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New World Order Going (All) Out – Part 1/2

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, especially single mothers!

The fact that Dr. Judy Mikovits’ video, Plandemic 1, has been so universally banned by social media makes it a free-speech issue.

Citing the need for accurate, “authentic” information, which of course Dr. Judy’s video is offered as being, it’s been eliminated right across the social-media spectrum.

That to me says that someone has been triggered. And triggered bigtime.

And that in turn says to me that that a group of people don’t want the truth to get out.

And that only lends credence to what Dr. Mikovits is saying.

Unfortunately we can’t yet upload a file as big as Plandemic 1 but she has now released her book, Plague of Corruption, freely, to get the information out.

(Available from:

Hollywood Script

If this were a Hollywood movie and I was writing the script, right now I’d be having the head of whatever pyramid, whatever hierarchy that’s been triggered send out the memo alerting all troops and asking for everyone to lend whatever help they can to guarantee the success of the Plan.

Twitter starts eliminating accounts. Youtube bans videos. Facebook suspends users. The machine is really rolling.

And what is the Plan?

Well, it varies as one version of it after another is defeated.

In its simplest form, it equates to world domination and global depopulation. Matthew Ward captures the two aims in his comment on the fate of their pandemic plan so far.

“The economic aftermath of COVID-19 will be somewhat rocky, but far, far from what the dark ones want: a completely collapsed global economy, rampant impoverishment, hunger and desperation. Then they would pull together the fragments of their control and achieve their goal of world domination.” (1)

Right now all their energy is focused on spreading a pandemic that culls the world’s population, followed by a vaccine that finishes us off.  Their plan will not succeed, as we’ll see here.

Galactics and Alliance

Who is it who keeps countering them? In past decades the galactics … yes, I said galactics … and more recently the Alliance.

The galactics foiled their attempts to start a nuclear war. No nuclear weapons can be exploded on the planet, as our star family demonstrated by neutralizing Minutemen silos some years ago.  (2) And demonstrated again by zapping a missile launched from Vandenberg around that time. (3)

They neutralized the New World Order’s chemtrails. (4) They’ve been toning down diseases and neutralizing vaccines long before Covid-19, including rendering even microchips inoperable. (5)

They moderated HAARP-induced hurricanes.

They alleviated the effects of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. (6)

And here’s a home run; we owe them our lives: They removed the depleted uranium from the atmosphere, let loose from DU artillery shells.

DU is a planetkiller, omnicidal. (7)  I discussed the matter with Archangel Michael in 2013:

Steve Beckow: I guess depleted uranium falls in [the same] category [as chemtrails].

Archangel Michael: Oh, it most certainly does.

SB: If the galactics had not neutralized depleted uranium, would this planet have died?

AAM: Yes. Now let me explain. It is not just that she would have died. It would have been that her will to continue on would not have been there.

SB: Wow, eh? That serious.

AAM: Yes, that serious. (8)

Our star family has therefore saved the planet from DU radiation, nuclear war, manmade viruses, microchip implants, toxic vaccines, hurricanes, etc. I’m led to believe they are moderating 5G as well until we stop its implementation.

Let me finish here by saying I’m not willing to write anything about the Alliance. They’re actively engaged in taking down the most serious criminals in the world and anything accurate I say might be used against them. Their legitimate work is done in the shadows.

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


(1) Matthew’s Message, May 4, 2020, at

(2) What Disabled Missiles at Malmstrom Air Force Base?

(3) UFO Shoots Missile with beams – Vandenberg Air Force Base

(4) Steve Beckow: Anything further to say perhaps to the readers of the blog who … are interested in chemtrails?

Archangel Michael: Chemtrails are in the same category … well, perhaps more vicious and violent, more assertive and aggressive … as the pollution of your oceans, your lakes, your rivers. And these are being neutralized one by one by one. (Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, personal reading for Steve Beckow, August 6, 2013, at

(5) “We don’t see mandatory vaccinations materializing, but if they do scientists in extraterrestrial special forces will reduce the vaccine’s potency and erase the chips’ programming. And, as vibratory rates on the planet rise, all viruses will lose viability.”  (Matthew’s Message, May 4, 2020.)

(6)  “In alignment with [Earth’s] goal [of Ascension], our ‘space’ brothers and sisters are using their technology to alleviate the toxic effects of the oil and its dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the toxins in other waters, chemtrails and weaponry.” (Matthew’s Message, Sept. 11, 2010.)

