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Second of Three Postings of Joshua Hayden - Jesus Christ/Sananda/Enki tells his real life story and what is to come in the months ahead Part 1 Chapters 1-5

Posted by joshua hayden on January 8, 2012 at 8:21pm

Chapter One
These are the days of my life. I am Enki, Lord of the seas, of the Earth. I was brought here by command from my father Anu from the planetoid we call Nibiru which is now our home world because ours was destroyed. We destroyed our own world through misuse, greed, selfishness, wars and fighting. Just as your world is now being torn apart by you, from our poor example.
Before I give you this history of whence you came and how you were created, of your true history that has been hidden by others through their selfishness and greed, may these words bring comfort to your souls, guidance to your hearts and mind's. That perhaps some of you may be awakened and saved and guided whether in death or life it matters not. But perhaps it may save you in the future from further grief in your soul. I cannot tell. That will be your choice. So I shall begin with my life and tell you how I came to Earth and for what purpose.
In the beginning, my father Anu and mother Antu gave birth to me the first born son of the Great Anu. It brought them great Joy and Light. Antu is not the official wife of Anu. Kia, K.I.A., was his official first wife. She later brought forth a son named Enlil. And thus began a long war between the two brothers who thought they should rule.
It was organized by those who ruled along with my father, who are what you would call congressmen or presidents, that the first born son of the official wife should rule Nibiru after the father. Because he was born after me, I in my selfishness was jealous and caused a lot of pain and suffering. I fought with my brother. I became angry with him even though it was not his fault. So I was sent to Earth. We had heard that there was much gold here from Alalu.
Alalu used to be king and was disposed by my father because he was not a good king. He was selfish and cruel. So he was disposed and sent away. Along his travels he found Earth and found there was much gold there. Gold is used not for money but as a healing thing for the universe; to protect the atmosphere of many worlds. We were losing our atmosphere from several volcanoes that we had on our planet and different things that had come about over time and this gold protected our world as we traveled through space.
Alalu thought he could work his way back into the hearts of the people by saving us by giving us this gold. This did not work to his advantage. I saw through him. I came to Earth to check out the situation. And thus I was given this planet to rule as a means of trying to salvage this war I started with Enlil and somewhat I was appeased. This was a beautiful Earth with clear water, clear air, and much diversity of mountains and rivers and streams.
I came here in what you would call 452,000 years ago. At that time, I came with about 200 of my fellow men. They were scientists. We had tested the waters for gold. We did find gold in the waters, although it was not in great abundance as we had hoped. But we did know that there was gold beneath the land and we would have to mine it. Therefore, we went back to Nibiru and reported that which we found. A contingent was decided upon and we brought about 200,000 of our fellow workers with us. These men were contractors, builders, and scientists as well.
We searched the lands and found most of the abundance of gold that best sought our needs was in what you call Africa along the southern tip. We do have still some remains of those mines being used even today. Although we mined most of the main seams out, there were still some pockets here and there that you are mining today. You will also find the remains of the first men we created as slaves. This is to my sorrow and the breaking of my heart that I created them for this. And that karma I am still working off of today.
The labor was hard and we started to complain. We were lonely for our wives, for our children, and for our Loved ones. Being away, even though this planet was beautiful and afforded us some comfort, we still missed home and our Loved ones very much. Therefore, we sent a contingent back to Nibiru to report with our first few shiploads of gold. This helped them greatly in their atmosphere and provided them some comfort.
It was decided that we would bring families and loved ones here and make this what you would call pioneer days, pioneering. I'm not sure that's the correct word, but that we would make it a settlement of families to bring us comfort in our long work days.
This is to our sorrow as well. Our bodies are not made the same as humans. Our bodies were changing because of the conditions of the Earth. This brought us sickness. Many of our children died in the first year we were here. Our years are longer than yours. Our years are about 1,300 to 2,600 depending on the cycles. Some years are longer and some shorter but because these days were shortened for us here on Earth, it brought us diseases we did not have any knowledge of. We lost many children in the first years we were here.
Though we did bring our doctors and scientists, they in turn, over time, were able to discover the causes of these diseases and heal them. They figured out a way of taking gold in a higher white form that helped us to live longer. Although later on we found out it was addicting and ended up injuring our souls in the long run. But for the time being it was the answer to the problems we discovered being on Earth.
After a time I suggested we create someone to help us with the hard work. We thought it would be better for us. We found a creature you call Neanderthal who had DNA that was closely assigned to us. We thought that it would be a good idea to mix the DNA of us and them to create a worker; someone that would be strong, easy to rule over, and teach. We tried many things. At first, it did not work very well. We came out with beings that were gross, ugly, and deformed. My brother Enlil decided to come from Nibiru and see what I was doing. He had a good knowledge of genetics as well. And even though I was angry that he came, because it was my world, he did bring good knowledge with him and helped us with the genetics. He helped us greatly and was able to figure out a way that we could create a form that would not be as ugly and deformed. We used my DNA because it has a higher form than his. My mother Antu is from the Orion system. She has the blue blood that is needed. Her type of blood has copper that helps for healthier bodies with humans, with the Neanderthals.
