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Solar Prana: What you should know 



from the Work of the Tibetan (Djwhal Khul), through Alice A. Bailey

Contact with the sun should be much sought after, and the vitalization that comes through its rays. The sun kills all germs and frees from disease.
(Letters on Occult Meditation p334)

The main centre for the reception of prana at present is a centre between the shoulder blades.
(Treatise on Cosmic Fire p98)

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(1) Solar prana - this is that vital and magnetic fluid which radiates from the sun, and which is transmitted to man's etheric body...It is... emitted as powerful radiations, which are applied directly through certain plexi in the uppermost part of the etheric body. ...

(2) Primarily the functions of the etheric body are three in number:
   1. It is the receiver of prana. 
   2. It is the assimilator of prana.
   3. It is the transmitter of prana.
   (Treatise on Cosmic Fire p93)

(3) The pranic emanations of the sun are absorbed by the etheric body, via certain centres which are found principally in the upper part of the body, from whence they are directed downwards to the centre which is called the etheric spleen. ... The main centre for the reception of prana at present is a centre between the shoulder blades.
(Treatise on Cosmic Fire p98)

(4) The more refined and rarefied the form, the better a receiver of prana it will be, and the less will be the resistance found to the uprising of kundalini at the appointed time.
(Treatise on Cosmic Fire p103)

(5) The race suffers from certain incapacities, which may be described as follows: -first: Inability to tap pranic currents, owing to the unhealthy lives passed by so many.... The cure is apparent-the bringing about of better living conditions, the employment of more appropriate clothing, and the adoption of a freer and more salubrious mode of living. When the pranic rays can find free access to the shoulders, and to the diaphragm, the subnormal state of the average spleen will adjust itself automatically. -second: Over-ability to tap pranic currents.... The etheric body receives prana or solar rays too rapidly, passes it through and out of the system with too much force, and this leaves the victim a prey of inertia and devitalisation.
(Treatise on Cosmic Fire p106/7)

(6) The healer or healing group must remember that it is not mental energy only with which he works. He, for himself,

a. Creates a thought of healing power.
b. That created focal point of concentrated, attention, becomes the directing agent for the healing force, or prana.
c. This prana is neither mental nor astral in nature. It is pure planetary substance or living essence, and is that substance of which the vital body of the planet is made.
d. The healer or the healing group, appropriates as much of this substance as possible, and by the power of their united thought, direct it to and through the center involved. Healing work is circulatory and this must not be forgotten. The pranic energy (thought directed) is not sent to the centre and there permitted to accumulate. It is passed through the centre, first of all to the organ involved, or the area where the difficulty is found, and then is sent out to the body as a totality. It might be regarded as a system of flushing, with a purifactory and stimulating effect.
(Esoteric Healing, p.287)

(7) Prana might be defined as the life-essence of every plane in the sevenfold area which we call the cosmic plane...
(Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, p154)

From books by Alice A Bailey and the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul (Lucis Publishing), as indicated and may also be found in "Ponder on This" under topic heading: "Prana" (Lucis Publishing Company).


“The kundalini rises from muladhara chakra up a subtle channel at the base of the spine (called Sushumna), and from there to top of the head merging with the sahasrara, or crown chakra. When kundalini Shakti is conceived as a goddess, then, when it rises to the head, it unites itself with the Supreme Being (Lord Shiva). Then the aspirant becomes engrossed in deep meditation and infinite bliss.”

In the quote above, we read,“kundalini Shakti is conceived as a goddess”.

Why is it that the first initial stages of the Kundalini arousal or awakening is always symbolically depicted by a female?

According to the ancient Hindu texts, the body’s potential energy found coiled up 3½ times at the base of the spine, is symbolised by a coiled female serpent known as the Shakti goddess.

She is also known as the “Kundalini Goddess”.

Shakti means ‘creative energy’.

Basically, the Shakti represents the Kundalini energy – the life force from the Void (source-centre of all creation) – known as prana (Sanskrit) and is comparable with the Chinese energy Ch’i, also the aether, and relatively, the zero-point energy of contemporary theoretical physics - being the ground state energy of consciousness itself – the “nothing” that is also Everything . . . the limitless, infinite energy of the Void from which the material world is made manifest.

