Mother Earth is calling us closer to her


Channeled Message 💖
Mother Earth is calling us closer to her.
Closer to the Ground.
Closer to the Inner.
Closer to the Roots.
Let’s set up a stable foundation for us to be able to stand even closer to Mother Earth and each other.
When we are coming closer to Mother Earth, we are also coming closer to ourselves and all souls.
Hoi Ka Ma To Re Mi Ka
I was shown a vision of us souls, laying down on the ground with our heads
down against the Earth.
When we connect this way we are setting our souls free - to gratefully accept
Mother Earth’s Healing - at the same time we are grounding the Source Light into the Earth.
Hai Ka Mo Ta Ri Si Ma
Ti Ka Hoi Ta
Release the expectations you have in your mind.
Go into your Heart’s Dear Souls of the Light.
You have so much knowledge and awareness, reaching throughout the Universe.
Here is the Evolution taking a huge step forward - from unbalanced Souls to aware
Souls living in Love.
Ho Ki Chi Mi Ta Ka
Only the Higher frequencies can exist here in this “new world”.
All lower emotions - all lower vibrations - need to be released - for the Highest good of All.
You can not go back.
You can only move forward - in the Now.
Accept the Now as your true reality.
Always do the best of your Now-moments - Always in All ways.
Ho Ki
Hoi Kia Me Ta Ro
Hi Sha Mi Ta
Let’s connect to God Source - knowing that you exist in the Now and All days of Existence.
I was shown a cluster of lower energies - from the collective - and also old lower energies from Mother Earth
- rising up from the Inner to be released.
I could see those lower energies around the planet.
They will burst out into the Universe - to be released - to be transformed.
I was also shown that if we are having our Hearts open - if we open up our Hearts fully - the Love, that comes with that -
the Love that we are sending out by having our Hearts open - will help those lower energies to burst out into the Universe
- to be released - and transformed.
I was also shown a very bright Golden Light, almost dazzling, with a field of wildflowers.
There were small Elemental beings.
They were happy and playful - and they were dancing around.
They are very connected to the Earth - and they are also helping souls to connect to the Earth -
and helping the souls to be playful - because playfulness will bring Light Hearts and that will set the souls free -
and that will help the souls to release lower vibrations and restrictions.
After that, I was shown another Elemental being.
It felt like masculine energy with a very bright shimmering green light.
The Elemental being told me that it is Hope for Humanity and “he” is seeing and feeling the souls waking up from the slumber.
Those Elemental beings, the same as this energy, are watching over Nature, the Woods, the Trees - and they are creating
order and balance - around the planet.
The Codes are coming into you dear Guardians of the Earth.
The Signals are being sent more intense than ever before.
Ground it into Earth - connect to Mother Earth - to be able to spread it both to Mother Earth and the community -
the collective.
So many Souls are still feeling lost and vulnerable - and they are suffering by the lower “traps” of the false illusion.
Know that when you are grounded and at peace in the Now - you are helping those Souls - more than you realise -
more than you are aware of.
Affirmations for you to repeat:
I Love myself!
I am Safe!
I am Secure!
I am taken care of - in God’s name!
(“I am” is what they mean with “in God’s name”.)
It is a True Blessing for us to be connected to you, all Beautiful Wonderful Souls.
You are shining so Bright - it is getting more and more aligned with the Codes and Source.
This is the Reality of Existence - for All.
Breathe out the Codes of Enlightenment.
- Camilla Lundberg
Lots of Love to you, all Beautiful Souls! 💝
Picture: From Crystal Life Technology
May be a close-up of 1 person


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  • Hearing the call SiStar 💛 A friend/star sister and I were connecting with the Golden Light today, and also with the earth elementals, they were really coming forward today, more than I've ever seen/felt before...and this feels all in synch with the message you've shared, thank you.
    Love, Peace, Harmony, Blessings to New Earth & All 🥰
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