Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Jan. 15, 2021

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Jan. 15, 2021


Mike-Quinsey.png?profile=RESIZE_584xDear Ones,

Mike has informed us that his computer is not working correctly. It seems that his Motherboard is not functioning correctly and causes his computer to keep shutting down.

So he is sending out this week’s message now while he can, and will get another computer as soon as possible, so it may be a few weeks before he is up and running again. Naturally he will let us know when he can start up again.

With his Love and Light Mike Quinsey thanks us all for our support over all of these years.

[Steve: Anyone who wishes to help Mike purchase his new computer is welcome to send a donation to the Hope Chest in Mike’s name.]

15th January 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Patience is needed at a time like this when the continual restrictions are still in place and could even get stricter. Certainly there has to be all necessary precautions taken if you are to throw off the manacles that are holding you back. Yet the time you have had to consider where you want to go and how to get there should enable you to see the path ahead.

Throw off the old ways and welcome a new approach that is free from the interference of those who have a different agenda for the glorification of self rather than for the good of all. You will get your release from the present restrictions, and then you must prepare for a future that demands cooperation and honesty in all dealings.

Corruption has been endemic for so many years and nearly reached a point of saturation, but those souls who are of the Light have persevered and are now ready to help bring in a new way of working that will be open and truly honest.

We have told you all along that the time of revelations was upon you and slowly but surely the truth is being revealed, and those responsible for riding roughshod over it will answer for their crimes. There are many, many souls that have incarnated upon Earth for this time to help Humanity bring peace to it and with the ever increasing vibrations you will not have to wait too long to see the results.

Your destiny is assured and you have earned your victory over the dark Ones, who have sealed their own fate and will answer for all of their crimes against Humanity.

Many Light Beings are on hand waiting for the right opportunity to introduce themselves, and they will bring to you their knowledge and expertise to help speed up your evolution. There is now the opportunity to take full advantage of the changes that are needed to establish the basis of a new Earth that will see you through until the Event takes place.

There is much for you to do but be assured we are here to help you when you call upon us for it. You take the first steps and we will be with you the rest of the way. You have such a big potential and few realise it yet but it will slowly but surely grow within your consciousness.

You have been held back for so long you have forgotten your true selves and the extent of your potential. The spark of light within is glowing and will continue to do so, until eventually you will understand the true nature of yourselves.

With the God inside you your potential is unlimited, and we are tempted to tell you once again to be careful what you would wish for before you know how to control it. However, do not worry about it as you will be able to ease yourselves into it as you evolve.

The key to peace is happiness and love and if you can make it your target for the future you will be well on the path to becoming a Galactic Being. At the same time anyone in your presence will feel your uplifting vibrations, and you can help spread the Love and Light.

Continuation of Covid 19 can be a frightening prospect yet we see it going just as quickly as it appeared, in other words your efforts to contain it will be successful.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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