St. Germaine: These are the Signs of Armageddon

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It’s interesting to read how St. Germaine (or Sanctus Germanus, here) saw the global state of affairs in 2002. It truly is a pathetic picture. A lot of it seems to apply to today.

Armageddon he defines as “the filtering out process of the bad eggs,” what SaLuSa would call “the time of separation.”

“We see it … as a filtering process—separating the tares from the wheat, the light from darkness.”ST. 

Our view of the Armageddon differs considerably from current thought in that we see it more as a filtering process—separating the tares from the wheat, the light from darkness—in every pore, level, and sector of human society, for the true objective of the Armageddon is a general, comprehensive housecleaning designed to rid the earth plane of all negative influences, those of the Dark Forces, so that the conditions necessary for the flowering of a new golden age, the Age of Aquarius, can prevail. …

Acceleration [of time] also affects those harboring more malign forms of criminality. Rashes of crimes break out. A student goes berserk in a high school and mows down his friends with a machine gun. Another student does the same thing in another country.

Suddenly, young women are being abducted in various parts of the world. Or serial killers start stalking women in various countries. Or worse, snipers randomly pick off innocent victims from the ends of their rifles.

Husbands stalk their estranged wives and shoot their own children. Mothers beat their infant children until they succumb. Wives run down their unfaithful husbands with the family car. This is bedlam but symptomatic of the times we are in.

More heinous crimes come to light such as mass murders, serial killings, ethnic cleansings, mass torture, wars, and the like. Those hidden, lurking criminally-inclined individuals suddenly cannot take the pressure any longer of the acceleration. They go berserk and expose themselves for what they really are. These will be one by one eliminated from the face of the earth.

Old religious sores will rise to the surface such as Islamic fundamentalists striking out at their old Christian, Buddhist or Hindu enemies. Even different sects within one religion will contradict the other, leading to schisms.

Fundamentalist Christians brandishing white supremacist ideology lash out at their black brothers, while another sect attacks the Jews for the crucifixion of Jesus. All religious differences come to the surface, some resulting in outward conflict, while others result in healing.

Politicians, public figures or entertainers presenting one face to the world but hiding prejudices or agendas of a less noble nature will suddenly find themselves blurting out their true feelings and exposing their prejudices, evil intentions or their outright stupidity in front of the cameras or in public.

World leaders contradict each other, international alliances end up splintered by dissent and posturing, friendly nations turn against one another behind the scene. Many fallen leaders wonder how they managed to lose control over their tongues, yet they have exposed themselves. Their former power to block or sabotage programs that benefit mankind or mesmerize the public is fortunately stunted.

Again, these are the signs of Armageddon, the filtering out process of the bad eggs.

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  • Thank you Alan for I probably never said it before, YOU ARE A GREAT LIGHT HERE AT ACC AS ARE ALL THOSE HERE ON THIS PAGE AND EVERYWHERE....I appreciate you and we have been growing together...Being as One in Unity and in Light makes the path less stressful...Blessings and much Love to you and to Roberto and kingjeff for being Light and Love...

  • Yes indeed  Roberto...Everyone is positioning where they need be...and all is as it should be...Those of us aligning with the Light will be prepared to help those that are kind of lagging behind...We are all in this together and we are all One...

  • Dear kingjeff as I read your message I got very emotional...for I have been ignoring many signs and messages some from him...I am not sure why...but maybe it is not yet time for me to acknowledge certain truth...All I know is I AM THAT I AM...and that is grand and beautiful...St. Germaine feels very close to my heart...Thank you for being here...Your presence is one of Peace and Wisdom...

  • Very well said, to the point contended, and understood as the filtering process completes its course for all of us in entering the Light of Ascension.  Thank you, Amp & blessings.

  • the filter is working right now, it's, or surrender to the Divine Light (the greatest state of being) or  disappear( mean stay in this 3D chaotic selfish and criminal dimension)


  • Ampero well said Looking at your profile it becomes very clear 

     as to why you are writing of St Germain for as you write you

     are being over shadowed for your profile is very similar to

     St Germain especially if you had a beard and mustache.

    Blessings kingjeff

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