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This message speaks of so many truths about Obama...Truths that I felt for a long time, yet I stopped bringing blogs of him because of the controversy following them...but today after reading this I felt the truth behind Archangel MIchael's messages about Obama...I always loved his smile...An open, inviting and sincere smile in this man...Regardless of what you have been told, we need to discern better the messages, videos that we receive from now on...And I agree with Archangel Michael's affirmation of what I have felt so many times to be true...Like Archangel Michael says: If it is not of Love, Light, disregard it...and I am allowing for doubts to block me from the truth about him...With much Love always...Amparo


Stop the Negative Propaganda against President Obama

This was written before I was asked to defend my support for President Obama on Intel Dinar Chronicles.

Many readers ask me if I still hold the same opinion of President Obama that I did, say, ten years ago.

Yes, I do, as a matter of fact. There’s a tidal wave of condemnation of him and I don’t buy it.

What I’d like to do here is offer, in reverse chronology, a record of the Company of Heaven’s pronouncements on the President since he left office and you can read it for yourself.  No CoH source has anything bad to say about the President.

While I cannot expect the cabal to stop using Pres. Obama as a scapegoat for everything they did that went wrong or that may have shocked the public, I do appeal to lightworkers not to be persuaded by their negative propaganda.

Not all smoke indicates a fire. In this case, where there’s smoke, there’s a recalcitrant fanning a great blaze which, if it proves unsuccessful, they’re going to blame on Pres. Obama.

In General

As Obama’s popularity kept growing, Hillary and her core group remained determined to have her in the Oval Office, and elections were rigged to give her victories in key states. When she had no choice but to concede that Obama was the party’s nominee, her clique attempted to eliminate him in an “accident.”

It wasn’t successful, and any other attempts to kill him won’t be either – a powerful shield of Christed light is keeping him one of the most securely-protected persons on the planet. However, both the assassination attempt and failure caused even greater dissension within this faction’s two elements, further decreasing the possibility that any of the Illuminati’s insidious plans will ever reach fruition. (Matthew’s Message, 27 July 2008.)

From 2020

Steve: Is David Wilcock’s account of what happened to Obama from George Bush Senior and George Bush senior calling him a “f__ing n___er” and telling him he’d better follow their orders or they’ll rape, torture and murder his family a correct account?

Archangel Michael: It is an incomplete observation and again, it is one that is creating divisiveness rather than unity.

Steve: Except it does explain what happened to Obama…

AAM: Obama is not concerned about revealing the sins of others. So does it portray a slight portion of what has occurred? Yes. But it has been known for some time that there is phenomenal racism throughout that country and it is rampant even as we speak this day.

Steve: Did George Bush saying that affect Obama?

AAM: Not in the slightest. He was more than prepared.

Steve: Really? He was portrayed as going outside the room and I forget what he said… Something like, “oh, they made the ni__er a scapegoat.”

AAM: He has known that there have been many attempts, then, now, and in future times to make him a scapegoat, to make him appear less than and so it was an observation, not a surrender.

Steve: Did the CIA agent in the telephone booth really overhear him say that?

AAM: No.

Steve: That’s what I’m thinking. I don’t say things out loud. I say them to myself.

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: So that part is untrue.

AAM: There are many gaps in these accounts, Sweet One.

Steve: In this particular account, can you tell me a little bit more about what would complete it?

AAM: It was simply a recognition that there were powers that be that wished to create a scapegoat, to have someone to shoulder or take blame or to act as a carrier of poor judgement, let us put it that way.

But it does not mean that the individual, whether it was Obama or someone else – because this has happened many, many, many times – that that individual has agreed [with them] or taken on the mantle of being the scapegoat [that they are offering him].

So put it in this context. Translate it to a political or even a corporate environment where women have been abused, where they have been told, “If you do not sleep with me, if you do not grant me sexual favours, then you will never be Vice President.”

