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Multidimensionality ~ The Transference of Consciousness

"As we step beyond linear time, we pull our future and pull our past within the present moment, embracing it as one. It is through the expansion of consciousness we transcend limitation unveiling our multidimensional aspects. 


Through cooperation and uniting with our oneness, we transcend time and space manifesting multiple experiences within a single moment. 

This begins with momentary flashes, memories or intuitive knowingness then accumulates into waves. Each wave growing upon the previous. Thus bringing us into acclimation as we become more and more familiar with the process of embracing all that we are, expanding our consciousness and allowing us to move through multidimensional experiences upon a conscious level of remembrance.

This becomes the transference of consciousness from one aspect to another within the continuous flow of experiencing all that you are."

dmfinn 2012


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