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Mother Sekhmet: Re-Birth on Earth

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Mother Sekhmet: Re-birth on Earth

Channel: Ann Dahlberg, Inner Path  Wisdom, n.d.

I am Mother Sekhmet and I am glad to be able to appear in front of you today. It has been many hectic years and there have been many storms that have passed over Earth. In spite of this you are still standing with your head held high and with a great hope in your chest.

It warms my heart, dear children on Earth. You have shown that you have great courage and that you choose love rather than hate. You have shown that you are willing to help each other when your fellow humans are in crisis. You have shown that when the veil is readily pierced you are compassionate and loving.

This has warmed my heart and that of Mother Earth. Mother Earth has slowed down her journey so that you will have an opportunity to come with her up into the higher dimension. Mother Earth loves you so much and does everything in order for you to be able to come along with her. There are many of you who choose this now and who already have started their ascension. This has in turn woken up many others that have started to search in their hearts.

We stand at the dawn of a world that is being born. A rebirth has started on Earth and a warm light is rising at the horizon. It will lead to new insights that in turn will lead to new creations. Nothing will be as it was before, Instead everything will be born into a new dream. The light returns and the light will lead to changes – changes that are created when the light reaches its goal.

You create these changes together on Earth. It is you together with everything else that lives and moves on Earth. You form a unit and create a “New Earth” of beauty and love, an Earth where only your imagination sets boundaries to your ability to create what you want to have. What is it that lies closest to your heart? What do you most of all wish to have on your Earth? What is most important for You? Envision it and take steps in this direction. It is now that wonders can happen, dear children on Earth. You have many with you and they help you to find the path that is yours – your goal in life.

I, Mother Sekhmet, will now give you a little help on the way. I spread white pearl hyacinths along your path and for each insight you obtain it is transformed to a precious pearl that you can hold in your hand. For each pearl that you pick up your heart and intuition is strengthened. Your steps become surer and you become a gift to Earth and yourselves.

Be protective of your thoughts and your insights. Choose carefully from your heart which insight you will follow and try to understand your own intention behind following this insight. Yes, that is something to think about dear children.

It is important to be in your heart and to understand a bit of what is happening with yourselves and the world that you just now are in. The world changes and so do you. It is happening quickly now and many can feel different symptoms of this change that Mother Earth right now is in the midst of.

Your bodies are a part of this change and it affects you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The force of the light impacts all bodies and you are raised in your consciousness and in your light. The body becomes lighter and brighter as different tensions and feelings are released and give space for more light.

Yes, it is a marvelous world you live in, but the change leads to more joy and more love in your life.

I am so glad on behalf of the children of Earth today who now have started their journey into the light. We see you coming and we wait with much joy for the opportunity to yet again reunite with you.

I am Mother Sekhmet and I thank you for having listened and for following your heart.

I love you so very much.

Mother Sekhmet

Channel: Ann Dahlberg
Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

artist: Sherri Reeve

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