We used my sister Ninharsag as the incubator. She is a scientist and medical officer. She was amongst the first force to come with me. She had much to do with the creation of the humans as well. There are many scientists that were in the group who also put forth their efforts and assisted. So it was not just me and my sister. It was many ideas and many thoughts and tests that went over a long period of time before we were able to accomplish the perfect Being.
We called it human. HU after The Great Creator God, Creator of All Things. It is a name we give HIM. And MAN for the human form and the Neanderthal. And thus we get the Human. We finally created the perfect form. These turned out to be good workers. They were easy to please, easy to feed, and easy to command. They were simple minded. We discovered that they could not reproduce themselves. We had to keep reproducing them ourselves. I got the bright idea, which my family was not very happy with, to give them a part of me or a part of my mother actually. In the bloodline and in the blood was the ability to reproduce. This was done genetically and we did find great success with them after a time. But in approximately 8000 BC we finally perfected it enough where what you call the Adam and Eve were first able to reproduce themselves.
All this work was done in what we call Enkidu and you call Sumeria. We had scientific labs there which the great flood did destroy. I will continue with the story of mankind this time. We were so successful in their procreation that they multiplied so quickly that we were unable to keep count. It was a little overwhelming. But they were great workers and they helped us much in the obtaining of gold. There came a time when we decided to teach them the arts. We figured that they could bring comfort to us in other ways besides mining. We taught them husbandry, farming, building. We were rather selfish in using them in such a manner. We got quite lazy in our ways and elevated ourselves above our station. We began to think that we were gods when in fact we were not. And this brought great trials in the future of that time.
The humans were quite easy to teach and learned many things. And thus began what you called civilization. What you call Sumeria at the time. There was a period which was over several thousands and thousands of years that Enlil came to be quite jealous of the success I was having. He did not like the humans. He believed they should be kept as simple servants. He decided they should be destroyed from off the Earth and that we should find another way to mine the gold. I did not wish that. My heart was for these beings and I counted them as my children in a way.
They were my creations. Although I was rather selfish in this desire as I did Love my pleasures. I did Love them. I had children by some. I thought this was to improve their DNA as well as their daughters had great beauty and joy. Nibiru was passing by and this was the cause at certain times of difficulties. We knew ahead of time that the Earth was going to be heated and that the ice and different things in different locations may cause flooding.
When Enlil saw this he told me not to let the people know. But I argued that they should be foretold. Without his knowing I told one of my sons, that was from a connection with a human wife, that he should build an arc, a boat, a ship. Build it in a certain kind of form that would protect him and his family and would take him to the mountains until the water would recede. This person you call Noah existed about 6000 BC. This was the time of the great flood, although there were many floods, but never one as devastating as this.
We like sheep fled the world in our ships and stood above the Earth in them and watched. This brought great negative Karma to our souls. As we should have been protectors of those we created and leaders and guides for them spiritually, we were not. We were selfish and greedy and thus brought trials to our souls which we have to work off of still even today.
It was a good lesson for us also for we had never seen such carnage. There was such destruction that it broke out hearts and taught us that we should be more giving and caring to others less fortunate than ourselves. I was glad in my heart that I protected the man you call Noah and thus we were able to reseed the Earth for him and his descendants.
Enlil was enraged. But over time we were able to talk him into accepting the fact that these Beings needed a life. And that they deserved our guidance and Love and council. If we are going to ascend they have to Ascend. That is their purpose. They are our teachers; as this eternity rolls on in the different worlds, we all to learn to Love, to Give, and to not be so greedy and selfish; still, many lessons to learn in times such as Atlantis. Our descendants had to learn the same lessons we just did for they destroyed their world as well as Lemuria and many other places on the Earth. For they misused the knowledge and technology we gave them. And these lessons are for this world and many worlds to come.
Chapter Two
A discourse on your DNA and why it is so. There are 39 species from the Orion system, Sirius, and the Pleiades which are all from the same system which includes your Earth as well your Solar System. These 39 contributed to your DNA. But we selected only those of the highest spiritual quality. It was a grand experiment. And even though we physically used you as slaves, it was your DNA that was the makeup of these things. Your soul was placed within you from The Creator, not us.
And thus we played god by organizing your physical DNA and we were not supposed to; although there was a purpose for it which we found afterward and we suffered for our part. But, we learned from it as well. So it was not so much a curse but a learning tool for our species.
To become as the Father, to become creators, to learn how to Love is the main purpose of any soul to be put into a physical body. Thus you began your lives in a third dimensional world and this will give you the opportunity to gain knowledge and grow and become at a level where we are eventually. The grand experiment was such a success that you will surpass even us. From your spiritual growth you have grown much quicker. Many of you who are born on Earth in their first physical life have also finished their soul growth on this same world and will go forward and will be doing what we have been doing on new worlds and creating new life. And that was the great experiment.
The fact that souls can grow quicker and learn faster and thus achieve perfection better, be wiser with more Love and more Light, have less darkness and pain and less sorrow than we have suffered with. This will bring a healing not only to your world and to your solar system but to other worlds and other solar systems and other galaxies as well. This great Light and Love that you have will grow and expand and bring joy and comfort to many. And thus it was a success.
