Sananda: "Easy Does It!" Unified Redemption Focus Day 3


Sananda: "Easy Does It!" Unified Redemption Focus Day 3
9 November 2016
Hello to each and every one of you. I come to bolster your mighty focus for the release of the famous 800#'s and the exciting new phase of Restoration and Redemption that accompanies them!  We are all together now in the same magnificent moment.  Like you, we in the Company of Heaven are working and stretching beyond our capacity to expand the Light and bring in the Prosperity!
We've given you many tips for inwardly preparing for your Redemption. We've reached out to be with you directly, so that you could not merely stumble your way through these events, but you could KNOW inside that the steps you are taking are because you are a Light-filled child of God fulfilling your destiny and purpose. 
You are doing such a magnificent job at this!  So, I want you to be EASIER on yourself.  You are doing far more than you can perceive as I've often come to tell you, and in this case, it's important you relax your stress and internal pressure. Whenever you clench too tightly in tension, you cannot sustain focus.  And your focus is extremely important at this moment.  So, in the midst of this chaotic time, breathe deeply, relax and focus on our shared dream as it is coming true.
You have done what it takes to become God's vessel of Prosperity and Freedom for your world.  Release the clench...on yourself. You are doing such a beautiful job.  You are meeting and exceeding our agreements together.  You are doing it.  So, a bit, back off the clutch.  No need to keep such a tight grip.  It is time to REAP.
What's most important now and always - always - is your loving Presence.  Take a quiet moment within to feel my Presence with you now.  I love you.  I cherish you.  You can feel my warmth and trust in you.  It becomes quite secondary as to what we say or do next because now we're already in the Presence of Love.  That's reallythe key for you.  That's more than a hint.  That is what unlocks the door of resistance and doubt inside you forever, so that you may drink in the calming nourishment of the Light.
You are full-out working like never before, so at times even for just a moment, it can suddenly feel like you are being bashed around in the storm.  First and always, bring your loving Presence.  That is your Lighthouse because...what is your Loving Presence?  It is the love of God in you, as you.
I, Sananda - along with your fans and family here in the Company of Heaven - affirm in the name of God: You the surface population of Earth are in the process of setting yourselves Free.  It is a joint project with you and us, billions of us.  Billions of higher dimensional, benevolent, loving, adoring beings guiding you, loving you, cheering you, supporting you, believing in you, WITH YOU.  The Freedom and Prosperity Programs you have worked for and believed in are real and currently in progress.  You are on track for your glorious Ascension. 
The GCR is underway and will not be stopped.  Now where else do you want to put your attention?  And why?  You indeed are in line, awaiting your turn.  No one is ahead of you in the line by merit or because they did better or deserve better.  Every place in this line is simply a matter of agreement, for you are beings of Light, fulfilling your missions and assignments to hold the Light for this project, for yourselves and for All.  You are in line exactly where you need to be, where you are best qualified to hold the Light.  Of course you are excited to redeem your currency, as you rightly should be.  And for those of you with your hand in God's, you have already discovered that your Redemption is NOW. 
Keep yourself unencumbered by choosing to be relaxed, aware and loving.  Be willing to be honest with yourself no-matter-what, and you will see the true nature of everything around you.  Here is the pearl: you are a being of love.  
Our revaluation, our Global Currency Reset, is now to release the Prosperity of Heaven to every soul on Earth.  Our RV/GCR is a vital part of NESARA/GESARA and all that is to joyfully follow. You are a being of love holding the Faith and the Light for these programs to begin, out in the open.  We thank you for your service, and we stand by you. Have no fear or doubt as you claim this long deserved celebration for yourself, your family, your friends, this realm, the Kingdoms, humanity's future and far, far beyond. 
Namaste my family.
I Am Sananda.
(Channeled by Christine Burk 11/9/16)
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