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The KEY to remember here is that: the Law of Divine Love dictates that you must always practise HARMLESSNESS and COMPASSION in ALL of your interactions with yourself, with another person/living being, and, with the world around you.

Remember loved ones, many people will initially not like, or, will resist change, until they are in alignment/ready for such change to finally take place. Do not be afraid of their resistance, loved ones. People, most of the time, just need some time to adapt to the change, and to do this, they first need to understand.

So whenever you are ready to bring about and announce a change that you know is not going to be liked by someone else/other people/the world, how you conduct yourself; how you introduce the change; how you explain the necessity of such a change; how you deal with opposition, is crucial.

Do whatever you can to provide clarity and minimise misunderstanding. Carry yourself and always speak/act with Love, Compassion, Patience or Understanding, when dealing with those who oppose/are not happy with the change. Be prepared and willing to provide a fair, suitable (perhaps financial) reparation in order to make amends, or balance the energetic karmic scale between all affected parties. All of you have the innate ability to sense when things are out of balance, in all of your relationships and in every aspect of your life.

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes, to understand how they were feeling, in order to maintain a harmonious environment/a lasting, higher dimensional relationship, based on mutual respect, love, forgiveness and understanding.

This is all about committing yourself to practising a heart-based, higher dimensional, verbal/written/body language communication with the people or world around you.

You, Our beloved Masters of Love & Light, must now constantly practise the 5D way of communication. If your goal is to successfully ascend to 5D, you must now learn to open up to the people around you, communicate your honest feelings and at times show vulnerability (if/when necessary, to further explain why you needed to take such action/create the change), in order to minimise/eliminate/avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, disharmony, karma, friction, conflict, enmity, grudges or hard feelings -> that could have been easily avoided if you had instead chosen to openly communicate with LOVE, compassion, patience, kindness and understanding.

Communicating your feelings, showing your weakness/vulnerability, remaining open-hearted and completely honest with yourself & others, do not make you a weak person. If anything, all of these indicate that you are a very strong person who is not afraid of what people say/think about you. And that you are someone who always stands for the Highest Truth, even if the painful truth got revealed to the people/world around you.

Maintain this open, loving, and heart-based communication for however long necessary, until all the parties affected by the change can more easily accept said change and move on with their lives.

Walking away from a conflict; from difficult situations/from challenging people (who had opposed you/opposed the change that you had initiated) might seem to be the easy way out at times, but if your goal is to master your Mastery, this is no longer an option.

What you resist, will always persist. It’s time for you to understand that if you choose to walk away, then one day the Universe/your Higher Self will simply create similar situations in your life next time (with new players), in order to assist you with completely mastering the Fine Art of: Unconditional Love & Unconditional Forgiveness, and, living in Perfect Harmony under the Law of One.

And thus, it is faster and simpler for you to bravely face, deal with, and, master all the life/mastery lessons that your I AM Presence brings you, as soon as they appeared in your life, rather than running away, avoiding or hiding from these tests.

We never said that your journey to full Spiritual Mastery & full integration with your Higher Self is going to be easy. However, we have full confidence that all of you here, our beloved chelas, will one day get there - always with our loving support & guidance.

Everything that We have told you thus far, is to show you the best way on how to decide whether to resist, or, to accept the limitations/restrictions that the people/wold have caused you to experience, and, how to stop creating karma for yourself.

Thus accelerating your journey to the ‘Finish Line’ - where you successfully become the full personification of your God-Self.

After everything that We had explained above, it will do you well to remember, loved ones, that ultimately, Freedom is the Innate Nature & Divine Right of EVERY living being.

God is Unlimited, and thus, the moment you/other people/the government create a limitation/restriction of any kind, for any reason, and on any living being, what you are in fact doing is: you are putting a limitation on God.

And just like you are an aspect of the Most High Living God, every single person you meet daily/every animal/every tree/rock that you see is also an aspect of God. They are all equally Divine; equally loved by God/Source/Prime Creator no matter what.