Many of your blood types are from the different worlds. Those that have O positive and negative are from Sirius. Those who have A or AB are from Orion. Those who have a B negative are from the Pleiades. Those of B positive are from the Orion Betelquese area. There are many things about your DNA that they have not discovered yet. It will be coming forth soon. You have two chains of DNA which shall be and is increasing to twelve.
Some of the Extraterrestrial visitors in the past took this away from you and it shall be returned. It was done for a purpose, a testing to see how you would be and how things would change. Many times in the past we have left you entirely on your own to see what would occur and what would happen. Although we did not contact you for a while, we have also visited and kept you in our sight. And that is your DNA.
Your DNA is not like any other. About 90% of your DNA is now starting to awaken. Your unused, what you call your junk DNA, is in fact your enlightened DNA that was shut off for awhile so that you could grow and learn from your selves and your mistakes. And now the time has come for the world to ascend and for you to ascend and this will awaken. This DNA has the knowledge in it you will need to ascend. This will increase until you reach twelve strands. When you fully ascend you will have all twelve DNA strands intact and fully lit up.
This awakening and increase of your DNA is caused by the alignment of the great suns and the great vortex and influx of higher vibration rates. Your solar system is passing through the ecliptic plane is also a part of it. I will continue with our history, with what has happened. We created many wars with mankind. Enlil came to Earth to help with the gold mining. He felt I was inefficient in what I was doing and this made me very angry. After all the hard labor and trials we went through! We ended up using those we taught the arts of gardening and other technology for warfare. This was selfish causing many deaths amongst the humans. It brought forth diseases and suffering and I am ashamed of myself for this part.
This is what you would call in history the Pharaoh Wars. Our descendents continued the wars that we started. This is part of the wars you call WWI and WWII and many other wars. It must stop! Those things that are of a religious nature are not created for men to war over but to bring unity to mankind; although Enlil caused great strife in placing lies about the world after who the true God should be, or who the leaders should be, or this or that. This caused mankind to question who is really God, who are the real rulers of the Earth, to be selfish in their desires to rule the world themselves. Oh! -- I am a descendant of Enlil or I am a descendant of Enki! This has caused so much grief and many wars. This must be settled now. The wars are to end. Disease is to end.
This world is to ascend and mankind are to ascend and those who go on in this manner (meaning those who wish to continue to war and be selfish and rule the world themselves!) will have to die a physical death and reincarnate in another third dimensional world so they can continue their learning process. Learn to Love and be at peace with one another.
And this is why we have chosen at this time to return to the Earth in its fullness. There will be mass sightings of us. There will be an end to the wars, to the untruths, to the lies that your government has told you these many years, and to the destruction. No more nuclear wars or weapons. There will be an end to this finally! For this cannot come to pass. Nor can it go into the universe or into the solar system. It must end here on this world.
In this third dimensional world, no more nuclear weapons, no more weapons that can kill millions of people. This must be put to an end. Unfortunately, this was a lot of my doing. I continued the argument I began on Nibiru with my brother Enlil onto this planet. It continued through my descendants. And therefore, I beg forgiveness for the selfishness and the greed. And I have been working off this negative karma with the Galactic Federation now for a long time. They will help you in the future. It is for this reason that I have come back as many different rulers, teachers and leaders. In whatever names you have called me, especially as Jesus Christ. I came to help teach Love and forgiveness to my descendants and too many who are listening all over the universe and the galaxy.
I use myself as an example of what I should have been which is a Love Light to others. And I promise to continue to work in the future to bring a healing to many other worlds who, through my wickedness and the wickedness of many other species have become overrun with darkness and are in need of a healing and the Love Light from The Creator. And this is such a good opportunity for me at this time. I give thanks that I am able to give thanks and share this story with you.
That I pray again for your forgiveness and I will be returning soon as Jesus Christ. I return in the capacity of bringing Love, Light, forgiveness and healing to the world. I will share with you that the records made during the time of my life as Jesus Christ are mostly correct. Though there are many things hidden, it was planned that way from the beginning. It was to see if you would grow on your own and what you would do.
These records will come forth now with the truth and the fullness as well as this message, that all the secret libraries will be thrown open and that the truth may be known in its fullness. You will be able to read on your own those things that were incorrect or told to you that were lies. These lies will be erased from your minds so only the truth will be known.
I am sorry that these things have come to you in such a late manner for the world is throwing off her yoke and she is getting ready for her Ascension. Many trying times will be coming for those around the world. Those souls who pass on from their physical bodies, who die, will in fact receive their healing and Ascension in the fourth dimension. There will be a great joining of both dimensions. Those who ascend and those who pass on into the spirit world will join together. There will be a great family meeting and reunion which will take place soon. There will be a great healing of many hearts and many souls at that time.
Here me, Oh World! These are my words! I, Enki, am Jesus Christ. I still exist. I am here and I shall return shortly. I will not appear as you expect me to and have spoken of this before. But I shall appear in my ship. And I shall return as I once was, as Enki. That you may know that it is me and not as the different religions portray. For this is incorrect. My heart and Love go with you. This time is a time of great enlightenment. A time of feeling the Great Love of Our Creator; The Great Creator Of All things; All That Is. The Father of your spirit and souls shall pour down upon this world and fill it with Light and Love. I know the times seem disastrous. Calamities which come upon you seem hard to imagine. Death is but a changing, a birthing of our true self. The knowledge to come forth of these times, past times, and future shall bring you the truth of all things.