And they may have left the room and thought or said to herself, “They think I’m going to be their god damn whore.” It does not mean that she has accepted what they are trying to do. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, April 2, 2020.)


Steve: Recent video said that Pres. Obama was responsible for starting seven wars during his presidency. Is that correct or was that the cabal’s doing that they’ve laid at his doorstep?

Archangel Michael: That [he was responsible for starting seven wars] is an incorrect assumption and it is again another effort to discredit this individual. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 20, 2020.)


The election outcome doomed the Illuminati’s plan to put one of their own back in the White House after eight years of having to fight a president who fought back to the extent he could. …

Former President Obama, the highly evolved soul that agreed to go to Earth and become US president, was light-filled when he embodied and his light has not diminished one iota. Persons who recognize this truth are not fooled by the photo-shopped pictures [Columbia University student card] and fabricated films [“videos” of town-hall meetings where Obama is made to say that he was born in Kenya] disseminated by dark ones to besmirch his character.

What is true is that due to Illuminati threats to kill his family if he didn’t cooperate, he gave in to demands that he was told were nonnegotiable. One was appointing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and another was endorsing her in the 2016 presidential race—the threats against his family are ongoing.

An example where Illuminati in Congress and beyond had their way is the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Obama had to abandon his comprehensive plan that included a single payer insurance provision and push the healthcare program designed by the heads of insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Wrinkled brow and graying hair are the physical signs of his emotional and mental struggle that required compromising spiritual and moral integrity to protect his family. (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 9, 2020.)

From 2019

Steve: Was President Obama and his family threatened if they did not cooperate with the Deep State?

Archangel Michael: They have been threatened many times and in many ways. But do not forget that they were also deeply protected, Sweet One.

Steve: But did they know they were deeply protected?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: Is it the case that the same cabal that neutralized Pres. Obama in his presidency is now saying that he is responsible for everything that was done?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: People are asking how the Company of Heaven looks upon Pres. Obama now because there are so many charges of corruption and criminal behaviour being made against him. Would you care to make a statement about this?

AAM: There is a … we would almost say a human conspiracy to denigrate this one and it is born of arrogance, of hatred, of greed, yes, even of racism, to be dismissive and to create a great deal of distraction and to create a literal curtain of lies and untruth about this one.

It does not matter for this one is strong and he does not need to prove himself one way or the other but the effort to dismiss this one and the promise that he has brought forward is very sad.

Steve: Will he end up in jail?

AAM: No.

Steve: Are there sealed indictments against him?

AAM: No. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2019.)


Steve Beckow: Is Pres. Obama in captivity?

Archangel Michael: No

Steve: Has he done all the bad things that they are saying he did?


Steve: Okay, he’s clear.

AAM: He has never been clearer. Again, it is distraction. It is to take a being who is a an agent and an angel of change and to sully his light so that people will not follow. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 14, 2019.)

From 2018

Steve: There are many who are trying to say that Obama is guilty of the most heinous of crimes but again, you are saying that he is not.

Archangel Michael: That is correct. Again, it is this human addiction, not only to drama but to fabrication and then of presenting oneself as in the know. Much of these fabrications are simply that.

Steve: Yes, I thought that was the case of people trying to make a name for themselves or a niche or something and they are doing it by criticizing Obama. But is it mainly the old cabal that is behind this or our lightworkers?

AAM: No, there are lightworkers doing it as well. They believe that the more heinous the discoveries that they can expose, the higher their credibility and that is not so.  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 6, 2018.)


Steve Beckow: My sense of the criticisms and allegations against Pres. Obama is that the recalcitrants are trying to saddle him with the responsibility for what they themselves have done, just as they neutered him when he was president. They are now blaming him for everything that happened during a presidency in which we was prevented from doing anything!

Archangel Michael: That is correct.

There is a great deal of negativity that is pouring out against Obama, mostly because on a subtle level – and this includes President Trump, by the way – on a subtle level they are fully aware of the power that lies behind this man.

