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Each of us has our own challenges, lessons and illusions to overcome.

It's how our souls grow and remember our power & our divinity hidden within .....


Each soul has it's own path and it's own vibration ... Unless one walks fully in another's shoes - one can not truly judge or assess another's situation with pure insight - unless one pushes away the ego, opens the heart and asks what serves the highest good in this moment.


Opinions and assumptions usually hold only  partial truth , leaving the ego to judge or conclude scenarios based on ones own personal experiences, not another’s point of view. This is how intentions, misinterpretation and misunderstandings occur. This is also how we take on others projections, loose sight of our truth as we begin to doubt and question our own truths, feelings and perceptions.


In the life of each individual, the individual is the main character in their own play .... understand that the illusions created through opinions and assumptions are projections throw on other secondary characters within the individuals own play. Now, understand there are always several plays unfolding on a single stage and each play has a different perception of each character ... each having a different value in the various individual plays .... This is how we get lost, caught up and forget who we really are .... It is when we remember our truth the essence of our being ... that we can stand in our truth and play the same part in all the ongoing plays ... The projections, judgments and illusions will no longer have a bearing or power over us.


We receive information from multiple avenues ... millions of bits of information per second. Our biological human brain can only process a very limited amount of that information. When we move into opening our heart and our other senses and gifts - we are able to process more information, but not accessed through purely mental/ego processing ... it's a new way of experiencing life, reality and the possibilities.


But the first steps are to stop over thinking, judging self and others and to begin to trust within- without the influence of the outside world.

It is then we find fulfillment of the voids within our own hearts. We no longer seek our validation and self worth based upon another’s opinion or approval.

It is then we can see and understand that all life, all situations and all people are part of the hologram we create to learn and go beyond our perceived limitations. This is when the human spirit walks in it's truth, in it's divinity ... that we will be able to move mountains and create beyond the realities currently being observed.


In the very near future, there will be a separation of realities ... There will be those who walk in love & bliss as others shall experience their own perceived hell. It's not a matter of what's unfolding in the future .... It's a matter of where is your heart and consciousness. In a state of grace, one can walk across fire without being burnt ... stand in the midst of a storm untouched and even sit within ground zero of a nuclear explosion and live. There is a documented case of a three year old boy surviving the nuclear holocaust in Japan .... Today that boy is a great spiritual teacher.


Your reality will be what you create and that which you allow in it. Those fearful of the future will experience fear ....

We are in a times where the pendulum swings to great extremes ... your choices, focus and beliefs shall determine where within the pendulum's swing you'll experience your reality.

Two can be standing together within the same physical space, yet each will have a completely different experience ... realities are separating, vibrations are shifting and gaps shall widen ...

The movement of vibrational shifts have already begun .... know in your heart where you stand.


In Loving Service ...


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Comment by Frieda on March 4, 2012 at 9:03pm

Yes , it begun.....very nice writing!

Comment by Oriannubis on March 4, 2012 at 12:06pm

yes exactly.

Comment by Delilah7777 on March 4, 2012 at 7:17am

Very powerful message ~ thanks for passing it along! :-)



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