Chapter Three
The wars and calamities that have come upon you in the past were of our creation. We used our slaves to fight our wars for us. We used you as pawns in a game of chess as you know it today. This was wrong. We were selfish. These wars will now end. I know many hearts are concerned with these things and this is why I speak of them at this time. As you have spoken of what some term The Rapture or the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, so it shall be. I shall put an end to all war, nuclear weapons, and weapons of mass destruction. These things will not be permitted to go into the solar system. For that which is coming is a time of great healing, a time of Love and Light. And war shall not exist any more.
The hearts, not only on this world but many worlds of your solar system and further out into the galaxies, will be healed. So this time is a time of great joy and looking forward to with hope and happiness. And even though many of you shall pass away in the physical form, yet your hearts will know that you still exist; that death is not an end but a beginning of your true self. It is a continuing of your journey and of your learning to Love, to share with one another, and these things will be so. Therefore, I bring these words of comfort for you at this time. It is a time of your greatest trials yet to come. But know that there is hope and light and love waiting, not just death and destruction.
There are those in places of leadership wishing to rule over you. They have put fear into the hearts of man in order to control them. So do not listen to them for their time is at an end. And even though it seems destructive and chaotic, their time now shall end and the truth shall be known. I, my brothers and sisters, and many others from other worlds that have created you are returning. Their DNA is in you. They have great Love and Light to bring and healing and knowledge as well. So you will know your true self. All you're DNA -where it came from, who you really are, why you're here, and where you come from. That should bring great comfort to you. Not only that, all the great libraries that have been hidden upon the world shall be opened and that knowledge shall be had by you also.
I shall continue with your history, the history of Egypt. This was my world. Egypt was built in the year 10,200 BC. It was the time the great pyramid was built. Already there were small farming villages. The Sumerian culture had already been in existence for several thousands of years. This was prior to the great flood.
The pyramids are resurrection machines. They are to assist with the Ascension. There are many things inside them that have to come forth yet. They are machines. They will be turned on and will help with the ascension process which is to occur. They are also in tune with other special sites around the Earth. That which you call ley lines or the grid lines of the Earth were set up in the beginning. These special grids and sites create your time frame in the pattern of life, the existence. The entire grid will be Lighting up and the sacred sites will be coming forth. The whole Earth will Light up and ascend.
It will be a glorious time full of knowledge and Love. All souls will feel this Love and this Light. It will be a time of great excitement and change. Yes, there will be some concerns, but also the souls will know of the excitement of meeting families past, present and future, of togetherness.
The Pharaoh's were our creation. We decided to try to leave you on your own for a while to see how you would go. We chose those beings that had the most gifted bloodlines, the most spiritual DNA. We created what were called Pharaoh's and Kings to be rulers and teachers to guide the people and to teach them our ways. But over time our descendants fought over those who would rule. They became selfish and greedy as we did. We did not set the perfect example as we should have, and thus the Pharaoh's wars began. Many deaths, diseases, and trials came upon the people because of these things.
Atlantis fell because of these things. I know these things seem grievous but they are a learning and a schooling of the soul. There were many Pharaoh's that were good and many that were not so good. But they did teach the people our ways, our history, and many things that were good. They taught medicine, agriculture, and building. Teachings that we had taught our children continue on the Earth today. Many technologies that are more advanced will be returning so that you can build things that are more harmonious with the Earth. Medicine will come forth. Ancient teachings, ancient healing ways, ancient religious ways will return. A return to the One Creator is yet to come forth. Many Things are to change after the ascension, including Earth.
The ascended world will be a world of Light and Love, healing and teaching, and of great joy to those souls who ascend and who are ready for that. On their next journey, their souls will be in what you would call first grade. It will be like going to a new class. There is a higher standard of living and learning for their souls. Yet, this is not the end. It continues on from there in what you would call second grade and third grade, etc; for our souls are all on a journey as we continue to return to where Our Creator is. We are only ahead of you a short distance and you will be where we are now.
You have much joy and happiness to look forward to. Do not weep for those who pass away in their physical form for they are only behind you in their learning and on their journey. You will be turning around and helping them in theirs as well as other souls yet to be born. And you will learn how to create your own worlds and ensoul them. You will populate them with the physical forms for your children and grandchildren. It is a journey that we are all on. It is a journey of learning and growing. It is a journey of Love and Light.
We are sorry that we have left you so long on your own. It was for soul growth. And now that we have seen how much good you can do and also have seen how much harm you can do, we have chosen to return at this time and help you through the ascension process. We wish to help you with your soul growth and so there is no more to fear in this. In the history of your wars many lessons were learned. Although it seemed that many souls were considered evil, from these times their souls learned how to have compassion for the next life. They have seen the great horrors they have committed when they have passed on into the spirit world, between lives, and have looked back on the lessons and have felt great remorse. And thus they learned compassion in their hearts. These things are for teaching the soul on its soul journey.
