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Prepared Yourself Psychical and Direct contact awake Stage Exterrestrial , Alien, Light being! 8/7/2015

I got a blue light blank on my left eye, when i Wrote this simple instruction. Mean i being truthful , train you all what I experience a daily life, that is real. Nothing made up, it real life experience.

Have we all can experience the same things as all contactee.

Interact with a Real beings , in home, forest, desert, out side or public places. Or they beam you up take you all to private location, base, space craft or another planet, or another dimension, or ultra reality. Time travel is big one they ET like to do, Highest Et, no time. This where angel and creation is at........ Past , present and future all at once. they can take any time line to show you all a message. 

Why are they helping a few people not you all? They work with people are already program to work them in spiritual change constantly threw out time.

When a person go spiritual, when a person let go egos, when a person put more loving to life and spiritual growth, is the process showing the ET and alien you are building intelligence,

Main things is to wake up, and remember your ET past life memories first.

>>>>>>>>QUICK step earn contact

Most ET and alien desire a non war behavior.

turning to the truth, show society brain wash

No egos, Bad behavior on people, Limited anger

Show love and positive vibe

Don't fall in dark society fashion and music. it ok for those, you all had to understand, music does with dark ,is made by illuminated and dark society, Ok to listen to them, longest you understand why they made it.

>>>>>>pull yourself away from religion, turning back to spiritual growth, ok to follow ET christ, he is example to become universe energy, he is universe Nordic...... 

Where the right color when you sleep and meditate..... floral and object distract the ET and alien, What we wear turn star light in noise field, i am learning this technique.....

taking your psychic skills to highest, getting vision and event to save life. Talking to spirit, to find the light and their home planet. when a spirit of dead , i contact their home planet, what starseed reality, who their twinflame , true mate energy...... Spirit tend freak out, you had tell them they are dead, they are stuck dimension.

>>>>>>>>>>>Spirit get a another chance reincarnation, there is no hell, Remember that........ we all get reincarnation and fixed , depend on your time frame. we keep growing and fixing vibration.

dont be scare of ghost , even if they bad, help them get to light and their star nation home planet.

>>>>>>>this is showing et you have intelligence helping the dead , if you highly medium like I.


Another thing is astra travel, leaving out of body, if you do this more often is showing intelligence

Stopping human abduction with your energy, Waking up another human mother earth to spirituality, Speaking alien and et at meeting, Going to other planet and explore culture, technology, what they eat, animals and so on. 

flying to space is one thing, going threw warm h*** and spiritual gate.


Your spiritual energy is saving life on the planet, without you knowing, you do shift and upgrade , bounce back all life.

No negative personality,,,,,,,,

Meditation work, 

main , know their language,symbols, and behavior. to interact with them.

Learn it, spend days on drawing book, or writing on white bored. REmember they record everything, even we erase it....... not forgotten, depend if you want to share information for all to see . like the future generation.

..............There is more, these are main reason they connect you.


What happen they connect you,

first of all, They show up and surprise you, we here.

only few do that, depend on your contact........ On my contact, they not aloud to touch my energy, or stable I.

i get freak out and than i calm down. depend who allow to see I.

Most you get a message, they speak awake or sleep stage. They be in your dream train you all to interact them. Dream are real, i call dream training, people need to take dream seriously, they deal real beings........ Spiritual contact happen in both reality. They put in training in reality. if you like to meditate , they come in teach you who they are and culture. most First time contact is your space family, or relative, some assign to show you the way, the next step...... some people will get random alien and Et , for their next training session.

training take few days or week, or months or year, don't expect direct contact is instantly in real life. Timing is and patient....... dont rush them to contact you psychic, keep learning.

Strong loving energy and light show up around you, or your room......they show up couple time get use to them. sometime they will get your vibration stable. we tend to freak ,caused they have little different. ok to be freak out first time...... get out of system. we are used to human world, been along time to get used unknown............

That is training, 

usually head chakra is open, a sense of invisible present near you, but it sound like a ghost in the room or house. but it actually ET and alien, in another dimension, they can shift dimension to reveal their self, they have cloaking device.

they highe telepathy ability, even you dont hear them speaking. they give image and feeling.......Not alot nordic ET and alien speak, Mostly telepathy.

>>>>>>>>REMEMBER you on mother earth to respective your star nation or universe. we all here together, to involve human race to highest spiritual growth, those who make contact, is teach other they are family too, teach the truth, bring more contactee experience .more alien and et interaction..........ONly you can help everyone make more contact, show intelligence we need them. They are waiting for timing,,,,,,, They are here. we need to open up and interact with them............Dont matter they are humanoid or alien, or bug, or creature, they are all our family as one........ >>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>Now time to increase psychic contact,,,,,,,,, They meet you any time or day, any place, IF they look similar to us, they blend in public, they are here, they are everywhere, cloak or watching, or on space craft........ or in hallow earth............ you take your spiritual growth where you want to go..........

if you want to meet all ALIEN and ET in our universe........Good job,,,,,,,,,,We all should know. remember over trillion different kind alien, bug, humanoid out there. Dont be over whelm, do it because you love them, you want them be part of you. everyone can share my experience. when they are ready, we wait,,,,,,,,,, till you meet the expectation of truth, show us u want to connect , we will come to you.........I never left you, Reveal your et and family around you. huge group protecting and watching you, advise you on your journey, take it and cherish it............We all have the right to see what is hidden from us, it is given to us the right time.............Listen to stories of contactee, take it as tool learn from it....COnnect with are space family now, >>>>>>THEY HERE ALL ALONG< WAIT FOR YOU TO OPEN UP.


I have direct contact with any alien and Humanoid beings, real life and spiritual both way......This is basic way to interact with any beings, even highest Universal, light beings,,,,,, 

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Comment by UniverseMother3 on August 8, 2015 at 4:48pm

I felt it a debate..... hmmmm 

Comment by UniverseMother3 on August 8, 2015 at 4:47pm

tall white energy is strange, they break usa in money. They like to gamble in las vegas,NV. but other nordic want las vegas non exist remove of money........ two et not agree about las vegas NV. one say mind your own business. while universe, want las vegas stop bad energy and gamble. hmmmmmmmStrange energy.

Comment by UniverseMother3 on August 7, 2015 at 5:18pm

I am infinty percent real contactee, I dont lie........ Everything from heart and truth, to become my experience, and cherish it,,,,,,,,,, experience is for all.......

Comment by UniverseMother3 on August 7, 2015 at 5:16pm

THis will HELP ACC and Ben arion and all folks. Become Real life contactee , with experience increased more contact before ALL ET and alien, make Huge contact in public to human in way further in future... If more connect them, more each for them interact with the public, we need to adapt now, we need them part of us..........They need us, as much we need them.............THis Golden Key to Make direct connection..........Mother Universe, and Father Universe give you all access, what is hidden is no more, Is open to all.........We all get it, we love with out war behavior,,,,,,, show pure of heart, show protection, show growth............Truth COme out,,,,,,,Lies of society will be no more...

This some of information to contact them, i give you all that is basic, Other stuff we learn to who we all connect. i connect all et in universe. i am not tie stay nation, i give you access connect any et you want feel like connecting, it a choice. where you want to learn and will.

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