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Sometimes the mainstream media cover significant UFO incidents, with the intent of offering a degree of fear to the general public....But this strategy can backfire on them, especially when an intelligent audience recognises exotic attempts to thwart missile testing, by a self-evidently benign force, in the name of peace, rather than perpetual corporate greed-driven warfare.


In the 1950s, Americans would always back military testing. In the present era, many Americans view their military with a degree of caution and rightly so...As with atomic testing, it's never really done in the public's interest.


See this noble Sirian scoutship in action over the missile range...note the shape and size of the craft. 

An action completed at a time of international tensions and in view to prevent the military escalation of a whole new range of deadly missile systems. The law of freewill sanctioned this intervention and increasingly sanctions such direct measures, especially those related to hostile nuclear technology and delivery systems.


A lone Galactic Federation scout-ship was therefore tasked with neutralising test-recording sensors, within a launched US missile’s nose-cone…note how the aetheric beam penetrated the hull, and electromagnetically scrambled  sensitive equipment within, but had to be multi-pulsed, during ascent…to scramble all test signal data, before it’s reception back at  Malmstrom AFB, Montana. Like many other tests, direct action from our Lighted Federation enables a lowering of the rate at which harmful technolgies are developed and utilised in wars and limited-conscious military adventurism.


The Sirians have completed several such tasks of military sabotage over the decades....

Something similar was conducted by another Sirian operation, this time in England and also Woomera, Australia, which caused the UK government to abort research development and ultimately to cease funding of the "Blue Streak" missile programme, of 1964.


An image of one of the Sirian personnel involved was taken by accident, by a local and became known internationally, as the "Cumberland Spaceman." I'll embed another video to cover that topic also, for your perusal below...

The so-called "Cumberland Spaceman" was a Sirian ET, named Atura, who was captured in a photo by accident, taken by a normal earth human family.....Note his distinctive white jumpsuit and that the shot was taken of his back.....teleported down, as he briefly stood behind a young girl, who's photo was being taken by her family, at the same time...




Manufactured by Hawker Siddeley and de Havilland, the "Blue Streak" missile was designed to replace Britain's Vulcan bomber nuclear deterrent by 1965, by which time, the V-bomber was considered obsolete...

Because of GFL sabotage ops during the testing phase, the Blue Streak missile, planned to be Britain's prime nuclear deterrent, was never put into full production and the programme cancelled....

The official reason was expense, but the real reason was the counter-action taken by the GFL to prevent development, commissioning and mass production...


If "Blue Streak" testing had not been disrupted by the Galactic Federation, at Woomera test range, Australia, the British plan would have been to site these dangerous nuclear missiles at RAF Spadeadam, in Cumberland (now Cumbria,) North England.....at a special launch facility....with missile silo...

This project never took off as planned, thanks to the GFL and instead the UK has had to concentrate all of it's nuclear deterrent capabilities within the sea-born Trident programme....which comprises a fleet of a mere four nuclear submarines...so no land launched medium range ballistics programme was allowed by the GFL.


Blessings of love, peace and light,


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)


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  • If anyone on ACC is under the impression that the Galactic Federation does not "interfere" in human affairs, maybe such members could see the many examples, of the very opposite.....The GFL will interfere with nuclear deployments and missile development programs, in which nuclear materials are considered for use....

    The so-called "Cumberland Spaceman" UFO incident was another interesting example....

    The mystery ET in the photo is a Sirian named Atura....He is behind the girl in the photo, having teleported onto a field, and teleported out of shot, rapidly afterwards...Note he wears the white jump suit of the Sirian star nation....He is facing away from the girl......

  • Hope you enjoyed viewing the vids, darling....and you are greatly treasured by our people...Drekx x

  • Thank you, Drekx, for the great info.  I can play the videos now, what an interesting event.  I haven't met our galactic friends in the physical yet, but I can feel them when they are around and in the astral and the feeling of love and gentle compassion is nearly overwhelming from them. 

  • Normally, when a photo of GFL personnel is taken by an earth human photographer, they are wiped clear, to prevent the photographer from being arrested by the MiBs....and any attempts to corrupt the evidence, as happened with Billy Meier's originally genuine photos of Asket and Nera...

    However, this strict policy does not apply to ACCIDENTAL and/or PARTIAL ET photos...such as the "Cumberland Spaceman" which usefully served to raise consciousness, without putting Jim Templeton's life at risk....

    Other partial ET photos have been taken, such as this shot of a Lyran, named "Alena" from planet Sater.

    File:Alena with laser gun full.jpg

    Note that although her weapon looks like a toy gun, it is actually deadly and can pass a beam through 8 inches of steel....Albeit, an antique by GFL standards, currently.. ;-)

  • Hi Justin.....Yes I have met Atura, physically, and he is one of several Sirians contacts, who link with GFL Ground Crew......My prime contact is Vashtar, but you can number Atura along with three others (Kalestra, Mikala and Sandara.)


