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One day a young man asked his grandfather, ′′ Grandpa! How could they live before...

One day a young man asked his grandfather, ′′ Grandpa! How could they live before... 🧓
- No technology
- No internet
- No computers
- No drones
- Without TikTok
- Without Instagram
- Without Facebook
Grandpa replied:
′′ Just like your generation lives today...
- No prayers
- No dignity
- No compassion
- No shame
- No honor
- No respect
- No personality
- No character
- Without self love
- No modesty
- No honor
We, the people born between 1950 and 1989 are the blessed, our life is a living proof.
👉 When riding a bike, we never used the helmet, if we hurt ourselves, mercromine healed everything.
👉 After school, we did our homework and went out to play the street until dark. Every father called us with his particular whistle and without grinding at home.
👉 We played with real friends, not internet friends.
👉 If we ever felt thirsty, we drank water from the fountain, not bottled water or osmotized.
👉 We never got sick by sharing the same glass with our friends.
👉 We never gain weight by eating rice dishes everyday and chocolate with bread.
👉 Nothing happened to our feet despite walking barefoot for hours.
👉 We never use food supplements to stay healthy.
👉 We used to create our own toys and play with them.
👉 Our parents were not rich. They gave us love, not worldly materials.
👉 We never had, mobile phones, DVD, Play Station, Xbox, video games, personal computers, iPhone, iPad, Netflix, internet... but we did have real friends and not virtual friends.
👉 We visited our friends houses without being invited and enjoyed food with them.
👉 Family members lived close to enjoy family time.
👉 We may have been in blank photos and black, but we can find very colorful memories in those photos.
👉 We are a unique and more understanding generation, because we are the last generation to listen to their parents...
and also the first one that had to listen to her kids.
We are a LIMITED edition!

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Comment by Carolin Radcliff on September 14, 2020 at 5:43am

I totally agree. Let's face it, every generation has it's faults and it's triumphs. Every generation has its challenges. Imagine what the people going into the industrial revolution went through. It seems to me, that the challenges are becoming ever more complex, ever more refined. Both bring progress and setbacks, but humanity as a whole is becoming more cohesive, as they are being shown what happens when the opposite is mirrored back. There is always a great choice that is being presented, in each epoch.

Comment by amparo alvarez on September 14, 2020 at 2:33am

I thought of the same thing Carolin...One would not take any one person and judge this person let alone an entire generation...At the same time I thought that two generations should not be compared since all is lived and it evolves according to the circumstances...Science is ahead and more inventions are out there...Children cannot behave the same way as those in the past...Yet somethings should never be forgotten, like being artistic and creative...These days many children are hypnotized over their phones, tvs., iPads and so forth...

Comment by Carolin Radcliff on September 12, 2020 at 10:03am

Sobering, but also extreme. It's vilifying an entire generation which isn't fair. It's true though about humans being tougher about survival than they used to be.


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