There is no hate in the Heart of The Creator in these things. It is all for our learning and our soul's growth. Our Great Creator Of All Things is Light and Love and that is our goal as a soul. To be as He and She as well, for they are both together as One. The Creator is a balance of male and female energy that forms the Light of all things. If you could picture a big heart of great white Light beating with the highest unconditional Love in the center of all creation, that is the God, The Creator Of All Things. And that is what we yearn to return to and become ourselves.
Chapter Four
I will speak of the stars in the solar system and of your planetary creation. In the beginning was a void. There was no Light, there was no sound, just the heart beat. It was the breath of creation from The Creator. It is what you would call electromagnetism. And yet, it is not the same as what you think of on earth. It is different. It is lighter. It is spirit. It is soul. Therefore, all is soul.
And the soul went forth and said there is a void I wish to fill. This void was Love and Light and creation. The Great GOD of all souls breathed forth energy from his heart. He sent forth great Love and Light. It was like a wind; what you would picture a great wind. An exhaling of your breath throughout the cosmos and this creates action and reaction. And thus great suns are born through the fire of his breath of Light and Love. And from these great suns are born the worlds around them, just as your sun shall give birth to a new world. This is how worlds begin. This is how solar systems begin. And thus worlds come into Being and over time these worlds become habitable.
From their core, energies come forth and crusts are formed. The soil is formed. Seeds are taken from other planets by advanced Beings and brought forth so that plants can grow upon these new worlds. And thus plants, trees, and shrubbery are born to diversify the worlds. Then begin with the smallest creatures, those you call amoebas, these spring forth. We also bring forth animals from other worlds as well as create new ones through genetics. We do experimentations on these worlds as we have done with yours. And this is how you will also do it in the future. And thus you will go forth as creators and create your own worlds. And plant them with plants and animals of your own choices to see how it will be and so you see how it is done.
It will be your school and your children shall ensoul them as being of your creation through your own genetics. And thus you shall learn and grow and become like us. We shall move on and you shall move on and that is how the Ascension is in the future as well. It will be just an increase of the knowledge and of the Light and of the vibration level in your Being. And thus the worlds roll on forever and ever, always beginning and growing, for there is infinity. And yes, there are great voids out there ever expanding and never ending.
Many have concerns about the sun exploding. There is much radiation coming forth from the sun at this time and that is because it is getting ready to give birth. And yes, there will be radiation on the Earth. Different factors from the solar system, galaxy, and universe are also contributing to the changes on Earth. Time as you know it is speeding up and will change. Most souls will have changed over by this time. There are those who will pass away and continue their journey to other worlds and experiences. There will be some who have stayed behind physically. There are some from the governments and militaries who will hide beneath the earth. There are some of the ancient ones with knowledge of ancient caves from previous civilizations that will stay. This is their choice and destiny. The ancient ones have chosen to come forth afterwards and help renew the new third dimensional world.
They will bring forth the knowledge they have hidden there in previous lives in the form of ancient records. Many of the Hopi will do so. Many of the Mayan and Peruvians who have knowledge of these caves that are still hidden from the world will do so. They will return there and protect themselves from the radiation. They will come forth again to help bring forth the New Earth. They will bring forth seeds and animals; their knowledge of genetics as well. They will help recreate the third dimensional world for those who are to return there.
Know that there will be at the Ascension of Earth, a splitting apart of dimensions. There will be a New Earth of a third dimensional frequency and vibration and the ascended Earth of the higher vibrational frequency. It is like a birthing process for the Earth and those elements of the Earth, that you live on now, that are to ascend will ascend with her spirit as well and a new spirit shall enter into the new third dimensional Earth and it will be a New Earth. It will be given a new name and it will be a totally New World.
I will speak more of the cosmos. Many are concerned with the planets of your solar system. These shall remain; these are going through their own changes and Ascension process. The only difference will be a new planet that is born from the sun. It will take the place where Mars is now and Mars will return to where it had been previously. It had been knocked off its rotation and that is how it has become like a desert. Life on it died and it lost its atmosphere. But it will return to where it used to be and it shall be cleansed and renewed so it can be populated again.
And this is right next to Venus; the asteroid belt shall remain. So there is only a slight change to your solar system. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and all other outer planets shall remain where they are. The New Earth, the one that shall receive a new name, shall move one planet out. It shall be fourth from your sun in its location. If there is any confusion, there shall be maps brought forth in the future.
So people will have the knowledge of how exactly the solar system really is; how many planets, where they are placed, what they are made of, their rotation and times and differences, who populates each planet and the species upon them. All these things shall be brought forward in the future and this knowledge will bring comfort to those who speak the truth.
( Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, New 3D "earth", New world born from sun, Asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and possible other planets further out.
Chapter Five
I will speak of Nibiru because many here on Earth have no knowledge of it and the knowledge they have received has been altered. They do not believe that it exists when in fact it is just around the corner. It is coming from behind the sun and soon the whole world will see it.