They may not be consciously aware but they are fully aware and they are trying to negate his sense of power because, as you well know, as things progress, this one will have a global role.

Steve: Thank you for that. Am I correct in assuming that if any of these allegations were to go to court they would be unsuccessful?

AAM: That is correct. That is why Obama is being very specific about where he is putting his focus and his focus isn’t about dispelling the lies. It is about creating the new.

Steve: Yes, I see that. There was an allegation that he put $29 million in a Singapore bank. Was that correct?

AAM: No.

Steve: I thought it wasn’t. Well then, I’m not entertaining any of the criticisms against Obama until they’re brought to an uncorrupted court.

AAM: No, stand back, sweet one. (Archangel Michel in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 20, 2018.)


Steve Beckow: Is President Obama guilty of or complicit in pedophilia, child trafficking, colluding with Russia or any other treasonous or major offenses?

Archangel Michael: No.

Steve: Why are they blaming Obama for everything? They did it while he was President and so they’re continuing to do it after?

AAM: There is a deep hatred, in many sectors, of this star brother and also a deep hatred and misunderstanding of his role in the unfoldment. [Their hatred] matters not. It does not affect the grander plan or the unfoldment of the plan.

Steve: There are statements like Trump took papers from his library and has enough to convict him on. Is this willful disinformation?

AAM: This is willful disinformation, correct.

Steve: And [are the white hats wilfully disinforming] to protect Obama?

AAM: No, it is an attempt to discredit him.

Steve: By the Trump presidency?

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: Oh my gosh… And the white hats? What about the white hats? Why are they allowing that?

AAM: You are giving too much, shall we say, authority to this group of beings that you call the white hats and you are thinking that they are controlling the entire scenario and that is incorrect as well.

Their focus has to do with a different area of unfoldment and they do not and are not concerning themselves particularly with people’s reputations.

Steve: Now, all of what you’re saying right, is it intended for publication?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: Anything else you want to say about what’s happening right now during this Accountability phase of the Ascension?

AAM: You are already in your Ascension, as you know and it is a matter of claiming, as we have said again and again, your divine authority to move forward. And of course the claiming of [your] divine authority, the claiming of Ascension also includes Accountability.

Now, when you read, ingest, perceive much of what is not of truth, it is critical that you use your deepest levels of discernment. And we will return to this litmus test: If it does not read, hear, taste, smell like love or truth, then it is not; discard it.

The amount of distraction that is in the very air that you are breathing at this time is beyond phenomenal and there are many quadrants, many elements that are jockeying for position. Many are trying to continue to anchor a realm of existence that no longer is in present reality.

They yearn for what you might call, “the good old days,” but the good old days were vicious, violent, and subservient. So be very clear about what you are allowing into your realm of truth, sweet one. And this is true for everyone.

Steve: Thank you very much for that. How can we help Pres. Obama?

AAM: Pres. Obama is being helped enormously by his star family, by the intergalactic Council, and by many on Earth who have never lost their faith in him. So do not worry about him. He is fine.

He does not allow the slings and arrows of disrepute to enter into his inner being. That is how he has survived thus far and it is how he will continue to survive as you both go forward.

Steve: Can you explain to me the University student card that said “Foreign Student”?

AAM: It is made up.

Steve: It is made up, fabricated. Hmmmm…. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, Jan. 18, 2018, through Linda Dillon.)

From 2017

Steve Beckow: I was shocked to see a video in which Pres. Obama seems to admit that he was born in Kenya. Is that an accurate video?

Archangel Michael: That is one of the wizardry videos [i.e., deep fakes]. So now you’re being able to see the extent to which harm is being done.

Steve: … and all the things that are said about Obama, they are all of a piece?

AAM: That is correct because there is an effort by certain parties who claim to be of the Light and Love, to discredit those who are truly on mission and purpose. It is a distraction and it is to create division and derision within the ranks, as it were.