(7) Steve Beckow, “Depleted Uranium: Why We Must Not Go to War with Iran,” September 3, 2007 at

(8) Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, personal reading for Steve Beckow, August 6, 2013, at

New World Order Going (All) Out – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

Versions of the Dark Plan

I said that the cabal’s Plan at its simplest is world domination plus global depopulation.

Carol Rosin outlined some of the cabal’s scenarios or versions to accomplish these two aims: First the commie threat which Sen. Joseph McCarthy played out and which grew into the Cold War; next terrorists and that played out in the last century too; then rogue states like North Korea or Cuba or Iran; after that an asteroid; and then “the aliens.” (1)

All of that was in aid of world domination and has resulted in colonies on the Moon and Mars, some practicing slavery and a vast underground network of military bunkers on Earth which the elite was going to use to live out a nuclear winter, following a war of annihilation of surface races, and so on.

That takes care of world domination. Now depopulation.

The Georgia Guidestones set the optimum human population of slaves at 500,000,000.  (2) The rest are presumably useless eaters.

Large quantities of grain are used to make biofuel while populations in Africa face famine.  Indian farmers are suiciding because they cannot afford GMO seeds each year and therefore cannot support their families.

HAARP-caused weather warfare featured hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding, and tsunamis, which caused tremendous loss of life and livelihoods.

Large resource companies benefitted from bribery and political connections to strip developing countries of their resources. Currencies were manipulated so that national currencies collapsed.

International financial organizations lent aid but let large investment houses buy up devalued companies at pennies on the dollar. The international organization still obliged the countries to pay back their loans dollar for dollar. Said Michel Chossudovsky:

“Lehman Brothers, Credit Suisse-First Boston, Goldman Sachs and UBS/SBC Warburg Dillon Read … the world’s largest money managers set countries on fire and are then called in as firemen (under the IMF ‘rescue plan’) to extinguish the blaze. They ultimately decide which enterprises are to be closed down and which are to be auctioned off to foreign investors at bargain prices.” (3)

The cabal ran wild in every important area of life – politics, finance, religion, entertainment, sports, medicine, education, etc. (4) Ultimately, in my opinion, the cabal grew over-confident because, as Q says, they never thought she’d lose. (5)

The push was always to impoverish the people. Now many people work three jobs just to pay the rent and put food on the table. People who are not included in the elite are getting poorer and poorer, while a few get richer and richer.

Most of the world’s population exist on little while a few have fortunes in the billions.

So we know their plan. And to bring it all back to our beginning, Dr. Judy Mikovits has risked her life to expose its current version in the Plandemic. The cabal has responded by barring her from social media. But she has released her book at no cost. It’s move and countermove at this moment to get the word out.

I’d like to see us support her attempt to get the truth of the pandemic and vaccine out there. The cabal’s fate is sealed but they can still lash out. The more support Dr. Mikovits receives right now, the more likely the cabal’s Plandemic is to fail and the safer she’ll be.


(1) Carol Rosin – Disclosure Project

Project Bluebeam, where holographic images imitating an alien invasion are displayed on the sky, was a major part of the “alien” scenario.

(2) “1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” (“Georgia Guidestones,” Wikipedia, at

(3) “Michel Chossudovsky: Financial Warfare” Sept. 14, 1998, at

(4) Matthew Ward: “The Illuminati is not an organization of card-carrying members, but rather the ‘umbrella’ name of disparate groups and a large number of powerful individuals who have been controlling or heavily influencing the most important aspects of life throughout your world for centuries.

“In recent years they also have become known by other designations, such as the secret government, New World Order, dark cabal or the elitists; and they include the top figures in financial institutions, investment markets, multinational corporations, religions, education, media, military forces, judicial systems, entertainment, the medical ‘establishment,’ regulatory and advisory bodies, royal families, Zionists.

“They have controlled governments, started civil and international wars, caused famines and widespread impoverishment, created boom times for industrialists and depressions for the poor, released laboratory-designed viruses, assassinated opposition.

“They are the perpetrators of unjust laws, Satanic rituals, chemtrails and other toxic pollution, destruction of animal life on land and in the seas, mind control, the ‘illegal’ drug industry, erosion of civil rights and denial of God-given freedoms, suppression or misuse of technology, political and ideological divisiveness. In short, the Illuminati have been profoundly adversely affecting all life on Earth – indeed, the very life of Earth herself!”  (Matthew’s Message, April 26, 2010, at

(5) She being Hillary Clinton.

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