This message will raise some eyebrows but I am still posting it...I resonate with it...and I really feel the truth in it...We have been manipulated to believe that we don't deserve abundance and prosperity...To be able to accomplish our mission and to be independent we need the blessings of Heaven, and this is part of it...Many of the Masters before us chose to live comfortably, like Saint Germain and Osho...It is a personal choice...There is nothing wrong with living in comfort, money is an energy which is to be used wisely, for our benefit and that of all those of our brothers and sisters in need...This takes a lot of responsibility on our part in the handling of money...Blessings...Amparo

Sananda: A Just New World


You are going to see the RV in a matter of days, at last. As you know, there were several times when we thought it would go through, but obstacles intervened. In the interim, the world has changed. We now are in a much better position to have an orderly and uncomplicated exchange for the people, without worries that the banks will be able to steal your blessings with hidden fees, threats and secret small print.

It is truly a new day, Beloved Ones. Everywhere the Light is permeating the darkness, in the corners where the shadows have lingered for generations. Even in the Middle East where the dictators threaten and plot to maintain their power, the people on the ground are no longer taking them seriously. There will be a few skirmishes, then peace will settle upon the land once and for all. We are overjoyed to see the many places where soldiers are finding it less and less appealing to follow a hotheaded despot into battle. The news will not be found on your media, but I assure you that the conflicts in the world are diminishing, and a new feeling of hope has begun to spread across the globe.

Around the world you are also seeing changes in the leaders of major powers, who are taking new initiative to combine forces against the banking Cabal which has had a stranglehold on Europe and the United States for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, there will be an interim during which much reorganization will be required, and it may cause some upset in the American psyche to find themselves lagging behind during the restructuring of financial and legal systems. If you are prepared by knowing this, you will ride it out joyfully, without fear, and you will lead others to do the same.

This is a complex and delicate process. It is being orchestrated behind the scenes with great care and concern for the stability of the countries which are now receiving a jolt of reality as the dark systems are being dismantled. It is a difficult position for the leaders of the "free world" to have to walk the fine line between protecting their people who would be the first to be affected by a major shift in the financial systems, and preserving the system which keeps the majority enslaved to the few who have been in control.

As much as we are looking forward to the shift which will return the power to the people, these are the very same people who will be most affected in the short term by economic upheaval. Those in the middle and working classes who manage to keep going with little in the way of savings or long-term security are most vulnerable. This is why it is so important that the revaluation of currencies provide the means for Lightworkers to offer a buffer with their personalized efforts to protect and provide for those in need when the changes take place. There is no governmental agency which can provide as quickly and as personally when real need arises.

Yes, it is you, Beloved Ones, who will stand as the safety net for your neighbors and family members who find themselves in temporary difficulty because of the massive shifts and changes. You are resourceful, creative and most original in your abilities to act spontaneously with good will when the occasion arises. Your attitude of wanting so much to help out and to be there when others are in need will come to fruition in the days ahead. You will become the mainstay of happily administered programs to bring good food, shelter and great comfort to those who are frightened by the changes - those who know nothing about the Ascension, except that they have been feeling the opening up as well.

It will be suddenly easier to accomplish the things that were so troublesome and difficult in the past because of red tape and bureaucratic foot-dragging. Those who are suddenly powerless to help or to hinder those who used to be completely at their mercy will find themselves unseated from their positions of power over others. From the smallest motor vehicle office to the largest social services facility, it will become clear that a bureaucracy which creates obstacles for their clients rather than serving them does not deserve to exist.

Your leaders have a wider range view of national and international conditions than you do, Dear Ones, since you are completely deprived of accurate reports from within your own countries as well as from abroad. In fact, those reading these messages are far more informed of the real conditions in the world than any TV watcher. I will give you an example.

It has been the clever campaign from the dark side over the past 40 years or so to revile everything having to do with "government," blaming big government for all the ills, debts and problems in the nation. This was a clever ploy to deflect the rage away from themselves, the secret government which was siphoning off taxpayer money by the trillions of dollars, while programs which would provide for infrastructure, education and social services became the target of blame. Their real fear was that those in Congress who refused to knuckle under to their bribes and their demands might actually be able to stand between them and their profits.

There have been courageous elected officials who used what small influence they had to make the public aware of the disastrous misuse of funds and the takeover of the elected government by the manipulators and propaganda generators who loudly forced themselves into every discussion, every attempt to place regulations or boundaries on their freewheeling greed and the laissez-faire policies which protected them. It has truly been a secret Gilded Age, unbeknownst to the general public, who, directed by the propaganda machine, blame their elected officials.

In the midst of this downward slide into a free-for-all greed fest, the Supreme Court of the U.S. allowed the "Citizens United" law to stand (really the euphemism for Corporations United), permitting nearly unlimited amounts of money to be used to buy new politicians so that they could rid themselves of the bothersome renegades who insisted on questioning the EPA, FDA, FAA, FBI, HAARP, the CIA and other arms of the cabal which were operating mostly outside the control of the elected government, including the President. A richly funded attack campaign featuring historically unprecedented slander, lies and brazen accusations of wrong-doing where none existed has become so constant and so cleverly constructed that the population has become unable to distinguish fact from fiction.

Note that these attacks are not funded by the usual political fundraising but are created by anyone with enough money to buy airtime and enough anonymity to say anything they want without regard for decency or the preservation of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." They are entirely motivated by self-interest and personal gain.

These underhanded tactics are not new; they are however newly approved by the federal government under the name of free speech for corporations and self-interest groups, which now have more protection than individuals. In fact it is the individuals who are the focus of these attacks who have the least in the way of truth-finding support or the means to counteract the onslaught.

