Siriusly Sirius about Egypt

This is some fascinating information regarding Sirius and it's celestial connection to Earth.  Enjoy :) 


Robert Temple wrote a book called The Sirius Mystery - which deals with Earth's connection to the Sirius star system.


To Egypt, the 23rd of July, when Sirius starts to rise the waters of the Nile begin to flood. Then it meant fertility, that is one reason, for she was Isis. Sirius, Isis, the great mother of the gods. Even the Swiss celebration day, is the 1st of August. This is a Sirius relative.

Our solar system is born in from the womb of Isis. Sirius B, which is Isis , is made of iron (radio astronomy has shown). The iron of Sirius b, is the same as the iron in our blood and the iron of Earth and of our solar system. Sirius is our blood. We resonate to her. She is older than our solar system, which is a combination of interstellar debris, including the gas clouds, our sperm of Osiris/Orion. The iron in our blood comes from Sirius, its position in the sky, could thus be considered to resonate to Sirius's position of influence. Iron is the only true magnetic element.



Sirius has a unique relationship to us. The difference between the mass of our sun and the mass of Sirius is a harmonic and universal miracle. Sirius B has a ratio mass difference to our sun of 1.053. This becomes significant when we look at the Giza plateau. When comparing the mean base side of the Cheops Great Pyramid to the Mean base side of the Khephren pyramid, the larger Cheops measurement is 1.067 that of the Khephren's.

When this is then compared to the equation of Sirius B and our sun, the Great Pyramid being Sirius, and the Khephren pyramid our sun, as the Egyptian Book Of The Dead indicates (in fact the hieroglyph for Sirius is the Hieroglyph of the pyramid) they share a difference 0,01, which is very precise, scientifically. However, there is an extra digit 0.014, that doesn't sound so perfect anymore).



But this turns out to be an essential key in harmonic theory, the phenomenon of resonance itself. For 0.014 is actually the Pythagorean comma. The Pythagoreans were those 'mystic' mathematicians, who loved mathematics as the mystery of the ages. But what is the Pythagorean comma?

It is the difference between the mathematics of the octave and the 5th. 0.0136 is that precise discrepancy between the mathematics of the fifth and the octave, and it is rounded off as 0.014, and as Sir Arthur Eddington relates: there is 136° of freedom of the electron. theory is 0,.036. And furthermore 136 + 1 equals the Fine structure Constant of physics, the universal natural constant. Fractal harmonics, in the resonance of the Sun Sirius Pyramids equation, or interstellar neuron holography.

This is also evidenced, historically as having been implicated in the ancient "Mystery Schools" within the Archaic Esoteric Arkana of the Arcane Wisdom, as a precise wisdom, or the Isis Mysteries, and her mathematics. The astronomer and mathematician Macrobius, at the end of the fourth century mentioned the sacred fraction 256/243 which is 0.053 (Sirius b mass to Sun), and describes its use in harmonic theory by peoples which already to him were "ancients".

This harmony of the Sphere is accurate within 3 decimals of each other, and it is also the difference between perfect mathematics (the ones that work theoretically) and the actual mathematics of the universe, 0,014. What that means is that Sirius is no coincidence. It is really resonating to our sun. It is connected to our sun like a neuron, because they have this major mathematical relation in size to each other, harmonic resonance, that is likened to holography, a kind of Virtual Neuron Internal Net, as we may call it, or as Astronomer Royal, Robert Temple, has dubbed it: "The Anubis Cell".



Since such a long distance resonance is now demonstrated to occur between Sirius B and our sun 8.7 light years from each other, these are two solar systems whom are inhabiting the same cell of space, which enacts the "Complexity theorem" which has "instantaneous communication" occurs in such cells as a form of ordered self regulation. Instant communication harbored in this macro region of space, which acts as if the elements are not separated by any temporal distance. It is a macro region cell that turns disorder into order, called a "dissipative structure". Such an onset of "complexity", according to Nobel prize winner Professor Ilya Prigogine, can result in the instantaneous extension of long-range order by a magnitude of more than 10 million. That is like a fifth of the people of France speak the same sentence at the same time.