    Atura is currently Supreme Fleet Commander, so I see him far less than the others....Back in 1964, he was an "Jschwjsch" grade (pronounced; "ish wish,") as Vashtar is currently...But that was before the official First Contact misson had started, and before the overseer baton of responsibility for earth advancement, was passed to Sirius from the Plejares...in 1993.


    In appearance, he is slightly taller than Vashtar, at 7 feet, 2" and possesses what we describe as a 1st ray body type....so very well built....and of "nordic" racial appearance.

  • Having been teleported down from a scout ship, Atura was photographed in moorland that bordered the top secret missile assembly plant, in Cumbria...

    The ability to walk through walls enabled an easy penetration of the complex......I'll paste my comment to Mr.Ed on another discussion about exotic tech...

    And the Sirians possess a range of magical devices which they can let us use, before we attain full consciousness.....Devices they don't need to use themselves, but are designed to acclimatize the user for the higher states and abilities... :-) One of my favourites, is the "intangibalizer" which alters the surrounding field, allowing us to walk through walls...The natural ability to literally walk through walls is something that terrifies security forces on earth who have to deal with GFL stealth ops....


    The device I speak of is about 2 1/2 inches in length, like a sewing needle, but without the sharp ends and hole......so a very small rod, of metallic appearance, which like a magnet, attaches to clothing, but must be worn horizontally, otherwise it does not work....And that is because it is sensitive to the earth's gravitation, or any gravity field direction, such as on board a ship...At right angles to the direction of gravity pull, when worn, a person can walk through a wall and out the otherside...The only sensation experienced when walking through a solid object, is a chill, like when near the freezer section in a supermarket...


    And the wearer of the intangibalizer still looks solid, as observed by others.....so not transparent, like a ghostly apparition....however, behaving ghost-like in other regards... ;-)


    As well as teleport, this ability allows Federation personnel to enter top secret military bases at will, passing the most advanced electronics and security vaults......extracting cabal documents and dangerous items (in cabal hands,) at will....

    Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/is-this-the-end-of-le...
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  • Here is another catch-up video of this case...The important thing to note, is that the Woomera missile launch technician recognised one of two figures he had observed on his security monitor, as of the same size and manner of dress, worn by the mystery man in white, that appeared in Jim Templeton's photo in Cumbria, England.....A picture taken at a location close to Blue Streak assembly facilities...in Cumbria (Cumberland.)


    Note that it takes a few seconds to travel from Cumbria, England to southern Australia....using Sirian scoutship and teleport...

  • Here is another video of Jim Templeton's testimony.....an interview conducted more recently than the one Jenny Randles produced...


    Jim was the photographer and has been asking this question since 1964....Now considering the massive publicity this case has garnered, over the years, you would assume that if the man in white, taken accidentally by Jim, were only a normal earth human, who was out inocently walking the moors at the time, would contact the press, or Jim directly, to state he was there and reveal the facts....But nobody has owned up to being the "Cumberland Spaceman" NOBODY ON EARTH..........


    This is because the being in the shot was a Sirian, named Atura, who's current duties take him far away on his fleet command...So I shall reveal the truth to Jim and his family in this blog....If anyone out there reading this knows Jim, please relay what I have stated here, as Jim cannot receive telepathic impulses...Thankyou.

    Drekx Omega


  • The true identity of the so-called "Cumberland Spaceman..." I recently made a comment about this on Kelly's wall, which I'll also post here, as a relevant cross reference comment, to this blog:

    And Kel, since you have not been able to view youtube vids lately, as no flashplayer, you will have missed a very interesting vid I recently embedded on my resurrected blog, "Sirian Sabotage Actions May Sometimes be Authorised to Prevent Dangerous US & UK Missile Development."


    You will find it intriguing, no doubt, as it is an interview with the man who accidentally took a genuine (and allowed) photo of Atura, who had teleported into his shot, just as it was taken...It became known internationally, as the "Cumberland Spaceman."

    He intended to take a photo of his daughter on moorland, on the outskirts of the missile assembly plant and facility...which was being investigated by the GFL, at the same time....To glean first hand technical data on the new missile series, "Blue Streak" which was a planned nuclear deterrent, land based...and had to be halted, to prevent an arms race with the USSR, which was already out of control...


    The photographer was a local fireman, who lived close to where "Blue Streak" missiles were being assembled, in Cumbria, before they were shipped over to Woomera test range in Australia....circa 1964.

    So when you get the chance to view it I'm sure you will find it facinating material... ;-)


    Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profile/1HappyKelly#add_comment#ix...
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  • Thanks rsolor, you're wisdom and clear thinking are always appreciated, mate....Cheers, Drekx

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