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Recreate the Internet

In my opinion, lightworkers need to build a new Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google, Youtube, etc.

That doesn’t mean censorship would be gone.

It’d be no more acceptable to have white supremacists, say, spreading hate on a new social media than it was on the old.

Hate speech violates international conventions like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Human rights need to prevail. These things don’t change.

But to get around “fake news” denying that such things as pedophilia and child sacrifice exist, when we have so many witnesses telling us they do, we need to recreate the Internet – or at least a lot of our social-media apps on the present Internet – I believe.

And that may mean that, in the beginning with the new apps, we may not get the level of service we used to.

The search engine I now use is not as broad-reaching as Google was. But gradually ours will get better and theirs will lose market share.  I predict that the nimble mammals will survive the lumbering dinosaurs. (1)

I’m suggesting we start in on building a new Internet now.

Let’s build an innovative and socially-responsive virtual world of social media, without the traps and censorship of the old. Built not on might makes right but on love bringing all things into right alignment.

I predict that many employees from the various media giants will join us in such an effort.  I   believe they’re itching to put their skills to work in an ethical environment.

And we’ll have unseen help as well, I predict.

My job is to write about it. It’s up to others … yes, to take action.  In this role as a writer (as opposed, say, to  work as a pipeline), writing is my action. I have to remind myself never to latch on to one project and act on it.  I need to remain here, writing.

It’s only a question of time before new apps arise on the Internet to replace Facebook, Twitter, etc. I say let’s start in on it now.


(1) See “Nimble Mammals – 1; Brainless Dinosaurs – 0,” Sept. 5, 2011, at and “Nimble Mammals Outlast the Dinosaurs,” September 22, 2019, at

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