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Mira of the Pleiades via Valerie Donner, July 6, 2020

Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, currently focused full-time on the Earth Council.

Please look at where your attention is focused now on the planet. We know there are many distractions from the dark forces who would like to remain in control. We can tell you unequivocally that they are losing and have very little time left.

They are desperate, angry, and fearful which are the energies they are trying to instill upon you. Their desire to control you is futile, especially for those of the light who know the truth.

We would like to make some suggestions so that you can overcome more of the hurdles that they are sending your way. Please remind yourself what a formidable being you are to be in the position you are in right now even though it is uncomfortable. Stay in your strength and your power and align yourself with the light.

Maintain your spiritual practice, your meditation, walks in nature, your sense of humor and creativity, and your friendships with other like-minded ground crew and family members. Reach to the stars and look at the stars. Watch the sky and see the beauty that is around you that is being prepared for you to help you rise above your current stressful situations.

Remind yourselves that you are creating your new world of light and love, harmony and balance, joy and abundance, community and friendship. Embrace us as the Galactics and your brothers and sisters. Get ready for the magic and the miracles that are coming your way.

Stand back from the chaos and the rubble remembering that this is just an illusion. You are not victims, you are victors. You are some of the most highly-evolved beings in creation. You would not be on the planet now if this were not true.

Remember that control comes from fear. Do you see how afraid the dark forces are right now? Stay away from anything that makes you fearful. Make new choices of where to put your focus.

During these times give yourself the best that you can give yourself. Pay attention to the energies around you and if you are feeling discordance it is best to remove yourself. Keep your vibration up as best as you can.

Know that you are stepping into your mastery. Masters don’t always know the answers to whatever they were going through but they will always find the solutions. This is the process of mastery. When you are complete with your mastery you won’t ever have to come back to the Earth again unless you want to.

This planet is considered the blue jewel of creation and will become a vacation spot. We appreciate you for staying on the Earth and for seeing this process through to completion. We are almost there so thank you! It will all be worth it!

Goodbye for now and I give you all my love, truth and blessings. I am Mira.

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