Steve: Can you give me more details on how that video was created?

AAM: It has been taken from excerpts and simply doctored.

Steve: Aha. I’ll be darned. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, Dec. 20, 2017, through Linda Dillon.)


Barack Obama is as light-filled today as he was when Gaia chose this soul to become US president at what would have been the right time for a visionary leader with spiritual and moral integrity to inspire the peoples to live in progressively enlightened ways. The timing, your year 2008, was aligned with what the Golden Age master planners anticipated would correspond with the civilization’s readiness in spiritual and conscious awareness.

However, some years prior to the turn of the century, souls who had agreed to create circumstances to provide karmic lessons chosen by the masses, then join the light forces, refused to honor the latter part of their agreement. Having become enamored of unbridled power and vast riches, they continued causing such devastation and violence on their march toward world domination that it caused a 10-year delay in the peoples’ advancing to that anticipated awareness status.

Thus, Obama entered office when divisiveness, bigotry, greed, deception, corruption, violence, impoverishment and war mentality still were rampant. By keeping that third density pot boiling, the Illuminati were able to derail or dilute everything he wanted to do for his country and the world, and he made compromises or complied with their demands because of death threats to his family and primary supporters. It is a sadness for him that he couldn’t do more for his country and help usher in a world at peace during his presidency, and his motivation remains strong to continue working toward those goals that are Gaia’s vision for Earth’s humankind. (Matthew’s Message, April 2, 2017.)

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Comment by amparo alvarez on April 13, 2020 at 6:44pm

JESUS:Obviously those who would damage others physically, psychologically, or emotionally, need to be restrained, but do understand that those who would behave in these ways are themselves in pain and are suffering.  The way forward is through Love, which is why you need to set the intent each day to be only loving whatever arises, and then to reset it during the day whenever it comes to mind.

Comment by amparo alvarez on April 13, 2020 at 6:26pm

JESUS: There is only Love, so open your hearts to Love and allow It to dissolve your fears.  You experience what you focus your attention on whether you desire what you are focused on or whether you do not.  Focus, therefore, on joy, on peace, on faith, and on Love.

Comment by amparo alvarez on April 13, 2020 at 6:22pm

Thank you Pet Rock... All synchroniticies...I saw that video 2 days ago..The truth will always come out...Soon we shall know all that really happened...

Comment by Pet Rock on April 13, 2020 at 2:50pm

Amparo; 'This may explain why in 2015, the Obama administration and the National Institute of Health under Dr. Anthony Fauci outsourced to the Wuhan Virology lab by awarding them $3.7 million in research grants for scientific gain-of-function coronavirus experimentation on bats.'

Comment by Valana on April 11, 2020 at 1:27pm

Now, have some things to say.  I just put a like on this, not because I don't still believe that Hussein Obama is a sleezy deep state character but because this discussion has shown how much we all have grown in tghe last few years.  I know I have.  And it has shown that we can disagree without it touching our higher spiritual nature and friendship.

Now, I lay down and soon as I was about asleep Val started talking and haven't been to sleep yet and it's 4 minutes until 6 a.m. so might as well get up and let him say what he wants to say so he'll go away and let me get some sleep.  Val has the solution... go ahead Val, take up for Amparo!

Val: "Now I'm not taking sides I learned long ago never to take sides when two females were in disagreement."

 Valana: Just when was this and who were the two females, Commander Thor?

Val: Oh oh, this is not good.  I said the wrong thing again and when she calls me Comma nder there's two reasons. She's either writing for a President or I'm in trouble. "

Valana: Talk about Amparo so I can get some sleep.

Val: Amparo is right that sometimes facts do not tell the truth.  Let me explain before you say anything else, Valana.  It's a fact that the podium in the picture did not have the Presidential seal nor the flag back of it.. now gives the idea that you had, that there had been a coup and the country was in the hands of deep state, Obama declared President and Donald shot at sun rise...or something of similar nature and you linked this article to your suspicions, right?