Is this connection with ‘zero-point energy’ justified?

Well the word ‘prana’ comes from pra meaning, ‘first,’ and na, meaning, “smallest unit of energy”.

So ‘prana’ means the “original smallest unit of energy”, and this is synonymous with ‘zero-point energy’, as well as the proto-atom that represents the source-centre of creation; the seed from which the universe first became manifest in the so-called “big bang”.

Prana is therefore the ‘first energy;’ the creative force, the primal, neutral energy of consciousness itself before it becomes divided into the positive and negative, polar opposites of which the physical world, in all its expressions of the same duality, is composed.

“Shakti is from the Sanskrit shak – “to be able”, “meaning sacred force or empowerment – is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe in Hinduism.”

In the study of the etheric body and prana lies the revelation of the effects of those rays of the sun which (for lack of better expression), we will call "solar pranic emanations." These solar pranic emanations are the produced effect of the central heat of the sun approaching other bodies within the solar system by one of the three main channels of contact, and producing on the bodies then contacted certain effects differing somewhat from those produced by the other emanations. These effects might be considered as definitely stimulating and constructive, and (through their essential quality) as producing conditions that further the growth of cellular matter, and concern its adjustment to environing conditions; they concern likewise the internal health (demonstrating as the heat of the atom and its consequent activity) and the uniform evolution of the form of which that particular atom of matter forms a constituent part. Emanative prana does little in connection with [79] form building; that is not its province, but it conserves the form through the preservation of the health of its component parts. Other rays of the sun act differently, upon the forms and upon their substance. Some perform the work of the Destroyer of forms, and others carry on the work of cohering and of attracting; the work of the Destroyer and of the Preserver is carried on under the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. Some rays definitely produce accelerated motion, others produce retardation. The ones we are dealing with here - pranic solar emanations - work within the four ethers, that matter which (though physical) is not as yet objectively visible to the eye of man. They are the basis of all physical plane life considered solely in connection with the life of the physical plane atoms of matter, their inherent heat and their rotary motion. These emanations are the basis of that "fire by friction" which demonstrates in the activity of matter.

Finally, in the study of the etheric body and prana comes comprehension of the method of logoic manifestation, and therefore much of interest to the metaphysician, and all abstract thinkers. The etheric body of man holds hid the secret of his objectivity. It has its correspondence on the archetypal plane, - the plane we call that of the divine manifestation, the first plane of our solar system, the plane Adi. The matter of that highest plane is called often the "sea of fire" and it is the root of the akasha, the term applied to the substance of the second plane of manifestation. Let us trace the analogy a little more in detail, for in its just apprehension will be found much of illumination and much that will serve to elucidate problems both macrocosmic and microcosmic. We will begin with man and his etheric body.

The etheric body has been described as a network, permeated with fire, or as a web, animated with golden light. It is spoken of in the Bible as the "golden bowl." [80] It is a composition of that matter of the physical plane which we call etheric, and its shape is brought about by the fine interlacing strands of this matter being built by the action of the lesser Builders into the form or mould upon which later the dense physical body can be molded. Under the Law of Attraction, the denser matter of the physical plane is made to cohere to this vitalized form, and is gradually built up around it, and within it, until the interpenetrating is so complete that the two forms make but one unit; the pranic emanations of the etheric body itself play upon the dense physical body in the same manner as the pranic emanations of the sun play upon the etheric body. It is all one vast system of transmission and of interdependence within the system. All receive in order to give, and to pass on to that which is lesser or not so evolved. Upon every plane this process can be seen.


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  • Thank you, Randy :-)  I'm glad you enjoyed it, interesting times we live in, eh?  :-) 

  • Awesome, Hellen :-)  I knew that you would know what the pillar of light was, you are a gifted person and meditation is sooo important, you know what you are doing, I like Shekina too :-)  Just remember that your light shines so bright that it cannot be harmed, none of these entities can bother you if you don't want them around... send them away if they become pests, you can do it :-)  

  • Thanks, Luke, you give some good food for thought... I should look more into planck, I remember hearing something about a breakthrough this year, will try to find more info.  Be gentle with yourself, sounds like you have a good handle on things, we need to contemplate more often I think, as a society...Yes, the sun is amazing, I am learning about it in astronomy class, did you know it takes thousands of years for energy from the core to reach the outer layer of the sun?  So the light we see is ancient by the time it reaches us, so neat. 

