Sanat Kumara: Truthfulness is Freedom

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It has been a long time coming, hasn't it? You have all been dreaming of Paradise, RV parties where you share your blessings with the world, and dancing in the streets. Your high vibration expectations and plans have already created your Dream. It cannot be otherwise. I want you to know that I am with you in the joy of high spirits and great expectations. We have worked together for eons, have we not?

I am pleased to once again be sending a message to you through Kathryn, since I have always admired her writing skills - to the point that when we were working together, I turned over to her the responsibility for documenting and writing about our work, which she published as "Who Needs Light?"

As I look at the world from here in the higher dimensions, I am deeply gratified to see that the long years of work I spent on the planet were indeed fruitful, because it did not die with me. Yes, we do enjoy seeing a legacy fulfilled, regardless of whose legacy that might be. In fact, Kathryn took the beginnings of my work and expanded it to become the Visual Centering she is teaching now. I look on with delight when I see how many people are learning and growing by working with the ideas which originated in the rich collaboration which was our precious time together.

There has been such a disgraceful barrage of untruths directed at her and her work that we in the Company of Heaven have come forth through other channels to rectify the problem. I have a personal interest in this, because when her channeling is questioned and disparaged, it takes her Visual Centering work down with it. I say to all those who continue this obscene attack on her: "This is my daughter you are attacking, and I do not take kindly to it!" For Heaven's sake, enough!

Now, let us get on with our lessons. There are many intricate and subtle dark corners to be swept as you take your broom through the rooms of the old house you are leaving behind. We are cleaning up the residue of thousands of years of cabal teachings which have filtered into every area of learning, every relationship, and all our thoughts. No one has been spared the incessant brainwashing which leaves a toll, even for the most thorough investigator. So, let's tackle another dark corner.

Authority, those in... Let us look at how a lifetime of living under despotic parents (even the sweetest tempered ones fell into this pattern at times) creates a feeling of fear and dread of those who appear to have more power than you do. We tend to see the world as if everyone were like our parents. It is just the way we are, in a human body and brain. We register the feelings throughout a long childhood, then we carry that template of practiced reactions into the world and apply it wholesale.

Remember Michael's message of yesterday? Think of the neurological channels he described - the ones that were laid down when you were a small child, even before you had any say about what you would believe or what you would do in your life. My favorite ploy, which always made us laugh, was to say, "Well, what were you to do, pack up your diapers and leave?" It is funny because it is so true. A child cannot leave, has no power. Adults control everything in a child's life - where you live, where you go to school, who your friends will be, when you go to sleep, what you eat, even whether you go to college or not.

Now that you are adults, you are learning what freedom really is, and how to use it for the Greater Good. Let us line these concepts up side by side: freedom, and how we deal with authority, for here lies the knotty dilemma that all evolving souls must master before Ascension. It is crucial because how you feel about those who lead will determine what sorts of structures and systems you create to help you manage life in your new world.

Think of the history of the planet. Countries where authoritarian rule was the norm over hundreds of years have developed into a fine art all sorts of versions of passive-aggressive rebellion (Think, for instance, of Russia, where authoritarian rule began in the mid-15th century and has continued unabated until Putin began to awaken to the possibility of genuine glasnost. Nations which lived in chaos tend to create rigid, paranoid rules and violent retribution for transgressions from those rules. Think of Rwanda, and much of the Middle East.) Of course, these are generalizations, but the psychological dynamics hold true over many situations, whether it be family, country or global relations.

There are many variations to the clever and underhanded tactics we have learned for our survival in the face of oppression. Now, in order to take away any feelings of shame or self-criticism, let us proceed from the point of view that it is a very creative human quality to design strategies to get around the blocks and obstacles which are set up for us. It is only to be expected that we would use this ability to create psychological tactics to try to recapture a bit of freedom, self-esteem or personal power. Lady Portia's Feminine Manifesto delineated a number of ways in which women have exercised their intelligence and their power in the face of oppression. Let us expand on those concepts.

A man who works for a boss who is short-tempered and "bossy" finds himself in a dilemma. His childhood experience tells him that his father (or his teachers) tolerated no "backtalk." Look at this description. It is designed to place all expression of any feelings or questions which might arise into the category of insolence or rebellion if it happens to disagree with the person in charge. There is no allowance here for intelligent debate or negotiation. It creates in the young person a dread of being "out of step" with others, especially those in charge, and worst of all, puts him/her in the position of risking public humiliation.

These assumptions become convictions as the fears are borne out in the home, the classroom and the playground. In the world of childhood, it is "normal" to learn the lesson that the bullies always win. If a child's real life experience is gentler than most, he will be bombarded with images of war and mayhem on television, and if video games become a part of the young person's daily fare, he is likely to be spending hours every week learning how best to kill people without flinching. All these experiences go into laying down the tracks in the child's brain which will determine his unconscious responses to the world.