Valana: Right

Val: But that was wrong. Let's look at it another way;. Yes, it's a fact that there is no Presidential seal on that podium nor flag back of it.  It is also another fact that the podium in question is NOT the President's podium but one used simply for the press releases concerning the Coronavirus information and the President comes in to that press room to release important information as he knows the public wants to hear him in person.  So in that way, Amparo is right, that facts do not always show the accurate truth, even if the fact itself is true.

Valana: I see it. The fact is true that the podium does not have the Presidential seal but there must be another fact to show the total truth, the fact that it is not the President's podium to begin with, however, that fact was not known and I do not think that the man that passed the photo on the mailing list knew it either nor thought of it as he's an honest man that's been on that list for some time.  I think he believed, as I did, that the seal had been taken off the President's ppodium..

Val:  It's been awhile since I was in the White House but I believe there are more than one press release room as press releases are given frequently and the President cannot give them all, nor are others allowed to use his podium without his being in the room.

  Good night, or morning as the case may be, live long and be's too short to be otherwise. - Val"

/vakabaL  And remember to vote Right and we'll all prosper!  Love, Peace and Blessings to all... Valana

Comment by Valana on April 11, 2020 at 8:12am

My dearest friend Amparo that literally save4d my site from dying...

I feel led to say this..I know exactly how you are trying to think and it's good, it's basically Christian Science/Mind Science/Metaphysics.... I've studied it all and understand... and it's ok but it's not the way mortals gain evidence to vote in elections and find a man guilty in a court of law.

Yes, the real BGarack Obama, like me and you and Drekjx and Pet Rock and all are perfect sons and daughters of God in fact some teach we are God but we are not, God is us but that'ws getting into religion... we are all ONE...and that's truth on a very high scale dimension but in ordinary life3 facts are still facts though they are not about the perfect man/woman..we need to see that it's our Spirit that is perfect in God's image4 and likene3ss not the flesh...and though the five physical senses do not exist and we are not here as the Christian Scientist said when they knocked on ghis door told hiym to get out a flood was coming and he said he wasn't there and God would deliver and he found hyimself on the roof as the waters rose and a boat went by said, "get in we'll save you" and he said "no I'm not here I'm in heaven now and then a helicopter sent a rope down said ":hang on and we'll save you and he said "no "God has already saved me I'm not here I'm perfect in a perfect kingdom...and he drown..went to heaven and asked St Peter why God didn't save him, St Peter said "Man we sent a cop to warn you, we sent  boat to save you, then we sent a helicopter what more could we do?"

I understand Obama is squeaky clea, perfect, the very image of God and one day will be...but right nmow he's the biggest crook in the country and the only x-president that ever stayed in Washington to destroy his successor and St Michael knows nothing of politics and if he did it's against God's law for him to meddle in ours in America and he's wrong if that was Michael..and Michael does not have time to discuss politics with anyone...and I could say more there gbut I won'[t... I know few people believe in Val and sometimes I wonder myself but then all the real experiences I've had with him come to mind and I cannot doubt it but I do doubt my channeling at times but then I see so much come to pass and I don't claim one hu8ndred percent perfection but so far I'e never seen him miss it but I don't blame anyone for not believing as I don't believe half of what I read others write so I don't e3xpect them to believe me butg I do the bestg I can, and I believe it, I've had some very real experiences...but it's still somethiijng I cannot prove as fact...what I kow of Barack Obama and Donald Trump I can show as fact.... and heard the man myself shame Americqa and all of us by apologizing to the Islamic world while they were cutting heads off Christians ands you won'rt hear about it on the biased against Chrisgtians media...we are the only religion without a countgry though this one was founded by Christian men that wanted freedom from the Queen (forgive me Drekx but it's true) Long live the Queen now...but from the Church of England and wangted to worship as they saw fit instgead of worship like the Church of England insisted they do, they did not found America to be free of religion but free to worship and practice their religion as they wanted to, free from Governmkent telling them how to worship and Obalma twisted it to say theywanted to be rfree of the Christian religion which is not true.and he knew it w3aws not true he wanted Islam to be the religion of America and Scalia law...