  • Loved this thanks for sharing...

  • Hmm, good info, thanks Ara :-)  Yes, it is as you say... I suspect it has something to do with the strange sound phenomena and the mass bird deaths too... that was a weird time.. 

  • Wow, that is really interesting, Hellen... you could be experiencing geo-energy... and where ley lines meet they cause nodes of "knotted" energies swirling about each other like two magnets at opposite poles flipping each other around.  Attracting "god knows what"... entities or energies.  With your strong meditation skills and unseen allies though, I wouldn't be too worried, you probably calm everything right down with your love-light meditations and thoughts.  You could try to form a pillar of light as an experiment and place one or however many you like on the vortices or in your house... lol, even your whole city, if you have a big enough imagination.  I'd use while, blue or green energy, just to try it out to see what happens... Hey, I wonder what sort of plants would bring good energy to your home, I need to do some research on plant energies, they really talk to me and I would like to learn more, do you know much about plant energies, Hellen?  I know alot of health properties but not what energies they carry :-)  

  • … ;)) for 23 years living here I never saw one … ;)) the ‘normal’ auroral zone is in latitude between 10˚to 20˚ from geomagnetic pole (north and south) which is usually happens around magnetic pole, now depending on Sun CME creates geomagnetic storm making auroral oval to expand the radios and could be observed between 60˚ to 55˚ … but to see it more south  beyond ‘standard’ line is ... 'a miracle' ... but due to magnetic pole shifting it may travel .... right now who knows in 2011 the northern light was seen in Kansas ... and last year or year before in Florida? -  but to my understanding it is a sign of weakening or more unstable magnetic field ... which is not very good for us - no gravity = no memory ... complete blank state ... start fresh kind of thing ... lol ... but it would be nice … you know sitting at the backyard - beautiful night, glass of wine and spectacular view of light … ;)) and wow, aw ... and ah ... and oh  … lol …

  • Really, Ara?  I didn't know that you guys didn't see them there...I should look it up, but I have an idea that it is no coincidence that the northern lights don't hit the ley lines directly, your area has a few ley lines and nodes if I remember correctly. 

    Ahhh the sun... I don't get out enough, jealous... we are going to get double digits this weekend finally so will be outside in the sun feeding the canadian geese :-) 

  • Blessings to you too, Tally :-)  Well, this is a powerful equinox with lots of solar activity so people are becoming unwound so to speak, lots of identity issues, scars coming up to be healed, that sort of thing... I'm not sure, but I think that whatever we use to fill our spiritual batteries, the "highs" we got from certain energies and behaviours are changing, like an alcoholic who can no longer catch a buzz... so we are learning new pathways to get our spiritual "fix", it's a tough adjustment, hopefully the elites of the world are feeling this too and working on love-based ways to feed their spiritual batteries :-)  

  • Oh Luke, you need to walk around the city sometimes, you need to absorb energies and ideas, letting them percolate inside you.  Wisdom is a cup you drink from, but then you let it "digest"... you roll it around on your tongue, pull it here and there in your mind, chewing it over, lol... And from studying ideas you learn which ones resonate with you, and you integrate them into your life... do you see?  

    The prana material here is helpful because it demonstrates how the sun works with our bodies and feeds the shakti-kundalini... it burns away blockages and opens our hearts and minds to love/beauty/truth energies.  So what you are feeling right now is the gong-effect, of the idea of LOVE, which has an almost electric feel to it right now.  You may feel emotionally raw, like you have no outside skin for a few days or a week as the prana works its magic :-)  Hope this helps, thanks so much for commenting :-) 

    The cosmic wave you feel is like a sine wave that is vibrating up and down, right?  What we want to happen is for the frequency to get so high that it moves up and down so fast that it looks like a flat straight line... that would probably be the zero point frequency that will open the mind to cosmic consciousness ... sorry I digress... 

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