St. Germaine Discusses the New Forms of Governance

St. Germaine Discusses the New Forms of Governance


Germaine.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xSince we’re now obliged to consider the subject of a change in governmental personnel and structures, what St. Germaine had to say through Linda Dillon in 2014 about American governance becomes increasingly interesting.

He talks about the difference between his vision of love and what terrestrial politicians typically choose. He gives the example of the United Nations where the founders made the key error of leaving the final say in decision-making with the great powers. How did that change anything?

Of that error he says:

“One of the biggest errors was to give the, what you have termed the super powers the right to control the United Nations. That was a self-defeating mechanism right from the start. It acknowledged power plays and left it in place. There is no room for that. That is like saying, ‘If someone has less money, then they have less of a vote.’ And that is not acceptable. That is not of love.”

“St. Germaine: Fly Through That Portal, My Beloved Friends,” channeled by Linda Dillon, May 29, 2014, at

Steve Beckow: Why don’t we move over to the topic of new governance in the world, and particularly in the United States. What can you tell us about the work being done to reconstitute that government, and other governments, such as the government of China, and Russia. What is happening in that area?

St. Germaine: You know, we have begun by me reaching out to you to speak of being disheartened or disillusioned.

SB: Yes.

StG: You know that I stood in the room with the Declaration of Independence. And we were so full of hope, and trust, and a belief in our power to transform. I will not say that dream died, but it certainly was buried. 

But the dream is being resurrected, but also the actuality. The people… it has always begun with the people, and it is happening in India, as you have just witnessed. It is happening in China even more rapidly than it is happening in the United States. The people are rising up once again. And this is part of the rise of a new consciousness.

Now, there are people placed upon the planet in their various missions and purposes and expressions of that who are very uniquely political. And might I say, with glee, yes, revolutionary, in the most positive sense of the word. Yes, this channel knows what I speak of.

Now, the quiet revolution, the revolution of love, of equality, of the freedom that I envision and bring ― with many, of course; I do not work alone ― but what I bring for the people is new governance. 

And it is a return to the very principle of freedom. And I am not talking merely about freedom of choice or freedom to bear arms. Why would one want to bear arms?

That was a compromise against an oppressor. You are living in a world where you are transforming, and we are transforming, in partnership, the oppressors, so that you are truly global citizens, global responsibilities in true community, not merely nation to nation, but with your star brothers and sisters, who by the way are also very close at hand. That is another piece of the puzzle. 

And that will change the fabric of what it means to be on Earth.

SB: Wonderful. Can you talk about the falling of borders, the raising of these artificial constructs that keep people apart, please?

StG: They are being eliminated. Now, what you have seen ― oh, growing, and certainly in the current moment ― is that you have seen a rigidity to borders, and that is reflected in, for example, security measures, armed forces, violence on borders. But what you are also seeing at the same time, for example, in Sudan or Somalia, is the migration across borders to safe havens, that countries of many different inclinations are opening up their borders for humanitarian reasons.

The good news about borders becoming ― and what an illusion that is! ― so rigid here and there around the world is that they have become like spun glass, like spun candy. They will shatter. They will shatter very easily. When borders have been defined, and will be again, more as city-states of cities of light, where they are amorphous because it is about going to a place where your community calls to you, whether it is a place of art or education and healing, the borders become flexible and that rigidity simply shatters.

You have seen some precursors, such as the European Union. You have seen, actually, many precursors that have begun to formulate what flexible borders look like. But again it is the people that are going to say, “No! I do not wish to simply be restricted by this or that passport or definition! I am a global citizen!” And as such, we contribute, and we create, and we build global institutions. 

Where an institution is desirable, an institution will take on a different meaning. We will create global functionings. We will have a free flow of currency until currency is no longer desirable in order to support things that are desirable to the global concept.

There have been feeble attempts now, admirable but feeble attempts, at bringing together the global community. And one of the biggest errors was to give the, what you have termed the super powers the right to control the United Nations. That was a self-defeating mechanism right from the start. It acknowledged power plays and left it in place. There is no room for that. That is like saying, “If someone has less money, then they have less of a vote.” And that is not acceptable. That is not of love.

So look to the changes, my beloved ones. You are ready. And please, torch everything you see! Go with my love.

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