In the beginning, when they first see it, it will appear as a small red cross. Everyone will know it is heading towards Earth. It will not hit Earth directly. It will bypass it and come so close that it will slow the Earth's spin to where it stops directly for a day and a night followed by another day. It will appear as one day, just as the scriptures have foretold. When the sun sets it will not be dark. It stays Light as though the sun stood still, and it shall, for the Earth will not spin.
It will get very warm on the sun's side, which will be over the United States. It will be very dark and cold over Europe and China. But then, as Nibiru continues on in about a 36-hour period, it passes Earth. The Earth's spin shall reverse and go in the other direction. The sun shall appear as it rises from the west and as it sets in the East. The poles shall change direction, not physically but electro-magnetically. So it will change the negative and the positive on the other end and this shall change the composition of the Earth electromagnetics. And Nibiru shall pass by.
And it also gives us the opportunity for coming and going from Nibiru to Earth very easily and that is why you will have mass sightings through the Vesica Pisces or vortex that opens up directly after Nibiru passes. All the great suns will align with the world, for this is the shift that will cleanse the Earth. Those who have been hidden in the caves and underworld places will come forth again to start civilization over.
Those who have been picked up by the Galactic Federation and others who have made prior agreements to do so shall return to the Earth and they shall rebuild. They will bring back plants and animals and seeds and it will be a beautiful world and civilization again. This time they will learn to live as one with the Earth and no longer pollute it or harm it in any manner. It shall be a beautiful world.
Nibiru will continue on its journey around again and we will leave. Those who have agreed to come with us shall. Some shall go to the ships with the Galactic Federation and visit other parts of the worlds and galaxies, reseed other planets. Mars shall return to where it used to be by Venus and shall be healed and repopulated with people and it shall start a new civilization again. A new world shall be born from the sun. It will take the place of where Mars is now and that too shall be populated and be glorious and thus, it will be a beautiful new civilization, new solar system, and the universe shall roll on in their journeys.
Yes, Nibiru was created by us as a planetoid. The inner core used to be what you would call an asteroid. We learned how to create civilizations and planets and different things. It is not a true world as it started out as an asteroid, but that's why we call it a planetoid. But yet it is serviceable. It has plants and animals and we exist on it as a regular world. We have many cities. They are very different from your cities. They are clean and bright. They have high technology. We create our air, our water and all that we need. We have the knowledge of manifestation, of creation.
We do have our fights and arguments. We are not spiritual beings. We are Beings as you are in a mortal body, but our life spans are different. Our bodies are slightly different than yours and therefore we had many difficulties when we came to Earth. Our bodies are used to longer lifetimes and being far away from the sun and then closer to the sun as our journeys on Nibiru are ecliptic. What you call ecliptic. It is an oval journey around the sun. That is why we needed the gold. Because when we are way out in space it gets very cold and we have to heat the world. But when we are very close to the sun it gets very warm. So the gold in our atmosphere protects us in our journey around the sun.
It takes 1,300 to 2,600 years, depending, on the cycle. Some cycles are longer and some shorter. We are headed around again. We should pass Earth soon, it depends, because we have been speeding up and slowing down due to tail drag and different things in the cosmos going on. There will be some cataclysmic events, but not as bad as when the lining up of the suns occurs. That will cause the cleansing of the Earth.
I will speak of myself. Many people have concerns about Jesus Christ returning and the probability that the government might create a false illusion or hologram. They wish to show that Jesus Christ has returned, a second coming, as they want him to. This is what the Vatican has stated and what churches and religions have stated. We will not allow this to occur. We will not allow this hallucination, this hologram to be made. I will return as I have stated before, via my ship, which will land on the
Pyramid at Giza. I will walk the Earth as Jesus Christ, as Quetzalcoatl, etc. People will know me by my name. They will see me for who they think I am or was. And then they will see the truth. They will see that I am Enki! It was I who returned to the Earth as these Beings. That I returned in Love and Light to help them. Not only did I return in those lifetimes, but I shall return in this life time as the Ascension occurs.
I have been many leaders on Earth. My first reincarnation was Quetzalcoatl in the Yucatan. I appeared as Kukulcan for the Mayan. In Peru I was known as Viracocha. I also appeared to the Tibetans and Chinese as various leaders and rulers. I had different names. Quan Yin and Quan Chin, I was first a female and then a male. Quan Chin was born about 300 years after Quan Yin. This also -- a person named Yet Li (not sure of correct spelling) about 1600, in China, in the Province of Yu Lang. This can be verified in the records. I have appeared in various other forms, but not in the physical. I used to be known also in ancient times as Enki, Oannes, Titan, Youla, and many others, too numerous to mention. I was the one who created Atlantis. It was a resort for myself as well as a place of teaching for my children and descendants. Also for those he created and they inherited it. Although later on, many thousands of years later, my descendants destroyed it through their selfishness and greed.
And thus those Atlantians, during the sinking of the islands, fled to the Yucatan, to Africa, to Europe, to Florida, and to many islands in the Caribbean. All those places have my descendants. Many have been known as the Olmec, the Mayan, the Toltec, and many others. Yet there is evidence of Atlantis today in the Mediterranean, in the Yucatan, in Antarctica, and even in the North United Sates. For those people have brought the knowledge with them when they fled. Many of the things written in the books today are correct. Although they don't have the full story, that will come forth in what you call the third dimension, the physical world. These things are yet to be. But things will happen when they are supposed to and so have patience.I will do the last 5 chapters it will be in part 2 i feel this is part of my last mission here to give out the real story far from what the bible and other doctrines have put together this story has brought me,to tears and also brought me much joy of what to expect in the times ahead. Namaste