Loved ones, it is important for you all to completely understand right now, that the moment you/the people around you/the authorities in charge:

take away, limit, or oppress any living being‘s freedom to be, to choose, to say, or, to do whatever they wish in life (no matter how good and justifiable your/their reasons are, e.g. for public health and safety, or, as punishments to correct the wrongs that people had done), you/they are in fact taking away this living being’s Basic Divine Rights and Freedom to be/to live as a Divine Aspect of God.

This is actually considered to be a major violation of the Law of ONE, in ALL Higher Dimensional civilisations out there in the Universe.

It is actually unheard of, for higher dimensional beings (especially those in high positions of leadership) to behave in such a manner towards another/towards those under their charge.

This is because such a behaviour will be in direct violation of the ‘Sovereignty of the I AM Presence’ that governs the embodied soul(s), whose Divine Rights and Freedom just happened to have been limited/restricted/oppressed by you, or by the people, groups, authorities or governments in charge.

And yes, We are completely aware of the enormous implications that Our above statements have brought to this higher dimensional discourse.

Many events that had happened in the past, that are happening now, and that will continue to occur for the foreseeable future almost everywhere on planet Earth, are in fact a major violation of the Divine Law of ONE. e.g. various governments’ measures to fight the virus by putting their citizens under lockdown (causing immeasurable stress or financial hardship for many); the judges’ rulings to put criminals behind bars had restricted these people’s divine freedom; people’s continuous mistreatment and cruelty towards millions of animals around the planet daily, have ensured that divine freedom is either severely limited or non-existent for these living beings, etc. - the never ending list of Divine Cosmic Laws violations continues.

This also means, that your entire planet, led by the people/governments/authorities in charge, has been operating in complete violation of the Cosmic Divine Laws of Unconditional Love and Harmony, for a very very long time. This ‘faulty’ 3D-based operating system had trapped all humans throughout the ages, in the toxic, endless Karmic cycles of your own making that created great suffering for many. Successfully keeping you all from manifesting/enjoying the experience of ‘Heaven on Earth’.

The entire ’operating system’ governing present-day life on planet Earth, is deeply flawed within & without, and requires a complete and massive re-set, or, total destruction of all 3D programming and belief systems that can be found within all ascending souls; within all groups/organisations/all levels of governments.

And it is to be expected that with such a flawed system, the Divine Rights and Freedom of ALL living beings on your planet will remain limited (ranging from severely limited, to partially limited) in some way, manner, or form.

To better understand what We meant, let us take a closer look at the evidence all around you.

Look at how, very young children, behave around you. Young children are the ‘newcomers’ to Earth, and as such, they are closest (vibrationally-speaking) to Source. They haven’t forgotten their Divine Identity and Innate Characteristics, so they behave and they feel as FREE as can be. They instinctively know that Earth is their ‘playground’ thus they are naturally curious about anyone they meet; anything that they happen to see/touch/smell/encounter daily. Most of the time, they will behave in a manner that consistently displays their Free, Higher Dimensional, nature.

Always expressing their Highest Truth with perfect honesty is an innate ability children have, and oftentimes their Truth is communicated in a manner that may perhaps seem rude, direct, or blunt to the adults. But this is just a reflection on how open and honest they naturally are. They also often demonstrate infectious joy, complete innocence and a natural trust of the people/world around them.

These young children are perfect reflections of the characteristics and divine nature of your Higher Self. They are exactly how you always are, when you are in the non-physical realm (i.e. when you are Home with God).

In other words, children were born naturally Limitless and Free, until one day you (as their parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, or members of society) all successfully create limitations on them/on their behaviours/on what they can or cannot say/do, through many years of conditioning/training.

You consciously/subconsciously put limits on your children by saying things like: Eat your vegetables. Drink your juice. Finish everything on your plate. Don’t eat too many chocolates. Stop watching too much TV/playing too many video games. Do your homework, etc. And the never-ending list goes on.

These ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ are the energetic rules; energetic boundaries/limitations that Earth parents have set for their children (and yes, we know that you felt that the presence of these rules/boundaries are important for the children’s own good).

However, the fact remains that your children have been taught from a very young age, that their lives; their choices; the outcomes/results that they can enjoy or, experience, will always have limitations. These children had been taught that life will always have limitations or restrictions of some kind, first created by the closest authorities in their lives (e.g. their parents/grandparents), and then later on this 3D tradition continues as they become adults and they also need to obey the laws/restrictions/regulations created by their government, or by society at large.

Children learned from a very young age, that going over certain limitations/restrictions that had been set upon them (by parents/society), would oftentimes create punishments/undesirable life experiences that were the direct results of breaking the rules/regulations.

Is it any wonder that the vast majority of people on Earth have great difficulty believing in their own: Greatness, Divinity, Sovereignty & Power, as embodied aspects of God the Creator?

This is the biggest, the most fundamental mistake made in the way human parents teach/raise their children that (later on in life) may take years for your children (and for you all), to undo the damage that was already done in their (and in your) childhood or teenage years.

In fact, the entire ‘Reward & Punishment’ system embedded within many aspects of life on planet Earth, is based on the ‘Conditional Love & Conditional Forgiveness’ system that you had all been taught and experienced from a very young age.

Be aware loved ones, that this is NOT how the grown-ups in higher dimensional civilisations teach, speak, or, communicate with their young.

Higher dimensional beings have an unlimited amount of patience and thus we will always take our time to educate and, inform our young ones the pros and cons of all the available options. And then, we will ALWAYS leave it up to them to decide for themselves which option they wish to choose/experience.

Our children will be made aware of the risks or challenges each path/route may have and thus they will be highly trained since childhood to make decisions that are always aligned with their own: Highest Truth, Higher Plans, and I AM Presence. This will undoubtedly assist them in the future to avoid creating karma, caused by confusion or inability to gain clarity/wisdom coming from the Higher Self within.

We (as higher dimensional adults) fully realise and recognise that what we consider to be good/suitable/best for us, may not be good/suitable/best for our children, and thus, we will never impose our will upon them, nor restrict their Divine Freedom to choose.

We also NEVER set punishments, nor withdraw our children’s rights/privileges (e.g. to do what they like to do), nor give them less amount of love/time/attention as consequences that they have to pay, for not following our advice/recommendations.

And this is how we teach our children how to completely become a responsible, unconditionally-loving, higher dimensional adult who is highly trained to stay aligned with their inner, Highest Truth about anything that they encounter in life. An adult with the highest level of integrity, who always stands behind their words; behind their promises; behind all of the choices/decisions that they make in life.

We teach our children by not just using our words, but also by our actions/examples, on how to become: someone who is completely trustworthy; someone whose integrity is without question, someone who will always respect the Divine Rights & Freedom of all living beings, and, someone who will always have the Higher Good of ALL in mind - when making decisions.

Rather than voicing the following type of instructions to our children: ‘Eat your vegetables. Do your homework. Clean your bedroom’, We will say instead: ‘Do you know that broccoli/carrot is good for....’, or, ‘Do you think that it is wise for you not to finish your homework/not to clean up your bedroom?’.

We will always state the Highest Truth in a matter-of-fact manner, and NEVER in a threatening ‘you-will-be-punished-if-you-don’t-comply’ manner. We lovingly and very naturally invite our children into countless discussions/conversations, rather than giving them lectures or orders.

Higher dimensional parents do not operate under an authoritarian-based system at home.

If the children choose not to follow our advice/not to do what we have asked them to do, we will ALWAYS give them the Unconditional Freedom to do so - fully aware that our children have understood the energetic consequences that may perhaps appear later on, for going against our advice.

In other words, we NEVER tell our children what to do. We always let them to decide for themselves what they want to do/be, in all of their small/big decision-making moments.