Why do I bring these things to your attention? Because there are good people under attack in every area of life, as the cabal plays out its last gasp. I have always been a defender of Truth and one who stands for those who are most vulnerable. Now, the attacks have become more public, and therefore more widely experienced. A kind of numbness has allowed acceptance of the most outrageous manipulation of information and reinterpretation of "facts." The anonymity of the media and the internet have allowed an unprecedented veil between the accuser and the accused, to the extent that most libel and slander goes unaddressed and uncorrected.

There is a rule of thumb which I want you to consider. The brighter the Light, the more resentment and bile is likely to be directed toward that person. The goal is to cast doubt on the person's integrity and credibility, and the more extreme the allegation, the more believable it seems. Beware, Beloved Ones, that you not be caught up in the lure of the outrageous. It is a strategy which has been used to great effect recently.

The more outlandish the "expose," the more it titillates the imagination and places the seed of doubt. For instance, Obama is a Muslim who was not born in the U.S. There is proof, because the accusation has been repeated thousands of times. His wife is really a man in drag. Photoshopped pictures prove it. A plane hit the World Trade Center, because an animated video shows an airplane melting into the building rather than actually hitting it. If it is shown enough times, with a voice-over describing something else, people learn to suspend judgment and believe what they are told.

How often have you been told that someone you initially admired and trusted was actually a puppet for the cabal, or under the influence of the dark side, or has lost their mind or their courage or their heart?

Here is what it means to use good judgment under such circumstances. (Judgment is not a bad thing, by the way. It does not make you mean or judgmental. It means you are making wise choices. It is the effective use of intelligence and Heart.) First, free yourself from the prejudice against making a reasonable judgment; it is how you protect yourself and others.

Before you begin fact-checking or asking others whether they believe the accusation or innuendo, ask yourself: What does this person have to gain by invalidating the one they are pointing at? How much do they have to lose if they do not discredit the person they are trying to tarnish in your eyes? Is there money at stake, or is it an issue of power? Why are they using a negative approach - disparaging the other - rather than demonstrating their own skills and competence?

And most importantly, why have you all, as a culture, come to accept the negative approach to winning a point, or defeating an opponent? Why is it ever acceptable to accuse without evidence, to weave fantastical insinuations based on hearsay (which was once inadmissible as evidence for anything)? You call it being tried in the court of public opinion. It is no different from public stoning in the village square. It is a misdeed which should bring dishonor to the aggressor, not the accused.

As we work with you from the Higher Dimensions to bring an end to the dark days of old, we are here to help you, you who will be the creators of the new Planet Earth, to free yourselves from these contrivances of injustice, lest you allow it to hold you in lower vibration. If you have even once taken part in a gossip-fest or a public trial by accusation, you must sit down with yourself, take yourself in hand, and reach deeply into your heart to ask forgiveness of the one you have dishonored. Ask yourself if you have contributed to the negativity by remaining silent, increasing the energy of the attack by entertaining it in your thoughts, or by spreading the word, sending doubt and fear outward to poison trust, placing yourself in alignment with something dark and destructive.

There is a New Age device which is often used to cover up meanness. A person sends a letter of insults, accusing their former friend of being a fraud, a cheat and a charlatan, then signs the letter with "I send you love, that you may be able to change/awaken/see the light." This nonsensical juxtaposition is anything but loving.

If you wish to send someone love, just send it from your heart, with kindness and joy behind it, and say nothing. Do not take it upon yourself to create pain - it will only drive the person toward defensiveness if they are truly of bad character, or it will invite damage to the person of Light if they are innocent. You are not a God who condemns. Instead, be yourself. Your most loving, kind and uplifting self.

You have the power, Beloved Ones, to create or to destroy. You live still under the agreement of free will. You are therefore adding your energy always to the Light or the Dark. Be aware, be mindful, be focused always on the highest and greatest good, which is Love.

I come to you as the one who has known injustice, and the one who has known God. It is now our time to turn the wheel full circle, to embrace our just and loving hearts, to fulfill our destiny as those who create anew, never to return to the dark ploys and ruses which intended failure of every endeavor, every relationship and every effort to rise up.

We will overcome darkness by being Light; we will join together because we gain strength and joy from each other's Love. We will build our New World on a foundation of kindness, not conflict, divisiveness or war. Ours will be a labor of Love, and its fruits will be Unity.

We are One.
I am your Sananda, and I speak with my heart filled with Love and anticipation for the celebration to come. Namaste, Dear Ones.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 29, 2014, 3 am, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

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  • I have observed that many chase things without even knowing whether it is required or not.
    As regards serving- if it is truly selfless i.e, without even a desire to get acknowledged- you take the first step rest follows.
    make a beginning. in parked
  • An accurate description of what is happening. I like it. Some try to say K. May is CIA disinfo, but that is what real CIA disinfo would like you to think. May the truth be revealed soon.

  • So many times Elisabeth made so many wonderful predictions, but none of them did happen. I will be more than happy that this message is really from Sananda, and in few days, as she said, we will see a certain event leading to RV or disclosure. If the message is really from Sananda, of course, everything what he said will happen. If not, then this message will be just another false one, designed probably by dark cabal, for some negative impact on people. If nothing will happen, then Elizabeth invented it, or she can't check the identity of the transmitter. With the same clever tactics the cabal distorted the bible, mixing some truth with a lot of lies. Using your intuition, select what resonate with truth and light, and discard the rest. Do the same about this message.  

  • wow.. everybody should read this, and meditate on it. Brilliant.

  • Ask yourself a question-
    Is it really necessary?
    Then run after it ;-)
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