
energy capacity of your sixth chakra. The
awakening of the sixth
chakra helps to see the
etheric bodies especially the eyes.

All your attention should remain on your third eye,

visualizing a vortex that for some is green with
yellow and for others green with violet. Imagine

there is a deep blue dot - pronounce the EN sound

nine times and the IN sound nine times. The upper
three chakras must be energized from the heart and
these energies come from three planes: Atma,
Buddhi, and Manas, and energize the Pineal,
Pituitary, Thymus, and Thyroid glands. Cleaning
the aura helps in telepathy (bathing with sea
salt and running sandalwood incense over
the aura), healing the physical body,
healing negative emotions that
fragment the soul.

The secret of the third eye is knowing how to 

attract towards the substance of the aura and

the sixth chakra; elements of Atma,

Buddhi and Manas to form the Antakarana. This

is accomplished through meditation, and service.

When the heart chakra is activated, it projects its
energy towards the brow that is where the third eye
is located. To increase this energy, the qualities of the
soul must be practiced, since every time we manifest
Atma, Buddhi or Manas in our life, material from these
planes is integrated into our etheric envelope.
To increase this energy, the habits that prevent us
from being free must also be eliminated. Habit is a law
of the subjective mind, a law that has become
unconscious for the subjective mind.
Therefore there is the habit when the act becomes subjectively

executed, when it is a law of the subjective
unconscious self for the objective self.
It is in the ecstatic state of our relationship with God
that we can disengage ourselves from the pleasure
that habit produces in us.
Every eye needs a lens, the third eye also needs to be
activated in front of the forehead, forming a lens that
looks like an eye.
One person is present to another; depending on your
astral senses, so that you can see it in its ethereal
double as if it were present.
Nothing perishes, and on the higher planes of matter
all the scenes and thoughts that have occurred are
recorded. These Akashic records are not found
on the astral plane, but on the causal plane
of the Higher Self and in the crystalline core of
Mother Earth.
We visualize a marble with light inside the 6th
chakra, moving in zig zag or from back to front
and biceversa, or moving the chakra
to the right or to the left, while taking deep breaths.
We are going to do it through the front of the third eye,
we are going to do it through the back of the throat
chakra, in the crown and in the transparent
heart. This is part of the connection.

We draw a circle in our imagination that represents
Earth, we put a golden light bow on our
light marble and we search the planet with the
ball of light for the person, with whom we want
to clarify some past situation, to bring clarity to our heart.
With the third eye, we visualize a circle of light in front
of us, we enter and say: By my spiritual authority, by
the power of God, and in the white light, I invoke
the truth, and we invite the soul of the person to enter
the circle of light, we join the person with a golden
cord that at the ends has ribbons of golden light. This
circle of light is also a circle of truth, and once
hearts are united; we ask him the question.
Finally we let go of the ties if we want to let that
person go from our lives. We can reach our
loved ones who have left and are in some city of light,
from the psychic plane, to speak to them by telepathy.

With Love the Divine Mother and Susannah

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Comment by amparo alvarez on August 12, 2020 at 8:00pm

I brought if again from an early date of June...Blessings...


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