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Report from Céline: Struggle in Zimbabwe

I reported on GAoG the hopes and optimism of the people in Zimbabwe when Mugabe was thrown from power.

The situation has gone from bad to worse, the poverty is increasing exponentially but I’m always amazed at the resilience of the people.

My daughter, Natasha, visited Zimbabwe in March. Life goes on, the people are as beautiful, creative, gracious and resourceful as they ever were, amid ever harsher living conditions.

The Zimbabwean government has no clue, and no interest, in creating Abundance for All. I am so looking forward to, and invoking, Divine government the world over, governments for the people and by the people.

Beautiful Zimbabwean, Sacha Stone, is featured in another video conversation – covering children rescue, the masking of our Selves, but also Ascension and the 

need for us to stand Sovereign in our Light:

Natasha helped a lady buy groceries – she had open infected wounds on her arm and told her story, lives in “the bush” as it is called.

There is so much need that the needy receive extremely little attention. Yet, Natasha went to the flea market in Harare and it was vibrant, but that was before the lock-down. Cathy Buckle’s update is more recent, the flea market is probably vacated currently.

These are links I sent to a friend recently (I don’t name the c thing [Covid-19]):

A BBC report, HARDtalk, on the struggle to survive:

Two reports on food shortages amid the c thing:

Not much positive to report, only nice to see the fresh veggie boxes being assembled…and the resilience of those amazing people in Zimbabwe.

Much Love for today. The Light of God is Always Victorious, and I AM that Light! (Patricia Cota-Robles)


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Comment by amparo alvarez on May 22, 2020 at 11:56pm


So, where you see…whether it is next door neighbor, or Washington … Syria … Zimbabwe … anything that is not of love, take it in your hands, cup it as if you are trying to get … a sip of water … whether an entire continent or an individual, and allow the Violet Flame … burning brightly in your hands to begin to transmute and transform it. Send the Violet Flame from your third eye … your heart … your hands, make it the bonfire. St. Germaine

Comment by amparo alvarez on May 22, 2020 at 11:07pm
The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Responsible Government

Our Vision for today comes to you from our new friend, Baku. We truly appreciate it and intend that you do too. Thanks so much, Baku!

I see a world where our politicians are, each one, striving to tell the truth and will not participate in slander, mudslinging, or anything that would or could cause harm or hurt to another person, even if it would be true.........  either  to those involved politically or not involved in politics.

I see a government where old fashioned values and trust have been restored....where all the parties work together for the good "of the people" regardless of party affiliation, structure or dynamics.  I envision a government where each individual fulfills his or her office without thought of greed, aggrandizement, self-absorbancy, filling their pockets with others' money and instead are keeping faithful watch over the duties of their office and their promises and pledges to their fellow citizens of this planet..............instead of watching the Perks file and seeing what they can get for themselves.  

I see a government that respects the "workers" and all those who struggle to pay the taxes, fees, fines, penalties etc that have become such a burden to free people.............While some of these monies are necessary....I see a time when unfair or dubious monies collected are returned to the people....and any monies collected are only under a democratic vote and a majority rules guideline.  

I see a time when faith and trust in our government is restored to the extent that our young people are given qualified heros and people of honor to look up too..............and they, our children, and grandchildren,  themselves would choose to follow on a path where they can truly be a blessing and fulfill their duties toward democracy and their constituency, when they enter the arena of politics.   And I see a day when we can stand tall and proud when we tell someone that our child, grandchild....niece, nephew etc. has decided to enter into politics to make this a better world to live in. I see a time when this is not a dream.....but a reality....where all people and all races are living together in Peace and Harmony.............

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