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Comment by Sokuntheary Oum on January 28, 2012 at 1:05am

..thank you for your response alfred...and continuing to communicate in english...yes, you are correct in stating that if you communicated in romania i would not understand, but as you are aware the forum of ashtar command is communicated in english...and i do not comprehend romania...i wish i coudld.  i sincerely believed what lord enlil via yourself stated in your last communication...that lord enlil is honorable...i clearly with detail and diplomacy stated my understanding for record purposed...this is the perception that i'm holding...i have no further at peace alfred...namaste

Comment by Alfred on January 27, 2012 at 7:14am

Well Sokuntheary Oum-O'Hair

If my English it is a problem then i am sorry about that.

Maybe if i speak good Romanian you will understand?

I think not.

So for the moment it is all i have

If that do not please you i will answer from now one with yes or no.

I say my intention it is honorable and i did not lie about that.

If you did not understand that i am sorry and my discussion hire it is finish.

My answers are limited .

So please use them wise.

Comment by Sokuntheary Oum on January 27, 2012 at 5:38am the interest of ending this dialogue between "Soku", for which I'm accepting that you're addressing the individual Sokuntheary Oum, but clearly does not want to write out her complete name and assumes that she's Japanese by indicating "san" after "Soku", humanity accepts and it is documented for All Beings of Love and Light to witness that you, lord enlil, claimed that his intentions towards humanity Now is honorable ...and claiming that he cares for all his/his brother's creation...[implying that his brother B's (Lord Enki) intention is not]; this is why i originally responded to all lord enlil's (via alfred) comments against Lord Enki)]..well, Lord Enki's messages on these postings were also of request of his father, Lord Anu's request...and since Lord Enki's claimed that his father is the good king, then all the wrongs against humanity (as noted and accepted by Lord Enki's in these postings), are also wrongs imposed by you, lord enlil...thus, you're acknowledging your errors, since you're stating your intention is honorable...this is joyest news for ALL involved, indeed... Namaste.

(on the side ~ alfred, this is a sincere friendly comment..your writing of modern English is absolutely difficult to comprehend...for example, why say "What I care about them B?", when the question is "Why I care about them B?"...similar examples throughout your communication thus far. ~ Sokuntheary Oum)

Comment by Alfred on January 27, 2012 at 5:08am

I can Master all i want..

My responses are limited so make it count..

Comment by Alfred on January 27, 2012 at 4:53am

It is Soku..

It is honorable..

This it is my answer to you..

Wakarimasuka Soku -san?

Comment by Alfred on January 27, 2012 at 4:39am

What i care about them B?

Hmm...i heard this question some time ago..what i care ..

Because i care about all my Creation and my brother Creation...