So Sirius is Sirius business in terms of resonance. No wonder the Egyptians placed so much significance on it. It is the iron in the blood, it is the Earth's iron, it is in the same holographic virtual neuron of order. What happens there, instantly is mirrored in equivalence, here, by harmonic resonance, that utilizes "complexity theory", yielding "instantaneous communication", without subscribing to a speed of light limit. Do you imagine that the alignment of our solar system at 90° to the galactic plane is not noticed in the resonance of Time and Space of Sirius. This is a cross to a cross.

Furthermore, Sirius C, has now been detected, as relate by astronomers Daniel Benese and J.L. Duvent in Astronomy and Astrophysics magazine in 1995. When Sirius C is mapped by the pyramid capstone, and its mass is 0.005 of our sun, the capstone was 0.00643 of the Great pyramid. Hence 0.001° of accuracy.

August the 11th, 12th and 13th are the Isis days, that are very important to us. Isis sings in our blood at a high point then. That is why it has been so much used by Napoleon, the magicians and the "time travelers".

August the 13th is also the day when Quetzalcoatl was born, ruling the serpent of illumination, the fusion of bird with serpent, Horus with Set's Sata snake, Gurudas with Nagas. It is also the higher Venus cycles, the top of the pentagrams cycle of the order of Venus in our skies during one year. So August the 13th has a Venus-Sirius connection. The cycle of Sirius B is exactly 49 years cycle, alternating to 50 years. That is the Jubilee, so there is a Sirius/Isis Jubilee now.

The alignment of the Holy Cross happens every 12,901 years. The whole zodiac, from Aquarius to Aquarius, Ptah to Ptah (the Water Bearer and Phoenix) - it just happens two times. Only at one time it happens in-between Zodiacal Alpha and Omega.

For the Egyptians Aquarius was the water bearer Ptah, the first man. So we are coming in the age of the first man, NeferAtum, again, the water bearer. The interesting thing is, that it is always before the water bearer, that we have this alignment of the Holy Cross. In between the age of Leo (the Sphinx) has that alignment, about 12,901 years ago.

The Egyptians, like the Greeks and Vedic astrologers, had Aquarius apart from being Ptah (the water bearer), as the ">Phoenix. And the Phoenix has the same hieroglyph as the Pyramid, and Sirius. In that sense we could say that this cross is doubled up as a double cross, in that we are entering the age of the Phoenix, which is Sirius, by a 90° cross.

The same Hieroglyph is also used for the Pyramidion, the capstone, and the vehicle of ascensions. The first sperm of Atum Ra, of the NTR gods. This sperm of the gods, was also eaten as the Spirit and the Bread Of Light. Made from super conducting elements, found in meteorites, which are rich in Iridium and Rhodium, and which were processed at Mount Serabit, Sinai, where the White Powder, the Sperm of the Gods, was discovered. The Stone from the stars, Bija, was also a meteorite to the ancient Egyptians: Sperm = Bijah; Meteorite; Bread; Pyramidion. Which in turn equals: Sirius, Pyramid, Phoenix from the Iridium Ashes, and Water Bearer of the Aqua Vitae, the Arcanum of Immortality.

This alignment is important and does not happen very often. We have this massive, enormous rotation. When one spins a bicycle wheel and holds it, the faster it spins the heavier it gets and the more it pulls you.

When you have a solar system, it is like an enormous gyroscope of inertia. That is an enormous rotation that affects everything, and you have a galaxy. Imagine a gyroscope galactic wide, making a cross to one that is solar system wide. A 90 degree angle is an ortho plane, that is a way that information exchange and translation, and compression of one holographic continuum into another, galaxy into solar system, into Earth, and solar system into galaxy.

But what this also means is that the two planes in their middle, have a still point. From June/July to May 2000 there is this stillpoint of focus, gravitational vortex compression, with potential magnetic coherent implosion. That is why our colleague Daniel Winter dubbed it a burp: the compression of planes, and then the expression of the digested gravitational bubble into a new creation, in anticipation of the 2012 galactic full conjunction and maximum concrescence of novelty.

