March 20, 2019 at 11:57 AM  Message of The Day

"One of the greatest gifts to humanity from the Mother and from the Father is the gift of animals. I do not merely mean what many will think of as ‘domesticated’ animals, but all animals, for they carry the love, they carry the balance, and they teach how to live in harmony with oneself, with one’s companions, how to establish workable boundaries, how to breathe and eat and feed, and lie in the sun, and hibernate. But it is especially true of the animals that accompany upon the journey of life, because what they hold is the unconditional love, is the essence of that balance of give and receive.

And when you think of it, beloved, the equines – yes, even the most secluded, excluded thoroughbred racehorse to the wild ponies – in many ways, the horses are also the intermediaries between what you think of as the ‘wild’ and the ‘domesticated’. They are the totems, they are the messengers, they are the carriers of the energies between those realms. And what they are also doing, they are also teaching the elemental s – what people have thought of as the ‘unseen’, who very clearly inhabit the planet – to also trust humans again.

So there is an enormous not only undertaking but transition between the kingdoms that is taking place." St. Francis of Assisi

Channeled by Linda Dillon
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"The buildings were blown up with explosives. This is false flag"
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