All it was been done under Lord Anu request..

And my Creation and my brother Creation it is in fact the Lord Anu Creation...

Well if that has no importance to you have for me..

But that it is no concern for you...

Comment by Sokuntheary Oum on January 26, 2012 at 11:17pm

..ok, lord enlil and all the extensions of his souls...still, is your intention honorable NOW?  Why do you not answer this simple question?

Comment by Alfred on January 26, 2012 at 11:22am













Comment by Sokuntheary Oum on January 25, 2012 at 7:19am

..true bateleur, no disrespect towards vulture since all serve The Source with its own unique talent..i'm responding to Alfred's comments (see below) in reference to Lord Enki in this posting...sincerely, thank you for representing the vulture...namaste.  

1) "Comment by Alfred yesterday

Look at you you are a vulture who can speak...hahaha:)
Sorry for that but he look like a innocent vulture...
Well better to put your real picture SEE you in the Eye.."

2) "Comment by Alfred yesterday on this posting

Mata chikai uchi ni Soku..
Nani tozo ,kongo goko ni negaimasu..
Watashi wa Alfred to moshimasu..
Doka ouchi ni yoroshiku osshatte kudasay..

Lord Enlil"

(- I'm sincerely wondering why Alfred choose to write in another language, especially when we were in communication yesterday.  No disrespect all around only seeking the Light...Sokuntheary aka Leakhenawatdey Oum)

both were commented by Alfred on behalf of lord enlil yesterday (01/23/12) on this posting.

Sincerely, btw, who's representing the lizard?  Or, are you (bateleur) truly just wondering from curiosity and are representing the lizard as well..namaste.

Comment by Sokuntheary Oum on January 25, 2012 at 3:07am

..well lord enlil..i've read all the interactions on the Cannibus-Nature's Wonder Drug and Peter Immanuel's page...and i'm still waiting for your answers to the following questions/comments, since you claimed to know all and you exist multidimensionally at once:

1)  Is Lord Enki's intention to correct his mistake and the all the negative karma of the Annunaki's honorable.  So far, I'm feeling that he is honorable...he does not deserve to be call a vulture because you would call yourself as one as participated in our creations and results of it...and we are all connected.

2)  You claimed in your response in Peter Immanuel's page that there's no such thing as balance...well, is this not a contradiction to The Source...light and dark coexisting in balance...and of course you made judgements on many items...if it's not judgement, then it must be the truth...however, so far it seems only your truth...

3)  So, since you and your brother created human for your own purposes, why did you used use in your pawn?  Why did you allowed/created situations where war upon war ravage humanity?

4) Is your intention honorable, lord enlil?  Are you of the Light and Love?  (By the way, thank you so much for sharing the detail in the pdf file behind humanity's slavery and humanity's prison without walls...prison in our mind...control over humanity's free will...with this knowledge and with all you claimed to know as Jesus, etc, what did you do about this lord Enlil?  (Know that all evil will be eradicated once and for all from humanity and planet Earth.)

5) So far, you still have not shared your "long story" in order to assist humanity in making the decision to "pull the good side."  You shared events in humanity's past that confirmed the original errors/wrong (recurring template) that was and is controlling humanity.  You illustrated the many negative examples set by a parent (Annunaki) to their children...but nil was done by nil.

6)  You stated that you've said too far, you have not said your side of the original stated that humanity have two important decision..choosing the "right" one and humanity will all have a future...Is this fear you're trying subtly instill?.. because, it does not sound like love...and a assistance from a being of love...and what's "right"or "wrong" decision..all is relative to each being perception...

7)  So, you stated that Lord Enki is Lucifer?..I understand that Lucifer has returned to the Light.  And you're Jesus, so you must be of love and light, correct?

8)  So, lord enlil, will you en-lightened us on the who broke The Treaty of The Heart? Humanity will assist the Annunaki to create the chakra heart once more, however, it is on humanity's term...we will do this since we are all One..humanity understand the relative situations the Annunaki were in at that moment...humanity understand that the Annunaki, who do not have a heart, will act as such...however, with hope of light (knowledge) that the Annunaki posessed/posess, and with the assistance of ALL Beings of Love and Light and The Source (The Divine Father/Mother), we create this sacred heart for the Annunaki...if this is what the Annunaki choose by free will...

9) With your word lord enlil...are you stepping up now and show humanity how a ruler rule?  Are you now stepping up to be a leader of humanity?..ruling with compassion, love, understanding, etc..

Side:  personally from both information that are provided, Lord Enki's messages feels of the love and light...while lord enlil's messages or lack of it seems to boast his being, showing of his judgements of others who responded to a posting, and the pdf file listing the cruelties and injustice done upon humanity since creation now...

Innovation:  With the power of The Divine Father/Mother and ALL Beings of Love and Light (Mother Love, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, Lord Ashtar, Ascended Ma


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