“ Greetings my dear ones ! I AM St. Germaine , and I am gladly coming today to address thee , to bring you my Love and Light and Joy as always , to congratulate and bring you again My and the whole COL’s appreciations and applauds for your steadfastness and fortitude .

It takes a lot of strength to navigate these difficult times, again there are waves of thick clouds and layers  of negativity that are being cleared from Gaia and the whole human collective . You are feeling it of course, and you are working on constantly clearing and transmuting , paying attention to all the energies that are coming your way and then using all the tools that you have, to discriminate , to discern and to release ..

We are so very proud to see how every day, in the morning and sometimes more than once, you are clearing your space and bodies , filling up with the Light from the Source , Mother/Father /One and take it with thee and give it freely and lovingly to all . You are making such a great difference, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters, your Light and work has a greater impact then you can comprehend at this time . 

We understand how difficult it is, for some of this negativity and old energies are affecting you and it might not be that easy to release them, and it may take some effort to bring yourself back into the Truth and the Love of who you are, but We are here to remind you that We are constantly available and more than willing to assist you in this process and whatever you may need throughout the day.

I encourage you to make use of the violet flame at all times, wrap and surround yourself in the violet flame upon awakening , mostly so when you had some uncomfortable dreams and therefore some deeper work into the shadows and when you wake up with that uneasiness and uncomfortable feeling .

Know that most of you are going through the process of clearing the core of the core issues , very old and ancient memories, Lemurian and/or Atlantean Lifetimes . The process is the same , there is no need to analyze and spend more than few moments in recognizing the issues and release and eliminate them with no judgment, but know that for all of you this was the original reason for the feeling of unworthiness and being unlovable , for you couldn’t forgive yourself for the so perceived mistakes that you have made eons ago and suffering that the humanity and Gaia had to go through in  the darkest ages . As soon you will find out, you have done nothing wrong, all was and is happening as per Divine plan and order .

Once you release all these deepest remnants of your issues , you are indeed able to free yourself and much will be opened for you and you will shift finally and remember your LightPower and will be able to step gracefully into your Magnificence and  Mastery at last . I congratulate you all for this achievement , for this is what you have been working on for the longest time .

We are here to support you and love you , always !

Have a marvelous love and joy filled day !

Farewell “

Saint Germaine

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