We may perhaps make our personal recommendations (only when asked for advice) but these recommendations will always be accompanied by a strong message for them to NOT blindly follow our advice. Our children have been taught from a very young age to always wait until their hearts tell them what to do (i.e. until clarity arrives); until their entire being is in perfect alignment with whatever life choices that they wish to make.

And if the choice(s) that they had made, ended up to be completely different to our recommendations, we (as their parents) never got angry nor disappointed. We will never punish our children for exercising their Free Will.

We will instead trust that everything is happening for their higher good and they are simply following inner guidance (coming from their own Mighty I AM Presence), to get exactly what they need/what they had pre-birth planned to experience, in life.

And how do you proceed to undo the long years of damage, caused by a flawed and highly-oppressive, 3D system Earth currently operates under, loved ones?

One step at a time. One person, one living being at a time. One day at a time. One situation at a time.

All change begins with you, Our Mighty and powerful light-workers. You are the leaders, way-showers and trail-blazers of the ‘Higher Dimensional Movement’; you are now standing at the Forefront of Reform. We know that most of you here are committed to demonstrating to the people/world around you, how to live the higher dimensional way.

How to create and maintain higher dimensional relationships based on Unconditional Love, Forgiveness & Freedom. You all energetically create, and pave the way so that permanent, lasting changes can occur, whenever you practice giving ALL around you, the love and respect, that they deserve to have in their lives. For all things, big and small.

And how can you do this? Simple. By respecting the Higher Will of ALL around you. By asking for permission. By allowing others to choose. By carefully tuning into the answers given by other living beings that will tell you what they wish to do. By respecting the wishes of the person/being in question. By staying in constant communication with the people/living beings/world around you. By staying constantly anchored in the energies of Divine Love and Freedom, in all of your interactions with the world around you.

For example:

1) You wanted to build your dream house on a perfect piece of land that you‘d recently found. Instead of immediately buying the property, the very first thing you should do is: communicate with Mother Earth and with all beings already living on that land. Respectfully request for their collective permission to build your house in that location.

Explain what you need to do and the risks involved (e.g. excavation, cutting down a large number of trees, potential air/water/land pollution, i.e. possible environmental issues that may arise) in the building process. And if permission is not granted to build your house there (it rarely happens, but it may happen regardless), then with a loving and accepting heart, you may wish to ask Mother Gaia for assistance, to give you information on a more suitable piece of land elsewhere.

Remember loved ones, you are all temporary visitors/guests on planet Earth. And what do you usually do whenever you are at someone else’s home? You tread lightly, always respecting your host. You do not and can never truly own any piece of land on Earth (despite having a piece of paper; a land deed, issued by your governments saying otherwise). Furthermore, it’s time for everyone to remember that you SHARE this planet with other living beings. You do not and can never own those living beings (e.g. the animals or trees), in the same manner that you cannot own other human beings as though they were your assets/chattels/goods.

If you, in the end, were to decide to build your house, cut down many trees, thereby causing many animals in the area to suffer or lose their homes, without receiving higher permission from all relevant parties affected by your course of action, then you will undoubtedly create karma for yourself.

2) You wanted to go on a horse riding trip and were given 5 different, suitable horses to choose from. Commune, or, telepathically communicate with them all. Ask them who would be happy and willing, or, who was feeling healthy and strong enough to give you a ride that day. Never impose on these divine animals’ Higher Will & Freedom to choose for themselves what they wish to do/not do, on any given day.

The more people who practice this heart-based communication daily with ALL around them, the faster you will collectively manifest a higher dimensional reality that you have greatly desired - a physical reality where ALL are living their lives in Eternal Peace, Freedom, Love, Joy & Harmony.

You all now know and deeply understand, that the ’battle’ to reinstate the Divine Rights & Freedom of ALL living beings on Earth is in fact a marathon, and not a sprint. It will definitely take some more years to come, but it will not be too long - from Our higher perspective.