I wish you could understand, but you'd have to have followed politics those 8 years to know what all he did to America and he made the blackws hates the whites and no white person living today including myself ever owned a slave nor would we...I was a member of the Black church for years and my mama Suti was like my own mother and I should post that chapter not that anyhone would be interested but I was raised by a Black Nanny and I loved her and she loved me dearly....I have two chapters in one of my books about my Mama Sutti I think I'll post it in my group...

Again I couyldn't have a better friend and onbe I had more respedct for than you, Amparo and your work and it's a grea mihnistry to lift the consciousness of mankind and you are called by the Almighty God to do just what you do..and you keep righty on doing it! With all my heart I love you as my very ow2n sister and I never had a sister and I love Drekx and Pet Rock like my own brothers I never had.and we're all God's children, even Barack and Fillary… oops...Hillary... oops

"better quit now..get back to the wagon folks these shoes are killing me!"

Bet no one here can tell me who made those lines famous....I'll tell it tomorrow..goodnight...after two o'clock alml here in you all, Valana

Comment by Valana on April 11, 2020 at 7:38am

I WAS Just led to come here as some how I do not always get emails about posts..I love you, too, and always will..  If I thought the video was false I'd ask it be taken down as I tried to take the one down  that went in Steve's group as I did not mean it to go there, I meant it to simply go open without being in a group0 and don't know why it went in his group- why it didn't go in my group.

Now explain to me where you see fake ii n it as I will surely ask it be taken down but what part are you seeing no evidence, there is evidence in plain site but you know I don't see well  so tell me what you saw, did you see the seal there, I have never seen a President speak without a seal but this did come to me that it could have been a press room reserved for the Vice President or another to speak to reporters as I don['t know a lot about the Whitte House but tell me so I will then attempt to take it down myself.

|But discounting facts here's why I felt so strongly about  this post.  By taking up for Obama you are throwing stones wherr you don't know anything about as you are not into the (can't think of another word but) facts of politics that have gone on...I know you cannot be and do meditations and keep your mind and emotions on higher things...but politics have been one of my mortal things in the last 20 or so years I've kept up with and to say what yhou have saied above, do you know you are taking sides in the greatest piolitical war evfer fought in America? You are sayhing Trump is a fake and liar and he is not... the whole thing spins around Obama being a part of the deep state trying to take down Trump as they knew he came in the race to destroy their power and Obama will go down with the deep state and go to prison... did you not read where he used the FBI illegally against a political campaign and for two years and millions of tax payer dollars the witch hunt went on against Trump and they found nothing...all Hillariy's crooked lawyers tried their best to find something to impeach Trump and found nothing and cleared him...except they found enough dirt on their friend and college Hussein Obama to convict him of abuse of power...

I am deeply a Trump fan because I lived the time he's mlived and I know what he means about making America greatg again it has nothing to do with slavery, there were no slafves back in the 50['s and early 60's...the blatant killing of John F. Ke nnedy put the deep state into power and Trump is the first man with guts enough to try to bring them to justice....

I'm trying to say when you talk against those that told the truth  on Obama you arer throwing stones at Donald Trump and yes he's told the truth about him..Obama shamed America before the world literallty shamed us for being so bad yet a Canadian wrote something I had on my website for years about how they all condemn and speak evil of America but who is the first to get to an  International disaster, the American Red Cross and yes they have been fou7nd selling cigarettes to the servicemen and lots of stuff as independent people do.. but we get there first and give the most money yet the world uses usw, mhates and despises us and Obama goes and apologizes?  For what?  Makes us ashamed to be Ameridcans, stires racial war with the police...they didn't talk about the white people shot that run from the police...there's a simple solution, stop running from thbe law, put your hands up or hit the4 ground and wait..

