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Once Upon a Time, Love Was True

God said:

Beloved, you think of a loved one from long ago who left the Earth plane more years ago than you care to remember. You gasp at the long-held longing you feel even when before your friend's death, he had long forgotten you. Once upon a time, you were the nearest and dearest. Now thoughts of the good years wreak havoc with you.

You see yourself as a captive of life covered with regrets that keep on breaking your heart. How can one good love chalk up his love as if it were nothing at all? You didn’t. You stayed true to your heart to the very end, to the very impossible ending that you still cry about.

Sometime in the years thereafter, you have felt your loved one’s remorse as deeply as your own. You never abandoned your heart of love, yet love fell asunder.

You do not say that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

You see now that you were more attached to being loved than you were capable of loving.

Beloved, I tell you to hoist the masts, My Matey. Travel light.

Yes, you will know love again as brightly as the Sun. I will be with you, and your love will run deep.

In the so many years from the long vacant past, you have also wept your brother’s tears and what feels to you as his sorrowfulness and his apologies. Nevertheless, he had scraped off his great affection for you the way he would scrape off a plate at the cafeteria he so often took you to early in the morning.

Even so, it came to pass that he loved strangers who also have dropped off the edge of the Earth by now while you still walk alone on Earth.

Even so, were it possible, you would be like an eagle and swoop back down to capture bits and pieces of love now long-gone.

Must you keep breaking your heart as if your heart were filled with bones still to break and with your dream that your heart can still be reset at a feeble distance?

Something irreplaceable was cut asunder against the laws of love. Despair tried for a long time to glue something broken back together.

Was this the plan before you came to Earth? Was it?

You have heard that when you join your brother in Heaven, there will be great rejoicing. In Heaven, all love is restored. All hearts now will embrace. Love that was cut off will be reunited once more as one glorious Light. You crave that all the tightening that remains in your heart to this day will stop repeating itself, and that you will know once again the deep love when love was natural and alive and dancing long before your brother passed the gates of bodily death.

Once upon a time, love was true.

Now you ask how many times a broken heart can be reset. You are not so sure that your heart will ever again love your brother. Can a knife that once cut your heart in two be removed and no scar remain? You once would have laid down your life for your brother just like that.

You accept that I, God, restoreth your Soul, yet you are not so sure about My power to restore your heart to the love it once held to overflowing.

Well, yes, Beloved, all human error will be forgotten. The love that once was, you will savor, and pain will vanish once and for all. Love is all there is and ever can be. Absolutely, you will know love again just as the Sun rises to greet you forever and a day.

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Comment by amparo alvarez on June 21, 2018 at 4:16am

Thank you dear Dr. SohiniBen for your presence of Love and Peace...

Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on June 11, 2018 at 6:19am

Dear amparo,

Now also only Love wins.



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