Past Life reading for me - By Daisy Lynn

When I ask spirit to be connected to a past life, I ask to be taken to the lifetime that is most relevant to what is going on in your current life at this moment.

Please know that some of the things that come up with this are not always nice, for example I always end with being asked to show me how you died. So it is important not to dwell on any of the subjects that come up, but rather try to see what you have learned from this past life and how you can use it in this lifetime. Past Life Therapy is all about HEALING. So these things only come up if they are beneficial for your healing process.
I ask for you to be surrounded in a blue mist and I visualise you being lifted up until you are no longer of the earth plane, until you are who you really are - your soul. I connect with you on a soul level before gently placing you back on the earth. I then clairvoyantly tune into what is going on around you. I ask that your feet be buried into the earth below and then I look at your feet. I saw you were barefoot, as I travelled up your body I saw you were wearing a dark brown cloth type tunic, when I reached your head I saw you had long dark hair and a feather headdress. You were a Native American Indian. A young male, around 15 or 16. And before your cynical mind creeps in....I will tell you the first time I had a regression I was native American and I thought "yeah right, doesn't everyone think they're native American or Egyptian?" but honestly, apart from myself, I very rarely have clients who were Native American in a past life.

I then ask to be taken to a significant memory in your past and I saw you standing in the middle of battlefield. There were soldiers on horses shooting and stabbing people, it was chaos but you were stood perfectly still in the centre of this. You held a small dagger in your left hand and I saw you make a small incision with it on the palm of your right hand. Then you appeared to be inside a large tent and a woman wearing a long grey dress was tending to the injured soldiers. You were holding a jug of hot water and seemed to be assisting her. You watched closely as she applied bandages to their wounds and she was applying a bandage to a man who had a slice in his right hand, the same way as you had just cut your own hand. I have no clue to the significance of this cutting of the hand. Perhaps it will become clear to you as you read this.

I asked which war this was and was told the American Civil War, I asked the year and heard 1853.
Then suddenly you were sitting around a campfire with a native American man, he had a magnificent headdress of feathers. I asked who this man was and was told her was your father. He held your bleeding hand and put some blood into a cup. He then began making tinctures with various plants and roots. He was teaching you how to mix these tinctures. He then began what looked like a ritual. He was singing and dancing around the fire and you joined him. He held the cup of tincture to the sky and called on the Great Spirit and the Mighty Eagle. This appeared to be a very magical experience and you were in awe of it. He appeared to be training you in the ways of the Shaman, he was passing down great gifts of the Medicine men and women of the tribe. This was a very significant moment in this lifetime. And my interpretation of this is that it is likely you are a natural healer in this lifetime, you certainly can draw on your past life memory of being a powerful Shaman with a very powerful and magical father. It is also likely that you have a strong connection with your father in your current lifetime, or if you do not, this is a reminder that you did have a strong paternal connection in the past and so there is an opportunity for this to happen in your current or future lives.

I then asked to be transported to another significant moment in your past lifetime. I saw you in a village, a tribal village and there was a huge celebration. It was your wedding day. You were marrying a beautiful young native girl. I felt a such a strong tribal connection, you had a large family who respected and cared for you. I then saw that the tribe was Cherokee. As you looked into the eyes of your young bride the feeling of the love between you was so intense it made me feel quite emotional! This was a true love found only once every few lifetimes! I sense you do or will very soon know her in this lifetime and you will know it instantly by her eyes. You will connect on a very deep soul level.

The next significant moment in your lifetime I see you getting onto your horse and waving to your wife. She is carrying your child. You ride out to hunt for food and return later that evening. Upon your return you see that a few tents in the village have been destroyed and when you reach your own tent you see that your wife is not there. She has been captured, along with some other women from the tribe. You are distraught, I can literally feel the pain of your loss in my solar plexus as this happens. You and some other men arrange to ride out in search of your wives. It is night-time and you are in a desert. You are alone now and you are just walking, walking aimlessly searching for her but you cannot find her. There is an overwhelming sense of loss and abandonment - even though she has not abandoned you through choice but she is gone just the same and the hole in your heart is growing larger each day. I sense that you have carried this fear of abandonment into your current lifetime also. You have had a fear of becoming too close to partners in case they are taken from you again.

Finally I asked to be taken to the moments just before your death. You were in a town which looked like something straight out of a Cowboy film. You were suddenly grabbed from behind by a man and he slit your throat from right to left. He threw your bleeding body to the dirt beside a group of other Indians. As you lay there bleeding you notice that your wife was lying beside you. She was dead also. It seemed like you had went to this place to rescue her but had not got away from the captives. As you both lay there, your bodies were dead but you were still very much alive and looking into eachother eyes once again. It was then that I sensed you made a soul contract with this woman. You were promised to be together for eternity in spirit and that you would incarnate together again, maybe not even in the bodies of a man and woman, perhaps as 2 men, or even 2 animals! But that you would be together many times and always be bound together by this beautiful soul contract.

I am picking up on an inbalance in your throat chakra, so you may still be holding onto some of the negative energies from this lifetime. Please set your attention to completely cancel and clear any ties or contracts to your death in this lifetime, ask that you no longer wish to carry the residue of this pain. It is gone. So be it so.
I think the overriding message in this session is for you to be open to receive great love again, to remember your powerful soul contract and to move through your issues of abandonment and loss. But this is just my simple perspective as a person who does not know you. I think it’s VERY important for you to contemplate what has come up for you today and try to make your own interpretations out of it. Some things will resonate with you right away, others you may need to go away and think about and others will spring up unexpectedly for you in a few weeks or months time when you think “oh! That makes sense now”.
I began to close this healing session by asking for you to be again surrounded by the blue mist and returned to your soul’s spiritual haven before being placed back on Earth in your present day incarnation.
I then activated a chakra & aura flush, which is a distance healing technique which helps to clear and balance any negative energies around your aura and cleanses your chakra centres. I would suggest you do some further healing especially around the throat and heart chakra. You can do this yourself in a meditative state by visualising pure white light energy swirling around these chakras until they become bright and clear. I also have a few reiki attunements you may be interested in receiving, such as the Aura Flush attunement or the Open Heart Reiki attunement.

Finally I asked the Angels to join me in covering your entire field of energy field with Light and we sealed it with the Light and Love of the divine. I then affirmed to be completely disconnected from your energy field and I would advise you do the same from me if you haven’t already.
Say aloud:
“I now wish to be disconnected completely from Daisy Lynn, peace & blessings to her”.
I ended with a prayer of gratitude to the divine for the healing work that was done for you through the angels.
Thank you again for asking me to work with you, I hope you have found some of this information to be useful and that your healing process is now beginning or completing.

Daisy Lynn

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