Now, given all the murder and mayhem a child is likely to absorb from the media, and the disturbing conflicts she is likely to experience in real life, the average child struggles with intense feelings on a fairly regular basis. There is little training available for most of us growing up to help a child learn to manage her feelings. Mostly our instruction has to do with suppressing feelings. This creates a volcano effect - stuff down all intense feelings until you can't stand it any longer, then have a tantrum.

How many of us really learned to negotiate on our own behalf, and feel good about expressing our feelings when they disagree with others? How many people do you know who say, "I avoid confrontation" when what they really mean is "I don't want to disagree with anyone." Where did we establish as "truth" the idea that voicing an objection or presenting a new idea was tantamount to creating a confrontation? Do you see how the link between free speech and violent opposition became accepted as the norm in every form of relationship, whether it be with one's partner, one's boss, or one's government?

And here we are now, helping you to prepare for your ascension, while most of you are still carrying this dreadful fear-based assumption in a dark corner of your belief system. Expressing your own feelings, whether they agree with others or not, needs to be brought out of the closet and into the public forum in a much more matter-of-fact way. Only then will our children learn to happily, diplomatically and unselfconsciously offer their thoughts and feelings to the world.

Consider this: By avoiding expressing your true feelings you are playing on the dark side, by giving more awe and respect to the aggressor than he/she deserves, and by defining your supposed "goodness" as weakness. There is no such dichotomy. Truth requires honesty; Love implies Light. Placating someone who abuses others is building the illusion that evil is power.

The argument is often given that it is the boss who is abusive, and you cannot afford to defend yourself because you will lose your job. If this is what you truly feel, you should be making every effort to leave this job immediately. Doing anything less is playing into the myth that you are helpless in the face of greater (dark) power.

There is another point we need to address here as well. If someone close to you wishes to suppress your expression of genuine feeling, then that person is not a considerate friend or partner and should probably not be welcomed into your life in any capacity. Notice we are suggesting that no one should have the latitude to express judgmental attitudes or critical condemnation. This is oppression masquerading as free speech.

Our goal is this: decent treatment, both ways. No one should experience a lashing for expressing who they are. Here we must work hard to redefine what our words mean. Saying something insulting or mean to another is not expressing who you are. You are learning to experience your God-self. God does not berate or insult anyone; neither should you - ever. God does not begin a conversation with you by pointing out your mistakes and your faults. Higher dimensional beings express Love toward one another, not suspicion, blame or ridicule, not ever.

Now, how do you express what you feel without starting an argument? You may or may not be able to predict how the other person will react. Focus instead on presenting yourself clearly, in the most neutral, friendly manner possible, and state HOW YOU FEEL. Be very mindful that feelings are not expressed in the form. "I think that you..." Begin with the formula, "When you did X I felt Y." For instance, "When you shouted at me, I felt sad," or "When you left me standing on the corner waiting, I felt upset," or "When I was passed over at bonus time, I felt very concerned."

You have drawn a simple, manageable picture. It is now up to the other person to respond. Wait. Listen. If the other is not able to listen respectfully, do not "beat a dead horse." Walk away, with your dignity intact and your adrenaline response unused. Take the evidence for what it is. You have just presented a gift to the other person - an example of reasonable communication. Celebrate your own common sense, and when you have extracted yourself from close contact with the one who denies your worth by refusing to hear your calm and articulate invitation for dialogue, send them love, without recrimination or bitterness, and move on.

I can guarantee that if you use this considerate and uncomplicated approach, you will immediately learn what people are inclined to do of their own volition, separate from any demands or proddings on your part. Watch and listen respectfully when they answer you, and accept what is given for what it is, not for what you wish it were. This alone is the most powerful response you could make. It is equivalent to saying, "I accept that you do not hear me, and do not want to know me."

If you are dismissed or mocked, know that you will not find happiness in the company of this person. They have much work to do, and will learn much more from your departure than they would from an argument with you. Remember: What you oppose, you strengthen. Do not give credence to another's negativity by struggling against it by endlessly trying to defend yourself.

Vow to yourself now that you will reverse what for most has become a reflex; exchange self-defensive arguments for straight-forward, carefully thought out expressions of real feeling, nothing less. You will establish clean, clear communication and honest expression as the norm for those around you. You will have created a flow of loving, honest feeling which can lift all boats. This is the face of freedom and equality on which we will build a New Golden Age. Nothing less will do.

We are the New Golden Age, you and I, in our hearts, in our actions and in our dreams.

I am your Sanat Kumara, One with the Company of Heaven and with you, dear friends.
I am with you always.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 12, 2014, 3 am, Cleveland, Ohio

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

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