Well love you too, now tell me where you saw the video was fake and it will come right down as I won't do that and you iknow it intentionally....I looked today and what I coulod see was he was standing in front of it but taking the chemo it has caused me not to be able to see to type well and probablyh have a lot of typos here...

Love you, too, and always will and most of what you post but when you talk against my president I just had to say something to defend him and I myself signed a paper to die for my country and know my country could not admit they ever knew me, it was that kind of work, they couldn't help me so it's obvious I loved my country and my flag and it makes me so hurt to see those big famous ball playhers insult our flag all the help we've given the Black race they are rich off idiots tjhat pay to see them play and insult our flag, no one loves that flag anymore like we old timers that were willing to die for Her and some of our loved oines may have died for her willingly, young men got their heads blown off protecting her, did you ever hear the story of the Stgars and Stripes..well it's worth listening to and I'll find it and post what Francis Scott Key wrote about...a group ofpeoplle that loved my flag and wouldn't take it down though they knew they would be dead by morning but our flag was still there..had I been in that fort I would have voted to keave it flying, too and willingly died to keep it flying over my country..I love this cou8ntry and I love myh flag and so does Donald Trump, we have that in common, and so did Johnnjy Kennedy..that's why I sing that song with the grand kids of one of the greatest Presidents this country ever had...TIMBERrr and it's coming down on top0 of Barack Hussein Obama's head and what happened to the picture I put here that proved he and Hillary were illuminati? That's Satanism. 

I just do love you so much as a friend with anything else I'd give in and let it go but one day you['ll see I'm right and Trump is right because you can't love them both, you have to choose sides, it's black and white, good and evil and Donald Trump has tried to make America what it was in my day when I was willing to die for what myh flag stands for and if I were President I'd go out on that field and kick those low life disrespectful sports idols where it would hurt the most...said too much... still love you and pray one day you'll see the truth...

But now tell me where my video is fake and it will come down somehow if I have to write the owner whoever it is and myh admins are listed over the members' page why are these in hiding where you dcan't find one when you need them? That's not an admin, they need at least one admin here in the open where if you have a problem you can get help.  Does anyone know an admin here? They are supposed to be available to help and I would have asked for help about posting in Steve's group. I did not do that on please tell me where my video uis fake and I'll get it down if I have to leave the site to do it...if it's fake. Love,l light and peace...Valana

Comment by amparo alvarez on April 10, 2020 at 9:21pm

Valana I saw your video and the first thing I thought "fake" it presents with no evidence, not clear at all, and anyone can see that is not truthful...Look at it again...I will, and I will tell you the things that I noticed...Blessings Valana and follow your heart...That is the only place that won't deceive you...Facts could be made up and be called "facts"...There are so many out there making up "facts"...Think about what I have said now..."The Heart is the only safe place to be"...I love you Valana, Be strong, the STRONG YOU, you have always been,  you still are and you always be...

Comment by amparo alvarez on April 10, 2020 at 9:15pm

Drekx I am one not to speak of what he is done or has not done...I only read what I receive, but I actually do not follow anything political...It will always end up in controversy and understandingly with a good reason...I also do not know how much or how little Steve knows but I am sure he is connecting with AA. Michael through Linda Dillon...He did it for years now...and I trust Archangel Michael...I have felt Him so many times and the most interesting presence I felt was last year in front of a group outside in the open...That why I am puzzled by the controversy because I feel the truth in those messages yet most are against them...I decided to let it be and not pay anymore attention to it...All is going to be known soon...One thing I can say is that I do not doubt that he gave in to the dark for whatever reasons...Thanks for your input...I am not looking for only one side of stories ...Blessings...

Comment by Drekx Omega on April 10, 2020 at 5:40pm

Steve Beckow knows as much about AAM, as I know about the private lives, experiences and philosophies of Micky & Minny Mouse and their dog,


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