The "Anubis Cell" (which Emmanuel called Oversoul Sun), as Dr Robert Temple has suggested, is stating that there is such a major resonance relative of Sirius and our sun, that perhaps what ever happens on Sirius effects us in a mathematical sense. So that we are maybe even a part of a holographic show designed at Sirius. Horus is shown pictographically as a crocodile with a falcon head and a dog on its tale, illustrating the knowledge of coherent holography between the two systems.


Sirius rises just before the Sun once a year. In fact, it was the herald of the new year for the early Egyptians and also marked the time of the annual flooding of the Nile.

Sirius has an "invisible twin" which is a highly compacted "white dwarf" with an unimaginable density. An African myth (The Dogon) holds that there is a third partner, however, no third body has yet to be discovered. I suspect that the "third component" is what we call a "black hole" because the Orion Constellation is a virtual nursery when it comes to producing stars.

The Great Pyramid (like Sirius) too has an "invisible twin"! The height of the Great Pyramid is exactly one half pi (22/7) in relationship to the sum of the sides of its base! The 1/2 pi gives "the big clue" regarding the pyramid's "other half".



The Great Pyramid is the bottom pyramid representing "dense earth" (the lower portion of Orion) and its "etheric twin" is the inverted pyramid on top. Together they represent Pi. This juxtaposition is also a "representation" of Orion with Orion's Belt at the exact spot where the two pyramids meet. The place where the physical meets the spiritual is at the "capstone" of The Great Pyramid or at Orion's Belt which divides his upper nature and lower nature.


Additional Notes: 

It was up to the Egyptian priests, who attended to the calendar, to sight the first rising of Sirius. At the ancient temple of Isis-Hathor at Denderah, is a beautiful statue of Isis, located at the end of an aisle flanked by large columns. The statue was oriented to the rising of Sirius and priests would place a jewel in the goddess' forehead so that the light from the returning star would fall on the gem.

When the Egyptian priests saw the light of Sirius upon the gem on the statue of Isis they would announce to the people that the New Year had begun.

There is an inscription on the temple which states: "Her majesty Isis shines into the temple on New Year's Day, and she mingles her light with that of her father Ra on the horizon." Ra was the Egyptian Sun god.
The first time each year in which Sirius appears is called the heliacal rising of Sirius.

In Egypt this would be in the month of Thoth.

It would occur close to the Summer solstice and the time of the Nile's inundation.


The helical rising marked the beginning of the New Year which was held to be controlled by Isis.

By stirring the Primordial Waters of Nun,

the Great God, Atum-RA, created the Universe..

This moment marked the beginning of the Epoch known as Zep Tepi, or "The First Time", which stretched from the beginning of the world to the triumphant ascension of the star-King Horus to the throne of Ancient Egypt, the Cosmic Kingdom on Earth.

All cycles of time, from this first moment, were based on some aspect of the annual periodicy of the rising of the star Sirius.

Both the Palermo Stone and Manethos' King List, record 17 and 34 year cycles of Kingship, linking the heliacal rising of Sirius to the progressing quarter phases of thr Moon.

The Book of Sothis states that the total reign of Gods, Demi-Gods, and Human God-Kings spanned 36,525 years. This figure not only coincides with the figure for the annual heliacal rising of Sirius and the length of the true year - 365.25 days -, it also represents exactly 25 "Sothic Year" cycles of 1461 years.

Isis, the Great Mother, embodied in the star Sirius, brought a spiraling, resonant harmony to the Earth, a pattern of Great Force in the atmospheric aether, that not only set time, but sought to shape matter as well, manifesting a natural, aesthetic form called the Golden Ratio, or "Divine Proportion" in all her creations.

"I am the one who rises in Sirius,

I am the one called Goddess by women,

I separated the Earth from the Heavens,

I showed the path of the stars.

It is this harmonizing power , called Maat, that makes Isis so omnipresent and enduring. Loved by every known culture throughout the world, by her many different names, worship of the Goddess predates all others.

The throne was her symbol. It represented the foundational pattern on which Kingship and Civilization were structured. The symbol for Sirius was the pyramid. This symbol also represented the divine, harmonizing power of Sirius/Isis as the source of initation on Earth - a necessary mystical process that each ruler must complete.