Not everyone (in this NOW moment, labelled as August 2020) is interested, or, ready to live on a planet where Eternal Freedom, Unconditional Love, Peace & Abundance for ALL are the norm. Not everyone on Earth is willing right now to shoulder all of the responsibilities (previously explained in the last channeled message) that Eternal Freedom naturally brings to the one seeking to experience it.

Baby steps are needed here.

You can all start by learning to trust the Divine; learning to trust the Universe unconditionally. You must also learn to trust yourself, i.e. trust your Higher Self unconditionally. The human collective’s lack of trust in their fellowmen, acts as a mirror, showing you all the presence of inner insecurities, fears or doubts in your own: power, goodness, magnificence, and, ability to love/forgive each other unconditionally.

You all had been disappointed, betrayed, or wronged by others in this lifetime, or in previous lifetimes (evident by the emotional triggers you occasionally experienced whenever you were faced with a challenging person/situation).

You all had also disappointed, hurt, harmed, or wronged other human/living beings (either with your direct/indirect participation) in this lifetime, or other lifetimes on Earth.

Everything energetically discordant that you had done, and had been done unto you, will remain within your DNA (until permanent purging of everything 3D within you is fully completed), responsible for creating the deeply-embedded feeling that states: not everyone (including yourself) on this planet can be trusted.

How can you expect others to trust and love you/each other unconditionally, when you cannot yet trust nor love yourself unconditionally?

It’s time for you to change your thoughts, so that you can permanently change your beliefs. Focus your daily efforts on thinking thoughts filled with gratitude, love, joy and prosperity. Create and declare out loud positive statements that say: planet Earth is filled with trustworthy people and that the Universe loves you & can be trusted to provide you with everything you need.

And as your thoughts and beliefs begin to change to reflect greater love and trust in yourself, and, in the people/world around you, you are helping to energetically pave the way in creating a higher dimensional planet where Complete Trust, Honesty and Integrity is part of normal, every day life.

Sooner or later, as your own ’Love and Trust Movement’ successfully maingains a powerful energetic momentum, you will find that the world and the people in your life, will begin to change as well -> to better reflect the inner change that you had created within yourself.

In the not-so-distant future, a verbal agreement or promise is all that it takes for a relationship of any kind to be established. Your words will be your bond and will not be taken lightly. When someone says something, it will be immediately believed, rather than be treated with doubt, suspicion or distrust.

Speaking in a vague/unclear manner (in an attempt to hide the truth, make a profit, or deceive others), or, making up lies/making false statements, will one day become so foreign, abhorrent and unacceptable to all of you.

By that time, your planet will be operating in a contract-free environment. The legal and law enforcement systems as they exist right now will be forever changed, to better reflect the human collective’s newly attained, higher dimensional nature.

You will all be FREE to do whatever you wish to do in life, without fear, worry or stress.

Earth will one day become a planet that is forever free from Oppressions, Limitations, or Restrictions of any kind.

However before you can all arrive at this highly desired destination - Land of The Free - you cannot skip the journey that is unfolding & guiding you there right now as We speak.

Creating and building New Earth start with you; with your collaboration. With your own life. With your own day-to-day behaviours. With your full and complete commitment to be the personification of the Violet Flame of Freedom, wherever you go.

Call upon Our assistance, loved ones, whenever you are feeling lost or confused on what to do, in order to create greater Freedom in your life, and in the lives of the people around you. We will show and guide you, step by step, so that you can powerfully assist in the creation of a fifth dimensional planet where Divine Love and Freedom reign supreme!

May the following Sanskrit mantra be part of your daily prayer/routine affirmations, to accelerate the creation and manifestation of 5D Earth that you are all deeply longing for.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for ALL.

With all Our love and devotion,

St. Germain, Liberty, Portia & Athena.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2020.

If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Thank you for respecting this request. Namaste.

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