Each king sat upon the throne of Isis and was seen as the primary link between Heaven and Earth. Groomed for this task from the moment of his birth, the King lived in both worlds, the Heavenly and the Earthly.

He ascended the stairs of the Temple of the Morning just as the Sun-God RA ascended above the horizon. The purpose of this ceremony was to project him into "The First time", blending the eternal, Heavenly World and the temporal, Earthly World into harmonic resonance, establishing divine order, or Maat, for yet another glorious day.

To produce this effect on the world around him, the King had to literally fuse Stellar energies into the living cells of his body.

Like a Cosmic Radio, the Star-King tuned his being to Sun-God RA, Osiris-in-Orion, and the Great Pantheon of frequencies that make up the Sirian Star System.

As a binary star system, all energies released by Sirius are shaped and conditioned by the perfectly balanced, elliptical orbit the two stars share.

The radiation released by Sirius varies greatly. Tremendous tidal pressures build up as the two stars approach one other at periastron. At this time the luminosity of Sirius is observed to brighten noticeably, and it is believed that for this brief climactic period, fusion reactions are once again taking place. As they part after periastron, the visible light diminishes, and the higher frequencies again predominate.

It is this seasonal cycle of death and climactic rebirth, modulated by the perfect harmonics of their elliptical orbit, that produces the rich panoply of archetypal forces that make up the family of Isis.

Of this family, none are greater than the god called Thoth. Plutarch described him as "the most logos-like of the Gods", the one most closely aligned with Universal Mind. Thoth is the God of Medicine, Learning, Science, Architecture, Truth, the Libraries, the Akashic Records, and above all, the God of Magic.

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  • Whooohoo!  Thank you, Ivy, I am going to enjoy these sites, I do believe :)  I appreciate it very much, I like to feed my brain, it gets very hungry sometimes :)

  • Interesting, Ivy, thank you.  This dovetails with what I know nicely and confirms the right direction...

  • PS.  I'm having a mini-spaz over at the halexandria site, I just joined the forum, you should see the smart people over there actually learning and sharing!  Gosh, they're so far ahead of me, lol... I have a bit of catching up to do.  Have you ever heard of something called "star fire"?  Going to investigate it, sounds fascinating...

    Sigh, these are my people.. I feel comfortable there already :) 

  • Teehee, Ivy, I just downloaded that image of the tree of life, yes, it's all tied in... now if you take the energetic alignments of the solar system, guess what shape you get?  The tree of life!  And so each of the alignments brings in that "aspect" of the tree to the equation. 

    From what I gleen thus far, yes, I would say sirius stands for "gnosis/knowledge" the egyptian god of wisdom Thoth was sirian... I bet the entire pantheon were extratererestrial beings who seeded the knowledge of the ascension within us.  It's all laid out for those with eyes to see :) 


  • Thank you, Ivy... I'm onto something really big right now and would appreciate anything about "timing" right now, not sure of the dates of the alignments... working this data into my information regarding "Seshat"... and the djed tower, it's in my Triangles group if you are interested :) 

    I've had trouble verifying information too, it seems that one person gets it wrong and then 10 so called historians take it as fact without looking into the "why's" and "where for's" :) 

    I appreciate your approach very much, Ivy... thinking for ourselves is a precious gift. 


    The Library of Halexandriah
  • Initially, it was Hathor, the great mother goddess, who was identified with Sirius. But Isis soon became the major archetype, sharing honors with the title of Sirius as the Nile Star. An icon of Sirius as a five-pointed star (shades of the Golden Mean) has been found on the walls of the famous Temple of Isis/Hathor at Denderah. [The latter is possibly well connected to the Starfire of Laurence Gardner’s research. See, in particular, Gardner’s book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, HarperCollins, London, 2003; for some good stuff on Hathor and Denderah.]

  • I added an important update, friends.  The date discussed here is approaching, ooooh it's getting achingly close. 

  • Wonderful, definitely going to enjoy reading this article :)

    Infinite Light Kel :-) 

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